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  1. Hi, everybody. Just got back to this post. This field is only abour 12 miles from the nearest saltwater shoreline. I also looked and Dunlin are seen at this site.
  2. 27 Nov 2023; Baldwin co., AL; Delta-/bayside state park Tail spots look more like yellow-rumped
  3. TY! I considered Dunlin but thought uncommon in fields?
  4. 07 Nov 2023 Baldwin co. AL; commercial sod fields
  5. Going back to my original ID of Cooper's. Thanks, everyone, for the walk-through.
  6. Pic from hubby. Head huge, forward of wings, and turned.
  7. Hubby also took pics, so I went back and looked at those, and all of his shots show a straight leading edge to the wings. In real time, the bird was in full soar, as he was taking advantage of that thermal; there was little flapping or gliding. He seemed too large for a Sharpie, as we had the Red-tailed there for rough comparison and the white terminal bar was prominent, so I opted for Cooper's in the field. Could @AlexHenryweigh in on this one?
  8. Thought Coopers in field, but now I think Sharpie, also. TY!
  9. 03 Nov 2023 Jefferson co. AL; municipal botanical garden; riding same thermals as a Red-tailed Hawk
  10. 3 Nov 2023 Jefferson co. AL; thicket, wooded trail in botanical gardens
  11. 07 Oct 2023 Baldwin co. AL; impound fish pond on agricultural land
  12. From iNaturalist and our guide: 1 Southern Bentbill, 2 Black-crowned Antshrike
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