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  1. My only photo of a swan. I'm fairly certain its a Trumpeter.
  2. Apparently this is my only photo. I need to get out there and get a better one
  3. And now we see a very prideful specimen. Giving context to the phrase "looking down your nose".
  4. No photos, but I did see an American Oystercatcher for the first time after dropping my kids off at school sometime before school ended last spring. First sight after 4 years of living here and I haven't seen another since. (same story with the Magnificent Frigatebird. Nothing for 4 years then last month I see 2 in one week, nothing since)
  5. The bird this week is Snow Geese, not Sandhill Cranes 😉
  6. None for me. Well, I do have an Eastern Meadowlark that I took around CC, Texas which may be the chihuahua meadowlark now?? Is there a range map available?
  7. Looks like you and your boyfriend got a little carried away, know what I'm sayin'?
  8. I wanted a photo of them, I saw several as I drove through NM, but alas, no camera....
  9. Hm, only three to pick from this time. I think I'll give it to @Snake Fingers this caption has a different flavor that I find interesting
  10. Stop being so immature. Its just a seashell falling out of my pocket. Geez, humans. Am I right?
  11. Saw several while in Idaho, but I didn't have a camera with me each time
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