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  1. Should I even count it? It flew in with a flock of wintering Canada Geese.
  2. 26 Jan 2023 Baldwin co. AL; with large flock of Canada Geese. Freshwater pond (impound) in farmland Bill looks too large & not the proper shape for Snow Goose, and I don't see the grin patch. Canada Goose included for reference
  3. White-tailed Hawk 20 Jan 2023 Baldwin co. AL. Bay/gulf-side historic fort & park This fellow has been hanging around at least a week. A first sighting for the state. Pictures are not great, as they were taken from the car at too far a distance.
  4. You're probably right. The other 32 ducks on the pond at the time were Ringnecks. 😄
  5. I didn't think about that because he wasn't bobbing his tail. But it could be.
  6. Kayaks are excellent for birding those hard-to-access places, but, in my experience, if you want to photograph from one, best to use a tandem and a helper. My sweet spouse has served as my gondolier (and spotter) on several occasions. I will say that the the anxiety of losing my equipment drastically affects my enjoyment of the outing.
  7. 14 Jan 2023 Baldwin co. AL; fresh to brackish bay; roadside with abundant rocky rip-rap and small mudflat I think this is a Dunlin, but also considered Purple Sandpiper. Looking/shooting into the sun, so could not appreciate markings & colors adequately, so going on overall shape of bird & bill. Pontifications on the subject are encouraged and appreciated. 😀
  8. Baldwin co. AL. He was with the other snowbirds--at the outlet mall! 😄 https://ebird.org/checklist/S125930201
  9. 09 Jan 2023 Baldwin co. AL fresh to brackish marsh
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