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  1. The bill and primaries are too long for Least. The plumage is more green than gray and the underparts quite clean.
  2. Southern California has some of the easiest and most diverse birding on the continent. Due to the sheer diversity and potential for eastern north america, mexican, and eastern asia vagrants, in addition to typical western migrants and winter residents, there can also be some very challenging identifications. But much of Southern California really stands out as having high diversity and abundance compared to most of the US, especially in winter. Waterfowl numbers on lakes and rivers probably would be higher in winter in the southeast, its still a little on the early side for peak numbers of wintering waterfowl.
  3. Looks like its missing its tail, no? I'm not sure what it is but House Wren, Common Yellowthroat, Scaly-breasted Munia come to mind. It would be ideal if we could see the shape of the bill. House Wren?
  4. Okay glad to see this, I was starting to think I was going crazy...
  5. It’s in my opinion strange that eBird groups merilli with montana rather than with the rufina group, since montana is rather pale gray and rusty, whereas merilli is much darker gray and rusty more often more similar in appearance to rufina group stuff. This bird is fairly dark but so should most PNW Song Sparrows. My gut reaction would be to call this bird rufina group but in some cases subspecies IDs can be pretty nuanced and ambiguous so sometimes it’s best to not try too hard with them. Keep in mind the rufina group encompasses several subspecies and it is possible more than one of them occurs in your area
  6. I think the crowns are somewhat flattened and I don’t think bill nail shape can be used here given the plumages these birds are in. But I could be wrong and based on this one photo without getting a better feel for shape and posture may be better left unidentified
  7. My initial impression was Lesser but the “/“ option is a good one which I use liberally for scaups
  8. Nothing here to suggest either of these are Glaucous or albino they look like pretty normal gulls if some sort
  9. I agree with Yellow-rump; my point is just that I think it’s not as straightforward/obvious as some are suggesting, and it’s always good to be cautious.
  10. It’s probably a Yellow-rump but I’m not sure about ruling out Cape May… any thoughts? Por ejemplo, https://macaulaylibrary.org/asset/265550761#_ga=2.230372252.1011002272.1661192401-194471530.1661192401
  11. I definitely agree with the Magnolia. I’m not sure about the Yellow-rump
  12. Looks like Bar-tailed Godwit (European subspecies) to me with that white rump and barred tail. Should be reported. Great bird!
  13. Seems like Western/Glaucous-winged/Olympic, but it’s an ugly thing and I’d be a little hesitant to put a name on it
  14. Where and when was this taken? Looms like a Bluebird to me, maybe Mountain
  15. Bird on the right looks like it could be American Goldfinch? I don’t know tough to tell what it is
  16. Last bird is definitely a Red-tail with those dark patagial markings
  17. The bird on the left is a Glaucous-winged. The bird on the right is a Herring Gull. The Herring Gull could possibly be Cook Inlet or Nelson’s to some extent, but without any further evidence I would probably just assume bleached Herring. The date is June
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