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  1. Wild Turkeys had wandered onto the baseball diamond at the park. I love this photo.
  2. A different take on a landscape photo.
  3. It looks like it to me also. Although, it could be an immature Yellow-Rumped (Myrtle)Warbler. It's tough to tell fro the photo.
  4. I was trying to get closer, and get an angle that didn't show the wire. A group of mountain bikers came through, and the eagles took off. I saw several hikers and runners pass nearby, and they were oblivious to these majestic birds.
  5. A Ruby-crowned kinglet showing a bit of crest. I've taken several photos of them, but I really wanted to see the red crest, that they seldom show.
  6. a Common Buckeye that I photographed in September of this year in South Central Pa..
  7. A Cooper's hawk that I photographed during a hawk watch.
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