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  1. 1st world problems: bird edition
  2. @xpoetmarcr's caption felt like a Far Side comic. And I love it. You win! As if one foot makes a difference. The question implies they are in the middle of water but they are on a branch, making you wonder what is below them out of frame. Ridiculous
  3. Alright, I don't think we've done this one yet
  4. Isn't the site in California a Space Force base? Sounds crazy that there is now a Space Force branch of the military, but cool at the same time
  5. Ooo! What's that? It is fun? It looks yummy. I want it, it's mine! I will name you Squishy and you will be my squishy. (For real though, what is that?)
  6. species from the weasel family are all cool. I watched a nature program about stoats hunting rabbits way bigger than itself. It just slowly chased the rabbit until the rabbit got too tired to flee, all while dozens of other rabbits were sitting in the same field eating grass
  7. Wasn't considering an acronym. I thought it was supposed to be a word purposefully misspelled as is often the style. @lonestranger's idea seems plausible as a kind of codeword. Ah who knows/cares
  8. I dissected a skinned mink in jr high school...one of many different things I've dissected in school. Also, I've used mink as bait in a crab trap. Haven't seen one alive and with fur yet.
  9. Some of these tags are done with great skill, but I still have a hard time reading them. SPOC??
  10. Drop it in. Droooop it innnn. You can do it. Common now. Don't think about it, just open your beak. It will be alright. Just drop it.
  11. Join me. Give the next line or two
  12. I knew a little bird who swallowed a berry. I don't know why he swallowed the berry. Perhaps he'll die. I knew a little bird who swallowed a maggot. He swallowed the maggot to eat the berry. I don't know why he swallowed the berry. Perhaps he'll die. I knew a little bird who swallowed a.....
  13. I can think of a few things to poke you with: raptor talon, hummingbird beak, rooster spur....So many good choices
  14. Hawks first encounter with the Tanooki Sparrow. Good thing it's not on a doughnut block. (Mario 3 fans out there?)
  15. "And NO potty breaks!" "But I realllly need to pee."
  16. Helen Heron's lady's-bird-hat has gone askew
  17. When the gawker is discovered peeking through the reeds. Shame on you Gry, have you any shred of decency?
  18. When I was taking a class on the Pacific Northwest shoreline, my professor told a story about people walking along a low tide and tossing sea stars out into the water saying "It meant something to that individual". Little did they know they were signing their death warrant as dinner to their predators. So yes, it meant something to the sea star but not quite what they had in mind. The predators were sure grateful I'd bet.
  19. I guess there's no more interest in this thread
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