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  1. its not an animal but this looks like a stealth motorboat, something I've never heard of before. Cape Canaveral a few years ago
  2. Melbourne/Palm Bay. I attended Florida Institute of Technology. I moved there after finishing at BYUI in Rexburg Idaho and before that Oakdale, CA, where I mostly grew up. Now im in South Texas
  3. Me too. We lived in Florida for ~3 years and my wife has never seen a living one. I've only seen a handful of living ones
  4. Hooray! I first heard that phrase from a Calvin & Hobbes cartoon strip. Here's the next photo
  5. Great photos! What are they, Cedar, Birch, Ponderosa, and Grass?
  6. Inability to get the AF to focus on the bird and not on the branches is my biggest annoyance with bird photography (my current camera has no manual focus option). The only remedy I have is to AF on something the camera will allow that is about the same distance away as the bird, hold the picture button down halfway then point at the bird for the pic. Another big AF annoyance is when the bird is almost in focus and the AF decides to go as far as possible in the other direction before coming back. Why?
  7. I've learned a few things to help me get closer to a bird without flushing it (if you don't have a meter long telephoto lens). 1) Most birds, it seems to me, get nervous at my presence at either 10, 20, or 30 yards. Birds used to human presence will let me get much closer. 2) When trying to get closer, don't walk directly towards it or even look at it. Instead, walk straight but at an angle, at a constant speed, and not looking at the bird. I find stopping with my back to the bird for a bit helps de-threat me. Tacking the other direction if you still need to get closer. 3) Using a bush, mound, or other cover to hide your approach helps. This is how I got close enough to photo the Blue-winged Teal below. Actually, I couldn't show myself at all. I had to get right to the edge of the cover and wait for the bird to come around the corner
  8. I can imagine how hard it was, and how many failed pictures it took, to get a photo like this. Well done!
  9. I could have, but since I saw them while birding, put them here. The canyon and the condor are at the same place: Marble Canyon, AZ.
  10. Yeah! This year has had little time for anything but university. In fact I don't even have time right now, but it's Friday and I'm being sluggish
  11. This bird has an interestingly shaped wingspan ?
  12. Yeah, the eyes look fake, which I'm sure they aren't
  13. Correct! Actually, that is a Great Blue Heron. Not sure how you got a mule deer out of that one. ?
  14. I watched a robber fly carry off a huge grasshopper one time. The hopper must have been 3-4 times bigger than the robber. Robbers don't have that hunched thorax for nothin'!
  15. Ichneumon wasps are cool. Some, like this one, will drill into wood with the ovipositor to sting an insect larva and lay an egg on it. How they can pinpoint larva like this is beyond me. All ichneumon wasps are parasitic
  16. Have you spotted any of their larval burrows? The larva ambushes prey as the walk fast and use their heads to block the entrance. Burrows are about the width of a pencil.
  17. Red touches black, you're okay Jake. Red touches yellow, you're a dead fellow
  18. There aren't many out in the wild right now (2019 marked the 5th year in a row with >500 birds), and even fewer between the migratory route between their summer and winter roosts. check out their range, hopefully your near one of the spots
  19. I'm not good with hawks. Is this a red-shouldered? 1/4 Aransas NWR
  20. Got one! I did see a pair way far away and barely discernable in Aransas NWR. I also saw a pair that were much closer to the road near Goose Island State Park, Texas. Both sighting Jan 4, 2021. This photo is at the latter location.
  21. Sure looks like it! Man, Merlin ID never brought this up as an option
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