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  1. Aren't the tail feathers the only way to tell these two species apart?
  2. as far as the 2nd and 3rd bird being small, it could be where the wings happen to be when the photo was taken, like the wings were all the way up or down.
  3. I'm not good with raptors but i'm pretty sure the second one is an osprey
  4. Oh, well lets just make it even more difficult shall we? Darn birds
  5. Do you recall how it sounds. It looks like that's the best way to differentiate between the black-capped and carolina chickadee's
  6. Went birding this morning and I have a couple shots I would like confirmation on: Corpus Christi, Tx 1) Lincoln's Sparrow 2) ??
  7. Went birding this morning and I have a couple shots I would like confirmation on: 1) female Common Yellowthroat 2) Eastern Pheobe
  8. So instead of posting it, you left me standing on my own. I get it. Really, I do. No hard feelings 😉
  9. Sorry, I don't understand your reply. Do you mind rewording it?.....Nevermind, I understand now. I missed that in the original post. The world makes more sense now
  10. I would not have pegged the first one as a yellow-rumped. It looks more like a Verdin to me.
  11. Clearly. Gosh that didn't even pop up in my digital searches...Thanks
  12. They look really cool when their blue feathers start growing in
  13. Sept, 2020 Corpus Christi Tx. I think this is some kind of plover but I can't find one with streaking on the breast
  14. On one good note, you can write it up as a UFO! Though, I guess it wasn't flying...
  15. western and eastern bluebirds are among my favorites
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