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  1. The bird that’s looking towards us looks decently like a Blue-winged Teal, I wouldn’t make assumptions on the second bird whose face and beak we can’t see.
  2. Not sure about the Hawk but I agree with Magnolia Warbler and Swamp Sparrow
  3. Definitely Nelson’s in first photo, Saltmarsh on left in second photo
  4. I think probably not, but I’m not sure what it is. Maybe Acadian, Alder or Willow?
  5. The bird in the first photo doesn’t have the buffy wash on the face and neck.
  6. Indigos have a more more contrasty throat pattern than Lazulis, but I still think that is unusual
  7. At least we can tell they’re all pretty drab/nondescript, no obvious wing bars, streaking on the underparts, anything like that. I assume they were small songbirds, approximately warbler/vireo sized?
  8. Those are tough. I feel like the first photo gives us almost enough but not quite. This is random, but I wonder if any of them could be Orange-crowned Warblers?
  9. Aka Willow or Alder, but not sure which. Compared to a Least Flycatcher, the eye ring is less distinct and the overall body shape is more long and slender, vs the much more compact, big-headed appearance of a Least. beyond Willow/Alder, it’s largely speculation. I’m personally leaning toward Alder personally due to the greenish hues to the upperparts, rounded head, etc. However maybe it’s an eastern Willow and I’m just used to western Willows. Anyway yeah probably not identifiable to species with confidence but I agree with Aidan
  10. Try finding one in any of Napa, Solano, Contra Costa, Alameda, or Santa Clara counties - it would be a first county record
  11. Philadelphia Vireo is extremely rare in California It has pale lores and a white throat, it’s obviously a Warbling Vireo
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