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  1. "Helen, we'll still be circling the parking lot if you'd've been driving. We had a walk a little further but look, we're just about to enter the store"
  2. Lets do this one this time. Sorry for the lower quality...cell phone
  3. Why did she read me the story about the Ugly Duckling?
  4. I kept a couple of these as pets to help me earn my Reptile and Amphibian Merit Badge in Boy Scouts
  5. It was kind of a trick question - and you are both right! 10pts. **yay celebration** They are a metal sculpture thing that seems to be made in the image of Sandhill Cranes
  6. First time seeing one. Just want to make sure I got it right: a non-breeding Forster's Tern. Seen a few days ago along the southern Texas coast. I'm nearly certain all three are the same individual
  7. Oh okay. Cornell Lab does list it as uncommon in my area. I didn't notice that before
  8. Very close to Baffin Bay, Texas (south of Corpus Christi) just a few days ago. I think these are Wild Turkeys but this area seems outside their range ie, they are not on the coast
  9. I try so hard to get it to focus on the huge blue sky and it never works
  10. Would be interested to learn how these names were chosen for these areas
  11. Going as Gimli for Halloween this year
  12. I thought the pun was they were yellow because they are fleeing. Their colors look right to me
  13. It was a tough choice this time around. Many of your submissions were very good. I think I will go with @meghann this time simply because it was the only one I didn't understand---but not quite "Cow tools" caliber ?
  14. Are you sure? Tennessee has more than 1 syllable...
  15. To those who vent their frustration hitting a punching bag: you, are, weak. The legit way is to hit wood with your face
  16. You can really see how much of the wing is feathers. It's arms look scrawny. About as alarming as seeing how scrawny a fluffy cat is when its drenched
  17. I had to go back and look for it. The bird, not the dragonfly =Þ
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