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  1. What predator are they defending against? A toxin such as this seems specialized for one specific predator. A biological arms race between two species leaves all others in the dust
  2. Is there footage of the area after the flock leaves? those that died are easy picking for the predator
  3. Not seeing the horrible thing out of frame make this pick all the more scary
  4. In my opinion, the birds aren't behaving in a way consistent with toxic fumes or electrocution, not that I've seen how birds behave when they do. They don't look like their falling, they look like they are flying. They look lucid/alert enough to detect that something is wrong as the first birds hit the ground and take corrective action. I suppose toxic fumes or electrocution could have affected the front birds causing them to fall and the birds behind them followed after trying to keep the flock together, trying to stick with the 'murmuration' (not sure what the term would be for these guys)
  5. Strange. My guess it was a magnetic field anomaly.
  6. I lived there from 2014-2017 attending FIT. Also, I only saw one living armadillo while living there and many squashed ones. My wife didn't see any
  7. It's been long enough. I declare the winner of this round to be @Avery!
  8. I will need to sit this one out. Hopefully, I'll have more time with the next one
  9. Yeah! I was wondering who among us was cultured enough to catch that reference ? as if 90's cartoons are 'cultured' Let's do this picture next
  10. Never heard of that bird before. I might be using a photo from Merlin Bird ID....
  11. Their heads are all parallel to the ground regardless of body position. Very interesting
  12. These remind me of an experience I had working in Snelling, CA. I was driving up a driveway. The owner had just bailed and stacked hay for transport. As I drove past the stack I hit the brakes and backed up. Poking between the bales of hay near the ground was a pig head staring at me, dead and dripping with a fly cloud. Not sure what happened. It didn't look like it got caught in the baler, more like it got stuck between the bales; perhaps when they were getting stacked or it pushed its way in and got stuck
  13. I don't blame it. I don't think a squirrel can do much against a wood peaking beak
  14. I think I've watched too much Goodfeathers. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QZPwdGbxwNU
  15. @xpoetmarcrwhat were you wearing when you took this picture? I've never seen a bird so shocked
  16. "Please keep off of the grass. Shine your shoes wipe your....face"
  17. Speaking of models, check this one out. This is the Space Shuttle Independence, a life size replica. Not sure where it was being transported
  18. I watched a show that talked about a Russian experiment at attaching a glider to a light tank, and towing it behind a large plane for rapid deployment nearly anywhere. The tank then just need to unhook the glider to be battle ready. I recall only one attempt was made. The glider-tank was detached early because the drag was so great it threatened the plane. The tank driver survived the rough glider landing. I don't remember why it what it was scraped in favor of
  19. needlefish or pipefish. I 'think' these are related to seahorses
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