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  1. These feathers were found at Higbee, where the Western Kingbird had been. The first two pictures are the same feather, found in the area used for raptor banding. The last were found spread around fox scat, so I assume it was the remnants of a hunt. I have pictures of those individual feathers, if needed.
  2. This bird was seen by my father at about 4 pm Wednesday, in southern AZ. I can figure out specifics if needed. I'm not too familiar with the different look of Red-Tails there, is that a possibility? I thought maybe Swainson's as well.....
  3. Was thinking the same (especially based off that very orange-toned bill) but wasn't too sure about it.
  4. 1-I'm no good with those kinds of towhees, but based off that light throat i'd say canyon is good 2- That yellow under the tail tells me lesser gold 3-Pass..... 4-Another lesser
  5. This bird has me utterly stumped. There appears to be absolutely no gap between the cap and bib on that second picture, which is what's really confusing me.
  6. This is what I was thinking as well OP, have you seen any birds similar to the red ones, but with a tan head? Also, what does the bill look like? Does it resemble that of a finch, or more of a chickadee, or maybe something closer to a woodpecker or nuthatch?
  7. Whatever it is, I'm thinking it's a little young. I think the part of the gorget that's to the left of the eye resembles a Costa's more than an Anna's, but it still looks a little strange regardless.
  8. I'd lean more towards a male Costa's for the last hummer, due to the gorget reaching pretty far down the sides of the neck
  9. A purple finch would have a white or lighter stripe down the eye, and will also have less/no streaking on the chest. House finches have a brown or muted cap, like this one, as well as just generally more brown on the face.
  10. I've just been having house sparrow after house sparrow. I rarely see a goldfinch up front (normally we have dozens this time of year!), in fact the Downy Woodpeckers seem to be enjoying the thistle more than the finches! However, I really can't complain since we've been having lots of hawks hanging out in our yard for the past few days, so I don't really blame the birds for being reluctant to feed here.
  11. My thoughts exactly. Definitely strikes me as a Gray Catbird.
  12. Could they be swallows? They do look rather small, and the one in the second picture appears to possibly be flying like one? Northern Rough-Wings?
  13. I'm not the best with raptors, but I'd go with one of the Black Hawks (Common Black Hawk or Great Black Hawk), not sure which one. You'd probably want to wait for some better input though haha
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