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  1. Earlier today I posted on the ID forum a bird with a white morph and it got me thinking and wanting to know your thoughts on the topic. For the sake of the argument I'll refer to the Reddish Egret and its white morph since that was the animal that started these thoughts. I am assuming the white morph individual is genetically hardwired this way and will always display this phenotype. Since coloration is so important to birds, how does being white impact their mating success? I would assume the white morph is selected against, meaning they simply don't attract mates, or perhaps an underlining condition that comes with this coloration that inhibits or reduces reproductive success. Another way I was thinking about this is maybe both Reddish Egret phenotypes have no issue pairing with each other. If so, do they have issues with cross breeding? To my human eyes, white morphs look similar enough to Great Egrets and to Snowy Egrets to merit this idea. I am also assuming the white morph is a homozygous trait, meaning it comes from both parents. If either parent supplies the red phenotype then the offspring will be red as well. Anyone know more about this? What color are the chicks from two white morph parents? What is the reproductive success of the white morphs. How successful are white morphs at catching food and avoiding predators? Are these questions moot in reference to this species?
  2. This bird had me scratching my head because it looks like a Snowy and a Great Egret, but not quite either. Looking around, could it be an immature Reddish Egret white morph? Unfortunately, the sun was low, making a lot of contrast. Photos taken 12/20/2021, Corpus Christi, TX
  3. That is probably the case most of the time. I can only imagine all the animals I walked past without even knowing because they stayed still
  4. I have a Nikon B600. When I photograph it automatically assigns a name to the picture. Something like DSC_0139 or DSCN2948. Every time I take a picture, the number value goes up by one, even if I turn the camera off or remove the files off the memory card. So the naming doesn't repeat until it reaches the highest value. Now, I recently got a Nikon D5600. It does a similar thing except it resets the count every time I turn it off. I can't figure out how to stop it doing this. I like to dump my photos into a temporary file so I can sift through them in my own time, but I can't do this with this D5600 because if I go birding with this temporary folder still holding pictures, I'll end up with two files with the same name, which my computer doesn't like. If anyone knows how to make my D5600 more like my B600 in this regard I would be most interested
  5. Sorry it took so long....holidays and all. But I liked @Seanbirds best. Happy new year!
  6. Licking ice on the wing, just imagine what happens next
  7. You had best not be looking up my tail!
  8. Wasn't exactly birding with this one. Hard to not have motion blur without a trigger
  9. The bird's version of the The Mirror of Erised
  10. https://animals.sandiegozoo.org/animals/rock-hyrax#:~:text=The hyrax’s strong molars grind up tough vegetation%2C and two large incisor teeth grow out to be tiny tusks%2C just like an elephant’s
  11. How much time before @The Bird Nuts chooses another person?
  12. I don't know what it was! it just flew up so fast I kinked my neck trying to watch it. Now I think I'm stuck
  13. Thanks, but no. What I really need is a Hoover
  14. Winner! Sounds like it could pass as a FarSide comic, lol
  15. "Helen, we'll still be circling the parking lot if you'd've been driving. We had a walk a little further but look, we're just about to enter the store"
  16. Lets do this one this time. Sorry for the lower quality...cell phone
  17. Why did she read me the story about the Ugly Duckling?
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