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  1. Not sure, is it? Cassin’s would be a bit of a rarity but not super unusual i just assumed Western but I would be happy to be wrong.
  2. Alpine County, CA, right on the border of California Scrub-Jay and Woodhouse’s Scrub-Jay ranges. Thoughts?
  3. IN my opinion the most robust visual ID mark for Clark’s v Western is color of the bill - Clark’s is yellow with a little orange or red at the base of the lower mandible, Western is a dingy green-yellow Extent of the dark on the face (does it come down around the eye?) can vary with age and season and in the nonbreeding season many birds look kind of borderline in that regard but can still be IDed by voice and Bill color
  4. That photo with the bird stretching gives a good look at the tail, the white bars are about as wide as the black bars which is good for Short-billed (with Long-billed the black bars are broader and the white bars narrower). Also notice the folded wing on the stretching bird - looks like fair amount of primary projection beyond the tertials, also looks good for Short-billed
  5. Mountain birds from today... American Dipper and Black-backed Woodpecker
  6. Thought @Melierax might appreciate these...
  7. Agree with an Owl - due to lots of down and blunt tips. Crows often mob large owls. Not sure which type though, but I don't think its Great Horned. Barred Owl seems to make sense.
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