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  1. Not sure about the red headed woodpecker. I didn't see any white.
  2. I run that trail a lot and have seen trees with row(s) of shallow holes. Yay - my first bird (well other than robins and crows).
  3. Thanks all! The head and top of the breast were completely red so I don't think it was Lewis's Woodpecker. The red-breasted sapsucker looks about right in size, head shape, beak, etc. The only thing is that I didn't see a white stripe on it's wing. Mind you, I only saw it briefly as I came around a corner and thought "cool bird pecking holes".
  4. When I was running a forested trail today, I accidentally scared off a beautiful woodpecker so I couldn't get a picture. It was completely black with no markings and a bright red head. I've never really identified birds before and I'm not having much luck with the app. I live in central California near the coast but it's hot/dry. It was bigger than a robin, but quite a bit smaller than a crow.
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