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  1. Immature Sandwich Tern or Gull-billed Tern? Corpus Christi TX last week
  2. doesn't seem very fair. the chance of keeping it is split 10-90%
  3. I'm sorr but my memory just isn't clear enough. They didn't look like any tern, shorebird, or gull I've seen. Which is why I was assuming they normally fly further out but only came close to shore because the school of fish was there. But they did look like marine birds I've looked at in the books. Maybe the length/width of a smaller tern, but fatter. Yeah, which is why I was aiming at a 'most-likely' candidate, which seems to be either a petrel or shearwater
  4. The habitat doesn't seem to match Sanderling either. Those little birds chase waves and poke in the sand while the water is retuning to the sea. The beach in your photos doesn't look like it experiences waves like that. Can sanderlings be found on other types of beaches?
  5. Audubon's Shearwater's black and white looks more like I remember flying around me. Is it possible for both of the species you suggested to have been in that flock?
  6. Unfortunately, no picture. I hope my description is useful enough to get at least a class of bird (ie petrel or shearwater). At the end of august in Corpus Christi beach while hurricane Ida was still in the Gulf there was a large school of little fish that have been driven up against the shore (some were even getting themselves beached). There was lots of hunter activity in the water and in the air and I saw birds over the water I haven't seen from shore before. At first, I assumed they could be petrels but looking at a bird book I'm not so sure. Perhaps they were shearwaters? Jaegers? I believe they were both black and white, smaller than a gull, no frilly plumage or long appendages, shaped like a fat sausage, a flock was attacking the fish, and definately not a tern. there doesn't seem to be many off shore bird options in the gulf of mexico, but I could be wrong. I doubt I can identify it from memory using a photo, sorry. I'd be better at remembering what it wasn't. Any thoughts? Any of you happen to witness the same event?
  7. I believe these are Carpenter Ants on this sunflower
  8. Yeah, but I was brand new at birding. I had just taken an ornithology class and one of the assignments was to photograph and identify 30 different species of bird. I enjoyed it enough that I continued after the class. All I had was the snapshot function of a dinky video camera. The crash happened around a time when I was unable to bird and when I came back the new forum was going and I just assumed it had updated.
  9. Sounds like you've never lost your phone...or any of your appendages
  10. The saying "Opposition in all things" clearly includes ducks
  11. Get out of the way, I can't stop!!!!!
  12. I liked @Bird Braincaption best. Well done my friend
  13. WAIT, WISHES! I'll grant you 3 wishes!
  14. its not an animal but this looks like a stealth motorboat, something I've never heard of before. Cape Canaveral a few years ago
  15. Melbourne/Palm Bay. I attended Florida Institute of Technology. I moved there after finishing at BYUI in Rexburg Idaho and before that Oakdale, CA, where I mostly grew up. Now im in South Texas
  16. Me too. We lived in Florida for ~3 years and my wife has never seen a living one. I've only seen a handful of living ones
  17. Hooray! I first heard that phrase from a Calvin & Hobbes cartoon strip. Here's the next photo
  18. Great photos! What are they, Cedar, Birch, Ponderosa, and Grass?
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