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  1. I think Pintail makes sense, but I’m not certain what they are.
  2. Looks like a Bell’s Vireo to me. But I don’t know Mexican birds well, not sure if there’s something else that looks similar
  3. 1 is a Red-tailed Hawk. It’s a buteo with a belly band. 2 is a Cooper’s Hawk. It’s big and bulky with fine streaking on the underparts.
  4. Looks more like a Western with the dark back and swollen tip of the bill
  5. Agree with Greater Pewee for 1. The 2 Myiarchus are not obvious. I could guess but I can’t answer with a high degree of confidence
  6. The rufous in the underside of the tail should rule out Dusky-capped. I’m leaning Ash-throated but not sure
  7. I can understand the photos of this bird being called inconclusive (since I can’t tell things like size, structure, or iris color) but I’m curious what about this bird suggests hybrid (Lesser Black-backed x Herring?) over Lesser Black-backed of some sort?
  8. Looks like a Chipping Sparrow. What about this bird seems inconsistent with Chipping Sparrow to you?
  9. I’m genuinely confused by what this means
  10. My guesses are #2 is 2nd winter Herring Gull #1 is 2nd winter Lesser Black-backed Gull I’m not sure though
  11. It certainly isn’t Kumlien’s, the most expected subspecies of Iceland Gull there, due to how dark the primaries are. Thayer’s are possible as well I suppose but significantly less numerous than Kumlien’s.
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