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  1. Not long ago, hubby & I watched a documentary on ospreys that described exactly this behavior, attributed to the osprey protecting their hunting territory.
  2. It looks like a Great-crested Flycatcher, but wait for the experts.
  3. 12 May 2022 Baldwin co. AL; Gulf beach at NWR I've never ID'd one in flight
  4. @millipede@KevinMy family raised cattle and spoke of one birthing season when the vultures did exactly that: waited nearby a cow when calving was imminent and then attacked the calf as soon as it was being birthed. It got so bad they had to secure permits from the state & feds to capture and dispatch the vultures. My father said that it occurred during a very long and severe drought and postulated that is what drove the vultures to adopt that behavior, because it was highly unusual. Cattlemen & farmers usually appreciate the clean-up these birds provide. I may have posted this story previously on this site--maybe that is where you heard it?
  5. Any of that is waaaaaaaaaaaaay above my pay grade. 😄
  6. Come East! I want a Hermit Warbler.
  7. Bay-breasted Warbler. Also got Cape May & Blackpoll today.
  8. I just re-read this and I have to tell you, @Charlie Spencer, that what my maternal kin would be more upset at is how ungracious I sounded in my comment to you. So I am attaching the family recipe as penance. Enjoy!
  9. I hear Blue Jays and an Osprey and maybe a Brown Thrasher--but wait for the experts.
  10. 06 May 2022 Baldwin co. AL; gulf-/bayside historic state park; heavy woods; during break in heavy thunderstorms 1. Cape May 2. Blackpoll vs. ? (2 photos)
  11. I don't want to force it into any ID--just wanting some more experienced input. I'm good with "shorebird" if definitive ID not possible.
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