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  1. I think you are correct. The Scrub should not have bold wingbars.
  2. It might be, with that short bill. I was focusing on the pale lores.
  3. 16 Sep 2023; Gamboa, Colón, Panama @Connor Cochrane
  4. 14 Sep 2023 Gamboa, Panama Unknown bird in front of Common Tody. Wondered if it might be a juvenile begging, but couldn't find description of young.
  5. That's what hubby & I thought, but we had not seen one before, so wanted some more eyes on it.
  6. 21 Sep 2023 Panama Canal, Panama; Pacific entrance
  7. I sent it to the guide we had today and he ID'd it as a Whooping Motmot. Although we've not gotten an owl, this trip, Whooping Motmot is definitely cool, too. Panama has been great so far!
  8. 16 Sep 2023 Colón, Panama; area of thick trees surrounding outside staircase at hotel; many bats flying about I described the sound to our guide we later used and he thought maybe Black-and-White Owl as he has seen those at this location before. I will send this to him also and get his opinion. https://ebird.org/checklist/S150062945
  9. 14 Sept 2023 Gamboa, Panama Yellow-headed Caracara juvenile
  10. 14 Sept 2023 Gamboa, Panama Called it Greater in the field.
  11. I have tried for years to entice orioles to the yard. I put out fruit and watered-down grape jelly and dutifully cleaned and replaced, watched, and repeated until I finally gave up. Well, we are moving into a new house this weekend and I had packed up all feeders but one hummingbird feeder that I left out, planning to get it at the last moment since there are hummers using it. Lo, and behold, I looked out today--our last day in this house--and a female/immature Baltimore Oriole was at the feeder. At least I get one more for the current Yard List.
  12. @Kevin it speaks volumes about your character that you had to Google that. ❤️ There is hope for the world!
  13. @IKLland It was not a question, but a reflection on questionable sightings.
  14. Has anyone used the above product? If so, I am interested in how they look from outside. The pictures on the website don't hve a close enough view. Also, do they work well.
  15. So I've learned that FOS does not always stand for "First of Season"... 😄
  16. 30 August 2023 Baldwin co, AL; causeway over bay/delta. Tail too long for Common?
  17. 30 Aug 2023 Baldwin co. AL; Bayside park I think Solitary, but he looked a little odd--the pattern on the wings and the not-so-prominent eyering.
  18. 27 Aug 2023 Baldwin co. AL; small seasonal pond in agricultural field
  19. 22 August 2023 Baldwin co. AL; small season pond in agricultural field. Bird calling from thick vegetation at pond's edge; never came into view. Would like opinions based on your own human ears, as I have already consulted the various AI sources. https://macaulaylibrary.org/asset/605937311
  20. 17 Aug 2023 Baldwin co. AL; suburban yard; mobbed by jays et al
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