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  1. I’m at 199 in Contra Costa right now (county life list) with some very easy ones I could pick up... will be reporting back within the next week or so
  2. Lol bruh what? Lesser White-fronted Goose is not just very unlikely, it’s next to impossible...
  3. Glossy or hybrids are very rare in CA but they do occur. If you want to be conservative then leaving it unidentified is probably best, but I think most CA birders would make the assumption that it’s White-faced (not saying that’s the right thing to do, best practice would probably be to leave unidentified, but it’s a pretty safe assumption to make)
  4. There’s lots of Blue Morph in there. Blue Morph Ross’s are very rare, so it’s pretty safe to assume that they are all Snow
  5. I put them on eBird. That way I can search by species, location, etc. Also that way they are saved on the internet and I can download the original onto any computer.
  6. Yes. What is the location and date? They look like the minima subspecies
  7. I said female before but the brightened pic has me thinking it could be a young male
  8. It does appear to have the white collar and throat of a female Archilochus, so probably Ruby-throated. But I’d definitely leave it at “hummingbird sp.” without better looks.
  9. Yes. (Would be helpful if the pics were a bit brighter, but head pattern and especially flank color looks like a hybrid)
  10. I think the white we are seeing is a tertial crescent, not the primaries, but I may be wrong
  11. These both look fine for Aleutian to me, with the small white cheek patch and the black stripe on the chin/throat
  12. Not really... Gray-headed Chickadee is like, impossibly difficult to find in the ABA area, only in super remote parts of the Brooks Range in Northern Alaska.
  13. 3 is definitely not Ring-billed... maybe Herring? 4 is definitely Red-throated Loon
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