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  1. Looks like a Blackpoll Warbler to me. I am rusty on Bay-breasted vs Blackpoll but this looks a lot more like Blackpoll to me.
  2. @harpoon659 When you have a Warbler high in a tree, instead of taking obviously unidentifiable photos and posting them here en masse, you should actually take the time to try to observe and identify the bird in the field. The way you are using this forum currently is not going to make you a better birder. We are here to help you but please realize that you have a much better shot of identifying these birds in the field, than we do of identifying this type of photo. You are wasting your time taking photos like this. Just look at the bird.
  3. Yes beautiful shot too. I have been trying for one in the East Bay but may have to cave and come to Hawk Hill
  4. I wouldn’t be confident saying that that bird isn’t, say, a Yellow-rumpled Warbler, or a particularly streaky Blackpoll
  5. Northern Parula for the 1st and last photos (and probably second?) Tennessee Warbler for phot 4 and possibly photo 3
  6. Okay I understand there is a desire to ID as many of these photos as possible on this forum, as that is literally the purpose of the forum. However, when photos are not IDable, lets not push an ID onto them just because it might be right. Could photo 2 be a Cape May Warbler? Sure, possibly, it could be. But that photo is certainly not conclusive. It should be left unidentified. Its probably a Cape May, but we can't say that with any degree of certainty from the photo alone. @Benjamin
  7. 1 and 2 are a juvenile Eastern Phoebe. 3. Tyrannidae sp 4. Passerine sp 5. Passerine sp Lol sorry I can't be of more help
  8. 1. Cape May Warbler 2 and 3. Palm Warbler 4 and 5. ???? 6. Cape May Warbler 7. Tennessee Warbler 8. Palm Warbler
  9. Agreed. A first fall male looks similar to a female but "should" show some black speckling around the head neck or breast.
  10. But before they were called Gray Jays they were called Canada Jays.... so just a change back
  11. Pretty short looking primary projection - Nuttall's? Back patterning is pretty messy too. I definitely need to practice more with this haha
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