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  1. 13 Feb 2020 City of Mobile, Mobile co., AL; public lake/park
  2. 13 Feb 2020 City of Mobile, Mobile co., AL; Public park & lake
  3. Yes--vocalize. I think it's pretty amazing many of you can ID hummingbirds via voice and wing beats/sounds.
  4. I We had never observed a hummingbird that didn't constantly twitter, and it was so confused about the feeder.
  5. Good morning, All. We had a hummingbird come into the yard this morning that did not act like our usual RTs. It seemed large, had a louder/buzzier sounding flight, and did not twitter at all, even when close to us. It seemed confused by the feeder--like he/she did not know what to do. It did nectar at several flowers. We thought it might just be a young RT, but it seemed larger. We occasionally have other species of hummers here. We could not see features/colors well enough to describe. 27 June 2020 Baldwin co. AL (coastal)
  6. I wondered about that, because the tone of the whistles sounded like their "Peter-Peter-Peter", but the cadence was different. Thank you!
  7. Baldwin co., AL. 11 April 2020. Song is repeated throughout, at approximately 0, 2, 6, 10, 12, 15, 20, 24. Then the Laughing Gulls take over. 20200411_104839Unk - Copy.wav
  8. It did not teeter like a Turkey Vulture. Wings held mostly flat. I did not see wing beats as the bird glided from the tree and disappeared quickly from my view.
  9. I had always heard they had a beautiful song. 🙂❤️
  10. Those places are one-stop shopping, ahem, birding!
  11. Baby Killdeer are the cutest things in the world.
  12. I have the most trouble separating the two in one of my patches consisting of a large area interspersed with horse pastures, ponds, sinks, and agricultural fields. I have seen both species on the ground together in these areas. If I have my bins, I can usually ID. It's for those times I don't, and have to rely on my old eyes...
  13. Hi, Benjamin. I can ID them easily when I see them on the ground. Just not when they are flying over. 🙂
  14. Hi, All. Does anyone have any insight/advice in IDing Snowy vs. Cattle Egrets in flight when you cannot see head plumage, foot color, or bill color? I used to think it was leg color (black for Snowy vs yellow for Cattle), but just read that non-breeding Cattle Egrets have black legs. Does flight pattern or whether solitary vs group have any bearing on separating these 2? We have both species year-round.
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