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  1. perhaps 'tomorrow' is on daylight savings time, 😉
  2. There are starlings here but I never see more than a few at any given place, and I never see their murmuration as the sun sets. I can tell you that no one parks under those trees
  3. Unfortunately no photo because this happens at evening/night and the only light source are street lamps. I'll do my best to describe it. This is in Corpus Christi Texas and has been going on for a month or two. On a stretch of highway (358) by, HEB, Target, Sam's Club, and other businesses there are thousands of small birds roosting in the trees of the parking lot. I don't see birds of these numbers during the day while I'm coming and going. The most common daytime bird around here are great-tailed grackles, but the birds in the trees are NOT grackles (I take that back, grackles do occupy a few of the trees but not nearly as populated and their calls sound different). I know Starlings gather in huge numbers in many parts and fly in their murmurations but I don't see starlings flying around before coming to land. Also, from the available light they don't look like starlings. They are swallow-like in flight and when in the tree they look like female/juvenile Purple Martins. I know Martins recently migrated and nested but I don't know how long they hang out in the area after fledging nor when the martins migrate away. Also, I have no idea if martins gather like this nor if these gatherings occur at other times of the year. Is there anyone living around here or have something similar going on where you live can help me
  4. Doesn't look like Great-tailed Grackles have been shown yet Female Male
  5. I heard that more and more are not rattling when disturbed because people are killing the ones that do. This is artificially selecting for the rattlers that don't rattle. This is leading to an increase of unfortunate run-ins. Not sure if this is still the case; I have seen a lot of signs about leaving the snakes alone and not killing them.
  6. After witnessing her siblings lose their wings as a consequence of their fallen paths, Odette vowed to always keep hers.
  7. Have you tried tickling it under its chin with your finger? It's an unforgettable experience.
  8. Although small, Squawks, the little Tugbird-That-Could, always tried his best one flap at a time when larger birds needed help. This earned him the respect of the older and larger tugbirds
  9. One of the best movies ever
  10. This guy? I assume its the same one I've seen hanging out here all summer. I honestly don't know, though. They all look the same to me. It don't talk much either.
  11. Same is true of Bison. Some people have their hearts set on earning a Darwin Award
  12. Poking beak through the throat, "This feels kinda awkward. Are you sure this is how live birth works? "
  13. 1st world problems: bird edition
  14. @xpoetmarcr's caption felt like a Far Side comic. And I love it. You win! As if one foot makes a difference. The question implies they are in the middle of water but they are on a branch, making you wonder what is below them out of frame. Ridiculous
  15. Alright, I don't think we've done this one yet
  16. Isn't the site in California a Space Force base? Sounds crazy that there is now a Space Force branch of the military, but cool at the same time
  17. Ooo! What's that? It is fun? It looks yummy. I want it, it's mine! I will name you Squishy and you will be my squishy. (For real though, what is that?)
  18. species from the weasel family are all cool. I watched a nature program about stoats hunting rabbits way bigger than itself. It just slowly chased the rabbit until the rabbit got too tired to flee, all while dozens of other rabbits were sitting in the same field eating grass
  19. Wasn't considering an acronym. I thought it was supposed to be a word purposefully misspelled as is often the style. @lonestranger's idea seems plausible as a kind of codeword. Ah who knows/cares
  20. I dissected a skinned mink in jr high school...one of many different things I've dissected in school. Also, I've used mink as bait in a crab trap. Haven't seen one alive and with fur yet.
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