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  1. 01 Mar 2021 Baldwin co. AL Is it more likely this bill deformity is due to trauma or infection? Either way, rehabbers won't take the bird because it is a species non-native to the area. What to do?
  2. @AlexHenry@Tony Leukering What about the chunky birds with the long bills in the center of photo 2 (section 2--Mudflats)? I thought they might be one of the Dowitcher species.
  3. 27 Feb 2021 Mobile co. AL Public lake & park 1. Palm Warbler 2. Orange-crowned Warbler--wasn't sure about that eye stripe Industrial ponds/mudflats 1. ?Willet (center) & 2 Greater Yellowlegs 2. All ?Greater Yellowlegs except for ?Dowitcher sp. in center 3. Green-winged Teal, ?Least Sandpipers & who is the fellow tipping up? 4. ?Greater Yellowlegs 5. Which duck?
  4. I wasn't the only one birdwatching today.
  5. There have been recent sightings of Rose-breasteds nearby in Mississippi & Florida, but I think it was bigger than a Rose-Breasted Grosbeak.
  6. 25 Feb 2021 Baldwin co. AL; bayside public boat launch at point where small bay opens into Mobile Bay; rough water; mostly large gravel parking lot and small grove of pines; fairly inhospitable place Just caught a glimpse of this bird. About the size of a crow or larger woodpecker. I thought it was a woodpecker at first, before I saw the color combination. Feature that stood out: 1. Rufous on the chest or belly with lighter coloring under tail 2. Flashed white wing bars--I think on the upper side, rather than underside as I drew it 3. Either a shallow forked or
  7. I should not have used the term. "Breeding Code" as pertains to this specific instance. My desire was to further describe the birds as far as gender. Please note the "etc." in my original post. And I thought I caught a lot of h*ll in graduate school.
  8. Thanks, @PaulK! I forgot to look for previous discussion on the subject.
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