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  1. Well, actually questioning myself about my IDs... Thanks, everybody!
  2. 28 Jul 2021 Baldwin co. .AL Until recently, most brown birds I glimpsed at the feeder were female House Finches, but a day or so ago, we had a male cardinal show up with its adopted Brown-headed Cowbird "child" which it began feeding. Now I am questioning any brown, plain, somewhat streaky-breasted bird I see. Differentiating marks?
  3. I think I may have mis-ID'd some Commons as Forester's. I will post separately for everyone's opinions.
  4. 1.--The easy answer: aster. I would have to key it out, or ask somebody. 2. Nymphae sp. (Water lily). 3. Cyrilla racemiflora (Swamp Titi).
  5. His name is Kevin. Don't call him, "Shirley".
  6. Would it help to upload the uncropped image?
  7. 23 Jul 2021 Baldwin co. AL; sand spit at mouth of delta (river into bay) 1. Ignoring the Laughing Gulls, I see 2 Caspian, 1 Royal, and numerous Gull-billed & Least. Anybody else hiding in the group? 2. ?Forsters (BIF on left)
  8. Yellow-crowned Night Heron I had never seen one with an erect crest.
  9. I thought #4 might be YEWA, as it had the correct tail spot pattern for that species, I just lack courage.
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