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  1. Oh, well lets just make it even more difficult shall we? Darn birds
  2. Do you recall how it sounds. It looks like that's the best way to differentiate between the black-capped and carolina chickadee's
  3. Went birding this morning and I have a couple shots I would like confirmation on: Corpus Christi, Tx 1) Lincoln's Sparrow 2) ??
  4. Went birding this morning and I have a couple shots I would like confirmation on: 1) female Common Yellowthroat 2) Eastern Pheobe
  5. So instead of posting it, you left me standing on my own. I get it. Really, I do. No hard feelings ?
  6. Sorry, I don't understand your reply. Do you mind rewording it?.....Nevermind, I understand now. I missed that in the original post. The world makes more sense now
  7. I would not have pegged the first one as a yellow-rumped. It looks more like a Verdin to me.
  8. Clearly. Gosh that didn't even pop up in my digital searches...Thanks
  9. They look really cool when their blue feathers start growing in
  10. Sept, 2020 Corpus Christi Tx. I think this is some kind of plover but I can't find one with streaking on the breast
  11. On one good note, you can write it up as a UFO! Though, I guess it wasn't flying...
  12. western and eastern bluebirds are among my favorites
  13. I like how even though the petals are fused you can still see a five-pointed star.
  14. The best match I can find is Dickcissel. Corpus Christi, Texas just the other day.
  15. Why is it darker? an uncommon phenotype? If juveniles are darker, I would expect to see more, but this individual was the only one this color
  16. First time seeing a bird like this. I think this is an immature Grackle based on coloring and behavior but Cornell app, allaboutbirds.org and audubon.org don't have much info. Also, both Great- and Boat-tailed over lap here in Corpus Christi, but I've only seen Great-tailed on my school's campus
  17. There was a largish flock of non-breeding Laughing Gulls with this darker gull on the outskirts. Is this a juvenile Laughing Gull? Taken in August in Corpus Christi
  18. I think this is a Black-bellied Plover, but I'm not sure. Unfortunately if flew away before I could get a better shot. Taken this morning in Corpus Christi, TX
  19. The water there looks shallow. Do skimmers ever accidentally put their bill into the sand and wipe out?
  20. One more. Some type of cicada. Both pics are the same individual
  21. A fiddler crab. I think he needs to balance his arm workout some. Sort of reminds me of the Charger zombie in Left for Dead 2
  22. Wow, three life stages of the same species at the same place and time. That's a first for me
  23. I'm fairly certain each of these is a Yellow-crowned Night Heron, but since there is overlap with the Black-crowned in Corpus Christi TX I wanted to run the photos past you all, so I don't actually delete a photo of the other species. 1. An adult Yellow Crowned 2. An immature Y-c? Cheek patch forming but not yet for the crown? 3. The remaining 3 pics are all juveniles. The Merlin Bird ID app says the size of the teardrop shaped white tips is how you tell the two species apart; Y-c have smaller teardrop shapes than B-c. But I can't tell what is 'large' or not All taken today in the same area of the marsh within minutes of each other.
  24. I remember as a kid one year there was a bloom of these guys. They were almost impossible to see on the cement. All I could see were their shadows as hundreds moved away from me as I walked
  25. I don't think I know enough to say what a bird is, so I don't comment. Usually, I say aloud what I think then scroll down to see what the experts say. I actually, got this one right! It reminded me of a picture I took many years ago minutes before driving away in a moving truck that WhatBird IDed as a juvenile American goldfinch. I wonder if this guy is still alive
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