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  1. Taken in the first year I started photographing birds (2014). I don't have any others of this species
  2. I just flew in and boy are my arms tired!
  3. Adaptation at play here. If the pelican were successful, it could be a catalyst that starts a pelican population that hunt other birds and, given enough time, a new species of pelican.
  4. Whoa, that is exactly right! Thanks a ton. Never would have gotten that on my own. Merlin says its rare in my area. There were two but they didn't stay around the trail very long
  5. Taken a week or so ago in Corpus Christi, Tx. I can't find anything that matches well, either visually or audibly. My best guess would be a Bronzed Cowbird
  6. Taken a few days ago in Aransas, Texas (next door to Corpus Christi). Based on my searching (birds.cornell.edu/crows/mlarkdiff.htm), an Eastern has white on the lower mandible whereas Westerns have yellow. Would you agree that this photo is of an Eastern? It was not singing or calling.
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