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  1. I suppose, when paired with H, it makes a ch sound edit: I quoted the wrong person. It should be Charlie Spencer
  2. The English language is sorta like Bernie Bott's Every Flavor Jellybeans or Beanboozled; you never know what you are going to get. What's hard for me is using english letters to try and pronounce French words. When I first moved to Florida, people were talking about "Oak Alley" causeway. After a few confusing weeks I was corrected to "Oh Galley" causeway. More weeks later I learned it was spelled Eau Gallie. ?‍♂️
  3. I don't know, I think he got it right. All these other photos are "face-on" shots,lol
  4. This reminds me of Mark Rober's Squirrel Obstacle Course.
  5. is it a propane tank made to look like a submarine?
  6. So, I live close enough to Aransas National Wildlife Refuge to visit. This is one of the very few places the critically endangered Whooping Crane migrates to in the winter. 2019 marked the third year in a row with an estimated population >500. I missed last years opportunity and I don't want to miss this years. I hear the best time to view them is in Jan-Feb but they hang around between Oct-Mar. If any of you knows a 'best place' to view them, let me know. I figure the tower lookout is the best option. If I spot one I'll share when and where on this thread
  7. There were tons of blue crabs in this water trap at an abandoned golf course
  8. Looks like this immature male got himself into a predicament
  9. Thanksgiving is officially over, that means pull out the Christmas stuff.... the spots are shaped like little christmas trees
  10. it doesn't look longer to me, but I do see the nostril, which I learned is another ID point between greater and lesser yellowlegs Also, when in doubt, don't side with me, lol. Kevin is much more knowledgeable
  11. Do you think this bird realizes the chaos its causing?
  12. It is my understanding that eagles have feathers down to their feet, while hawks don't
  13. I bet there's lots of strange things in swamps. I worked in orchards a while back, I saw a lot of strange things in there too
  14. From Horned Grebe to ancestral drama. Like some macabre form of the game 'telephone'
  15. It was definitely bobbing at the hip, not just the tail or head, and it absolutely knew I was there. I don't know if it was bobbing before it saw me, though
  16. Cool, I didn't know about the nostril. Thanks. What about that bobbing motion? Was it trying to scare prey into moving, thereby revealing their location?
  17. would this be a non-breeding adult, a female, or a juvenile
  18. It is my understanding that the bill of a Greater YL is longer than the width of the head and is slightly upturned. Whereas, the bill of a Lesser YL is as long as the head is wide and is straight. The bill in this picture looks straight and longer than the width of the head... Also, it was making a peculiar bobbing motion with its body. Reminded me of those toys depicting a bird bending over to "drink" water.
  19. Today, south texas. I would have thought the yellow spot under the wing joint would be an easy identifier but is proving elusive for me
  20. Aren't the tail feathers the only way to tell these two species apart?
  21. as far as the 2nd and 3rd bird being small, it could be where the wings happen to be when the photo was taken, like the wings were all the way up or down.
  22. I'm not good with raptors but i'm pretty sure the second one is an osprey
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