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  1. "And NO potty breaks!" "But I realllly need to pee."
  2. Helen Heron's lady's-bird-hat has gone askew
  3. When the gawker is discovered peeking through the reeds. Shame on you Gry, have you any shred of decency?
  4. When I was taking a class on the Pacific Northwest shoreline, my professor told a story about people walking along a low tide and tossing sea stars out into the water saying "It meant something to that individual". Little did they know they were signing their death warrant as dinner to their predators. So yes, it meant something to the sea star but not quite what they had in mind. The predators were sure grateful I'd bet.
  5. I guess there's no more interest in this thread
  6. When you going to choose @Kevin?
  7. According to Merlin, calls are the best way to distinguish between short and long-billed. That said, it looks quite similar to a juvenile long-billed
  8. Ug, do I really need to wait till its dead? Can't I just go "help" it?
  9. you were just around the corner from me, I can almost see SPI from my house
  10. You know that feeling when you are excited for a bowl of cereal and on the first bite you realize the milk is bad, and you have that internal struggle over throwing it away which will break your heart, or eating it which will break your guts? That is what this bird is feeling.
  11. Another reason not to leave pets in the car, even with the windows cracked
  12. The expected reaction when a delinquent curlew upturns their bill in public
  13. Evacuation order in immediate effect. Footage of Goosezilla moving through the northern forest confirmed. Beware its atomic breath
  14. I'll pick a winner later tonight or tomorrow morning
  15. Animals, am I right? How about this picture that I just took today?
  16. Allen! Allen! Allen! Hm, maybe his name isn't Allen?....Steve! Steve! Steve! Steve!
  17. We are the Bird Poachers Anonymous. If you want to see this bird in the wild again, wire $10 million into my account. You have 1 hour to comply or its feathers will adorn my hat.
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