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  1. Probably Stilt Sandpipers, or otherwise Yellowlegs
  2. I'd say either call it a Common or leave it unidentified
  3. For me easiest way to tell is call, does it make the typical “veet” call of Hooded or more of a lower pitched wetter “chet” more similar to a blackbird or common yellowthroat. Of course that only helps if it’s calling
  4. Agree with Herring Gull Also for future reference, Iceland rather than Icelandic. Like Canada Goose not Canadian.
  5. The bill is too long for Barrows. Also the orange color on a Barrows bill is usually much brighter (although they can also have a dark bill if young of the year). Common can orange bill color as well, but it’s often sort of dusky:
  6. I want to say Brewers due to the lack of a strong pale median crown stripe, appearance of an eye ring, generally cold grayish tones, small bill and long tail, but I’m not certain. @Aidan B
  7. Slaty-backed is much rarer. Size (relative to herring gulls) and shape look like a Lesser Black-backed.
  8. We’d probably need to see the underside of the tail or hear the calls to be sure. @IKLlandYou probably have more experience with this ID than most other people on this forum
  9. Sounds similar to a Hermit Thrush to me (chups and vrees), but a little bit off. I’m not sure. Maybe a weird Hermit Thrush, maybe something else, but no better alternatives are springing to my mind Actually I’m fairly confident it’s a Hermit Thrush
  10. Certainly an Aythya of some sort, I agree it’s likely Lesser Scaup but not really sure
  11. It’s just too pale on the underparts for Rough-legged. Even a light morph adult male, which has the palest belly of any RLHA plumage, has significantly darker underparts.
  12. I don’t have much experience with these subspecies and didn’t consider that. You could definitely be right, I don’t know. I’ll retract what I said before. I knew it was a Red-tail, and one of the interesting different subspecies, but beyond that I don’t know. Most Rough-legged Hawks have a pretty dark belly or a very dark belly, so that can be ruled out. Agree with what you say about Ferruginous, adults also have dark leggings, and I’d think a juvenile would have a different back pattern.
  13. Your bird looks like a Krider’s Red-tailed Hawk, which is really cool.
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