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  1. I listened to several sound clips of WEVi & I think you are right, and that also would fit with what I saw. I will post on ebird for confirmation. Thank you, @HamRHead and @Kevin
  2. 31 May 2020. Baldwin co AL Hi, All. Small, predominantly yellow bird, singing high in the canopy of a riparian deciduous forest in close proximity to a small wetland sink. 20200531_134140 - Copy.wav
  3. It didn't look like a Barn Swallow to me at the time, but, I am a novice. It could have been a juvenile Barn Swallow.
  4. Come to Alabama @AlexHenry @Seattle this Winter. https://www.fws.gov/refuge/Wheeler/wildlife_and_habitat.html
  5. 19 May 2020. (Coastal) Baldwin co. AL. Fence near bridge over tiny creek and its terminus in a tiny pond in a horse pasture; mixed flock with Barn Swallows. Terrible phone pics, (perhaps unidentifiable?) but this bird was dark greyish on the back with a noticeably lighter area under the chin. I was thinking Northern Rough-Winged Swallow or. female Purple Martin?
  6. Okay. I know this post does not belong here, but IDK where else to put it, and I am desperate for an answer. What in the heck does "bump" mean in the forum posts?
  7. 18 May 2020 Baldwin co AL Favor Immature b/c of streakiness on bib.
  8. Hi, Alex. It was way too big for a swallow. Also, behavior, stance, and range not suggestive of Tree Swallow.
  9. Happy Sunday, All. I can ID a Northern Flicker when I can see features, but, due to distance, could only make out the outline here. 15 May 2017
  10. 31 July 2016 Wickford, North Kingstown, RI
  11. 19 Apr 2017 Baldwin (coastal) co AL. Small seasonal/Grady pond in field.
  12. I have no recollection of why I took this pic, but there are 2 birds on/near the ground. Looking at the pic now, I thought maybe Eastern Phoebe. Tallapoosa co., AL. Lake Martin. March 5 2017.
  13. Hi, All-- Taken May 2017. Papago Park. Phoenix, AZ 1. ?Great-Tailed Grackle 2. ???--the shape, color & wing bars I thought Brown or Long-Billed Thrasher, but those aren't found in the Phoenix area per range maps
  14. 28 July 2011 White throat and strong tail barring but tail looks long for Broad-winged?
  15. Hi, All. Going through old pics. Learning silhouettes. 24 May 2016 Southwest Alabama (Baldwin/Escambia counties).
  16. 20 Apr 2020 Baldwin AL Latest, (& most exciting) yardlist sightings: Neither are lifers for me, but saw my first Rose-Breasted Grosbeak of the season and my first White-Winged Dove for my Yardlist.
  17. The upturned outer primary "fingers" also support Red-Tailed.
  18. @jbb1193 Ditto here in coastal Alabama--my Fish Crow observations far outnumber my American Crow observations. I only ID as Fish Crow if I both see the bird and watch and hear it vocalize.
  19. Lol. No problem. I don't necessarily want a definitive answer. Just wondering what more exerienced birders would come up with as a differential.
  20. Location is in the tags: Baldwin co., AL
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