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  1. 18 Aug 2018 NY Botanical Gardens, Bronx, NYC I see a square-off tail tipped with dark. Maybe a greyish back/wings with mottled underparts.
  2. Spring 2018 I have no idea what this is. Is the white behind the eye real or an artifact?
  3. I wasn't thinking anything else it could be-I'm learning and wanted to know how seasoned birders would ID.
  4. Good point. I was relying strictly on morphology.
  5. As noted in my original post--I know a belly band not sufficient & about the patagials. But, what are those eliminating ID marks? @DLecy
  6. Aug 2016 Arnold Arboretum, Boston, MA This was previously ID'd as a Red-Tailed Hawk, and I'm interested in what field marks could have been used, particularly if each photo is analyzed on its own to ID. 1. Enough to be considered a dark patagial mark? Other field marks? 2. White doesn't really look like a V, but, is this acceptable for RTH ID? Other field marks? 3. Belly band (I know not diagnostic on its own) and chunkiness to the boi enough? Other field marks?
  7. Thank you for the links. If I could master Photography Skills 101, I wouldn't need editing software. 😄
  8. Also--what is the best way to add a watermark?
  9. Thanks, Charlie. I'm all about saving $ 😄 & I've been happy using the PSE13 for family photos. The biggest problem with my current software is that the LR6 won't open Sony's RAW format. I'm happy with it otherwise. I can work around by viewing & editing with Sony's software and saving a version in JPEG just for viewing purposes.
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