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  1. Yes, It calls our garbage truck a Great Horned Owl and my husband's throat-clearing a Great Blue Heron. 😄
  2. Some of us are old enough to have endured pagers clipped on our person and returning any pages via a phone tethered to a wall. 😄
  3. 25 May 2023 Baldwin co. AL; variably brackish marsh at public boat ramp; grass in standing water I was favoring King, as it seems too slow for Clapper. Thoughts? https://macaulaylibrary.org/asset/577192171
  4. My thoughts exactly. Eurasion Collared Dove with really long wings.
  5. Thank you for the insight & info. Can you share the name and/or contact information of the ranch or ranches?
  6. 25 May 2023 Baldwin co. AL; grassy brackish marsh near public boat ramp. Grass in standing water. I was patiently waiting for one of 2 calling Clapper Rails to show itself when a Least Bittern and this guy suddenly flushed from the grass. I'm not sure what to make of the stripe along the back of the neck.
  7. The two of us are in the planning stages of an inaugural birding trip to Texas. We've only done incidental birding while visiting San Antonio and through the terminal windows at DFW. We are thinking either Galveston or the Rio Grande area and hoped we could get some insight from any Texans on the site. Questions: Both Rio Grande (Fall) and Galveston (Spring) have birding festivals. Has anyone been? Are these worth attending or are we better off birding on our own? The more I bird, the less I like doing so in groups, but we would like to maximize our birding experience. Of those two places, any suggestions on which to choose for our introduction to Texas birding? Or elsewhere? If going to higher elevations would need to spend a couple of days acclimating Texas specialties and rarities are great, and we also just like to bird new places and enjoy the local flavor and attractions. We usually alot 10 days for our sojourns, including travel time. @TexasCobra @Caley Thomas 2.0 @Jim Highberger
  8. What do you think about #2 & #3? There was a Chestnut-sided present (visual ID)--Merlin called Chestnut-sided on a separate recording.
  9. 18 May 2023 Baldwin co. AL; bayside thick mixed woods, heavy thicket, and cypress swamp Merlin says American Redstart for 1 and nothing for 2 & 3 Audio & ebird spectrogram: https://macaulaylibrary.org/asset/575346181
  10. I agree with you. With the exception of Christmas Bird Count, I never post my TRs in real time.
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