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  1. I see the eyestripe now that you mention it. His bill looked too lightly colored and pointy for a peep.
  2. I am finding IDing shorebirds incredibly tiring. It seems to be getting a little easier, but it's a glacially slow learning process for me.
  3. I know how to use (and interpret) apostrophes properly. And I'm pretty sharp with ellipses & semicolons, too.
  4. 1--which is the White-rumped? The second from right? What is the one on the far right, SESA?.
  5. 08 May 2021; Baldwin co. AL; gulf beach 1. Sanderling (S), SEPA (SP) & ? 2. Western (W) & Sanderling (Sn) 3. L to R: Western & SESA
  6. 08 May 2021 Baldwin co. AL; gulf beach 1. Sanderling--Winter plumage 2. Sanderling--coming into breeding plumage 3 & 4. L to R, both photos: SESA, Sanderling
  7. 08 May 2021 Baldwin co. AL; gulf beach 1. Semipalmated Sandpipers (SP) & Least Sandpipers (L) & unknown 2. Least (3) 4. Least (4) 5. Least 6. I think all Least (6)
  8. Both are Lifers for me! I need to get to the beach more often.
  9. 07 May 2021 Baldwin co. AL; gulf beach 1. Whimbrel-for confirmation 2. Gull-billed Tern--I don't see the yellow tip and bill looks too thick for Sandwich
  10. I knew it was a yellow warbler, but wasn't certain it was a Yellow Warbler. 😄
  11. Yes, I recognize the adult. 🙂 It was only the juveniles I needed confirmation on.
  12. I didn't think there was enough grey in the face for Gray-cheeked. I didn't consider range, but should have.
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