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  1. It was a tough choice this time around. Many of your submissions were very good. I think I will go with @meghann this time simply because it was the only one I didn't understand---but not quite "Cow tools" caliber ?
  2. Are you sure? Tennessee has more than 1 syllable...
  3. To those who vent their frustration hitting a punching bag: you, are, weak. The legit way is to hit wood with your face
  4. You can really see how much of the wing is feathers. It's arms look scrawny. About as alarming as seeing how scrawny a fluffy cat is when its drenched
  5. I had to go back and look for it. The bird, not the dragonfly =Þ
  6. "Bet I can land one right on his lens!"
  7. the problem is people don't age in memories. The last memory I have of one of my nieces is when she was twelve and throwing a tantrum. Now she is in her 20's, married, and has a child, but my mind's eye still sees a 12 year old
  8. I told my kids to assume all bodies of water in florida, even something small, has an aligator. We then told them horror stories of kids being grabbed eaten by them.
  9. it probably gave you something from minecraft, which works I guess. I was thinking of beetles when I typed it
  10. The rare display of a bird's elytra
  11. Anyone else picture this? Or was it just me?
  12. I thought I had a better photo of this but I can't find it...
  13. To be fair, some of this trash may be accidental. The owners of these pieces of trash may have disposed of it the way they should be but something happened to disperse the trash. I've seen trash being blown out of trashcan before. There needs to be three things in regards to trash: 1)Put trash where it belongs, 2)responsible trash collection and handling, and 3)trash removal when it does get on the ground. Some of this is on the shoulders of the government but most of it is on people and how much apathy they have.
  14. If @HamRHeadpasses, then the runner up would be @IKLlandand his version of a bird wedding. That one also made me laugh pretty good
  15. Looks like all who wanted to submit has done so. Them arguing certainly comes to my mind when I look at it, but @HamRHead "bird rituals" made me laugh out loud. So, you win this one, my friend!
  16. I didn't think it was immature Forster's because the black looks to encompass most of the head, not just around the eye
  17. I understand Whataburger carries a cult status similar to In-N-Out
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