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  1. I see the rufous over its wing now. I wasn't sure what that meant at first. Good to know what to look for. I would have edited my previous post, but I don't know how to do that.
  2. Now that I look at it, I think it is too fat to be an adult. I read that the adults spend so much time catching food for their offspring that the offspring get fatter than the adults. The adult in the third photo definitely looks trimmer than the juvenile that it is feeding.
  3. So I had more juveniles than I thought. And I guess both parents feed the young. I think the fourth photo shows an adult, but I'm not sure. I had more of these in Los Angeles, but I only saw one at a time there. Also, I don't think they like the hot weather here, as I have not seen them since it started to get hot.
  4. Can you tell their age and genders? Or are the juveniles too young to tell? Is a mother or father doing the feedin?
  5. Photos taken April 9, 2020, in the afternoon on a cloudy, somewhat wet day in Cathedral City, CA 92234. It may have drizzled that day, but it was not sunny. I had read that these birds were supposed to be solitary, which is how I normally see them, but this looks like a family. These are not the only ones I saw that day - I think there were at least six at one time in various parts of my patio. They like to sit on the wall facing the pool and hunt for insects that have fallen into the pool, but unfortunately on this day, they were hunting butterflies. Before they came I had a lot of butterflies in my yard, but the phoebes decimated them and then moved on, I guess to hunt someone else's butterflies. I think the two that are closest together are juvenile siblings, and the other is a parent that is feeding butterflies to its children. What do you think? Is the one doing the feeding a mother or father?
  6. I saw this bird in Zion National Park on October 14, 2007. It was wading in the creek at the bottom of the canyon. I am wondering if it might be a heron or if it is some sort of crane. I did not get any photos of it flying.
  7. Thanks for the info and that link. I played the audio, and that is definitely what I heard. I was hoping this bird would have squirrels in its diet, but that does not appear to be the case.
  8. Here's another photo, which I was not going to post because its feet are cut off, but the head is turned more toward me, showing a bit more of the breast.
  9. I saw this bird fly over my back yard this afternoon around 4:00 making some chirping sounds that I was not used to hearing, and so I went inside to get my camera. Fortunately, it perched on a power pole next door, so that I could photograph it. I think it is some sort of hawk, but I don't know which kind, especially since I could not see its breast. These are the best photos I could get of it. The last one was taken as it was flying off, and so it is blurred. I can't really describe the sounds it made except that they were syncopated.
  10. Thanks! I have other finches too, which I was able to identify as Lesser Goldfinches. These photos were taken in September. I let my basil go to see because they seem to like eating the seeds and therefore come close to my house.
  11. I frequently see these birds visiting my fountains in western Los Angeles, May through September. The first photo was taken May 23 and the second September 4. I see them more often when I have the fountains turned on, as they like to splash in them and drink some of the water.
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