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  1. Apparently this is my only photo. I need to get out there and get a better one
  2. And now we see a very prideful specimen. Giving context to the phrase "looking down your nose".
  3. No photos, but I did see an American Oystercatcher for the first time after dropping my kids off at school sometime before school ended last spring. First sight after 4 years of living here and I haven't seen another since. (same story with the Magnificent Frigatebird. Nothing for 4 years then last month I see 2 in one week, nothing since)
  4. The bird this week is Snow Geese, not Sandhill Cranes 😉
  5. None for me. Well, I do have an Eastern Meadowlark that I took around CC, Texas which may be the chihuahua meadowlark now?? Is there a range map available?
  6. Looks like you and your boyfriend got a little carried away, know what I'm sayin'?
  7. I wanted a photo of them, I saw several as I drove through NM, but alas, no camera....
  8. Ladies, welcome to my castle
  9. Hm, only three to pick from this time. I think I'll give it to @Snake Fingers this caption has a different flavor that I find interesting
  10. Stop being so immature. Its just a seashell falling out of my pocket. Geez, humans. Am I right?
  11. Saw several while in Idaho, but I didn't have a camera with me each time
  12. This photo is from the last time I've seen one, way back in 2014
  13. The only Barn Owl I've seen in the wild was dead with an arrow through its neck
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