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  1. Man, I tried photographing some swallows this morning and gave up. Well done getting these, ?
  2. What tips you off for Baltimore and not Orchard?
  3. 4/30/2020 CC, TX. I'm pretty sure this is a young Northern Mockingbird, the adults were feeding them. But they were being so demanding I wanted see if they could be a parasitic bird. There were about three of them clumsily hopping around the tree. One even flew for a brief bit
  4. 4/30/2020 CC, TX. I think the first is a male and the second is a female.
  5. 4/30 Corpus Christi, TX. Female Rose-breasted Grosbeak? I had to lighten the picture a bit
  6. My bird app wasn't even bringing the Summer Tanager as an option. I had no clue. Thanks a ton
  7. 4/27/2020 Corpus Christi, TX. It seems like there's no other option other than Yellow Warbler, but the beaks aren't right. The wind was tossing this branch around so much I'm surprised it didn't barf with motion sickness!
  8. Another ID clue with these is that the bill is longer than the head for Greater and the same as the head width in Lesser
  9. Interesting. Unfortunately, this one wasn't singing. At least, I didn't hear the Willow's song
  10. It's a scientific paper: a blessing and a curse
  11. I have only lived here for a few months, I haven't seen too many song sparrows this winter. But I haven't had much time to bird in the winter
  12. Thanks, I struggle with sparrows, sandpipers, and hawks....and gulls
  13. 4/23/2020, afternoon, Corpus Christi, TX. Not a great photo, but I want to make sure if this is a species I have a picture of already. I think this is an eastern wood-pewee
  14. 4/23/2020, afternoon, Corpus Christi, TX. This is probably a Song Sparrow, but it looks a lot like a Lincoln's Sparrow. I don't know for sure.
  15. Grasshopper's do have that black-white-black on the head. They also have a very unmistakable song that I didn't hear. Could that be because it was in the afternoon or the time of year?
  16. 4/23/2020 Corpus Christi Texas in the afternoon. I am fairly sure this is a savannah sparrow but there are a couple things that make me question. For one, I did not hear its unmistakable song, it doesn't have the streaks on its breast, and the beak/head junction doesn't look right. It may be a Nelson's Sparrow but I'm not too sure about that either. I've provided three pictures: the first two are of the same bird (one showing a profile, the other the top of the head). The last picture is likely a different bird of the same species but showing its back.
  17. taken today 4/18 in Corpus Christi Texas on a drizzly morning. The best I can come up with in IDing this guy is a female/immature male Indigo Bunting. What do you all think? I did see in the same area a pair of little, pale blue birds fly out of some cattails the other day. This part of Texas is a migration area or them, according to my book. could they be in breeding plumage?
  18. Thanks, I struggled a bit finding the name of this one. Which is surprising because, as you said, it's very distinctive
  19. 4/15/2020 Corpus Christi, TX. This is a Lark Sparrow, right?
  20. This is a brand new species for me. A Golden-fronted Woodpecker
  21. Both pictures taken about a week ago (3/12) in Corpus Christi TX. The first I think is a Western Sandpiper due to the white above its eye, but the elevation of the sun makes seeing the color of its legs hard to tell. The second I think is a Least Sandpiper. I was smaller than the first and you can tell it has green/yellow legs
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