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  1. For me its Great Grackles and Laughing Gulls. I never saw them before I moved to Texas. A little lesson to not take the common species in you area for granted
  2. We frequently run across some pretty cool, wild, and interesting things as we photograph birds. These could be other animals, plants, cloud formations, and sunsets. I like to photograph these too and am willing to bet many of you do too. This topic is designed to share and talk about these 'other' encounters. I'll start off with this bad-boy from Merritt Island, Florida a few years back.
  3. Walking around after hurricane hanna trying to get some pics of shorebirds and I see these fiddler crabs on the march. I would say this is my best today because it was so unexpected DSCN3009.MP4
  4. Hi everyone. I think this is a juvenile Willet of the eastern subspecies. This is due to the lack of barring on part of its wing. If it really is a breeding adult then it looks more like the western subspecies. What do you think? Picture taken 7/28 in Corpus Christi Tx
  5. do you know if the plumage is molting out (end of breeding season) or starting to grow in?
  6. corpus christi, tx 7/17/2020. These are two different individuals. One has what looks like bristles or filoplumes along its back, the other doesn't. Is this breeding/non-breeding? male/female? Both birds were in the same stand of trees.
  7. Works for me. Clearly the birds are here, just wasn't sure how much of an anomaly this is
  8. Corpus Christi TX. 7/17/2020 The first photo I think is a Godwit, but I'm not sure if its a Marbled or a Hudsonian Godwit. My book says this is the wrong time of year for either species. (the one on the right is a breeding Willet?) The second photo looks like a Long-billed Curlew but, again, wrong time of year? What are your thoughts?
  9. That's how my ornithology teacher described it. I can't hear anything else now
  10. what a small world. Maybe we crossed paths. Probably not, its a big place
  11. I grew up in the Central Valley. In a town near Modesto. I miss the orchards
  12. I think this is a young Morning Dove. What do you all think? Corpus Christi TX 5/26
  13. I thought mallards had more orange and black bills. Corpus Christi is out of range for Mexican, but not for Mottled. Cornell says Female Mottled have dull Olive bills. One more: Cornell says Mallards are only here during non-breeding season. I am inclined now to think this is a Mottled.
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