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  1. I totally understand it’s impossible get every bird, there’s always a few that get away
  2. Do you have a cell phone? Since they have a microphone, you can usually record sounds on them, or take video on them (the video will capture the sound as well of course). Then you can post the sound recording or video here and we can help identify it, or you can run it through an app like birdnet as suggested above (I do not know how accurate that is, I have not used it). Chuck-Will's-Widow? https://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/Chuck-wills-widow/sounds
  3. Photo is bad, so tough to tell. May be a Hooded? I wouldn’t put my money on it though. (You should wait for it to turn its head)
  4. The only subspecies that occurs along the central California coast in the breeding season is Nuttall’s (nuttalli). This bird you photographed is clearly a Yellow-billed and almost certainly a Nuttall’s. It is far too early for fall migrant Pugetensis to show up.
  5. They breed on some boreal lakes in the UP I’d guess. They definitely breed in boreal lakes in Ontario just north of Lake Superior. Similar habitat to Bonaparte’s Gull but I guess Goldeneyes come a little farther south
  6. Looks more like a hybrid than a Thayer’s to me
  7. Wood Thrush, Ovenbird, Red-bellied Woodpecker, Eastern Wood-Pewee
  8. For once Merlin is actually correct… (I don’t recommend relying on it though)
  9. Yellow Warbler? A bit bigger than a thumb I guess, but it’s the only small all-yellow option I can think of
  10. Notice also that the tail feathers are super worn and the horizontal white band across the tip of the tail is not visible... this is something to be careful of with IDing Cassin's Kingbird
  11. Might be a Red-tail with those dark patagial bars, tough to tell though
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