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  1. Definitely a Rough-legged Hawk
  2. For example, from the San Diego atlas: “We observed quite a bit of nesting activity beginning in mid March, especially in the wet year 1998. An occupied nest as early as 13 March 1998 (near Lake Murray, Q11, N. Osborn), an adult feeding a nestling as early as 21 March 1998 (Lower Willows, D23, B. Peterson), and a fledging as early as 7 April 1998 (west end of Batiquitos Lagoon, J6, M. Baumgartel) all imply egg laying in the second week of March, and therefore earlier than the 6 April attested by collected egg sets from San Diego County or 22 March from all of California.” Basically I think the often-quoted dates that they begin breeding activity at the very end of March or April is erroneous and based on a lack of complete data. Admittedly San Diego is quite different from the Bay Area, but I think Lesser Goldfinch is both one of our earliest, and one of our latest, breeding birds, and breeding activity in March should be watched for. Although young probably wouldn’t fledge until April.
  3. It is not possible to reliably identify these based on the photo, and I would caution against using back/body shape in general to identify them (except perhaps in very extreme cases). Consider that a slender young Long-billed may be thinner-bodied and less grapefruit-like than a large adult female Short-billed. Sound is simply the best tool for identifying them. If you aren’t sure, try flushing the flock to hear them call. And before people get on me about intentionally flushing dowitchers - I’d they can survive migrating thousands of miles, I’m sure they can survive flying 50 feet when I flush them, and it allows me to collect better data.
  4. I think the very beginning and end date of their breeding behavior is not super well understood/well studied. Lots of sources seem to think they don’t breed until April. But I think best building by late February/early March and egg laying by early to mid March occurs sometimes, based on my experiences and some other sources.
  5. I agree with your assessment overall but I do not think it’s too early for Lesser Goldfinches to be feeding young here in the bay area (Also I just noticed the date is April 2023, but even mid-March isn’t too early for young to have fledged, I believe).
  6. I think Pintail makes sense, but I’m not certain what they are.
  7. Looks like a Bell’s Vireo to me. But I don’t know Mexican birds well, not sure if there’s something else that looks similar
  8. 1 is a Red-tailed Hawk. It’s a buteo with a belly band. 2 is a Cooper’s Hawk. It’s big and bulky with fine streaking on the underparts.
  9. Looks more like a Western with the dark back and swollen tip of the bill
  10. Agree with Greater Pewee for 1. The 2 Myiarchus are not obvious. I could guess but I can’t answer with a high degree of confidence
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