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  1. 22 minutes ago, Seanbirds said:

    1. All Forster's with one Black Tern (That I'm assuming you recognize). I'm not seeing dark carpal bars on any of them.

    2. The in-flight one is indeed a juvie Black Tern. The rest *appear* to be Forster's but the one in the middle with the dark legs has me wondering...

    "I'm assuming you recognize"--I did and wish all bird IDs were that straight-forward!

    Black Tern=Lifer ❤️ 

    Adult AND an immature=Even Better


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  2. 12 Aug 2022 Baldwin co. AL; delta/bay; busy roadway

    1.  Forsters vs. Common giving me fits, especially in non-breeding plumage.   With the exception of the obvious Black Tern, are the ones with the fuller cap (i.e. extending over back of head) Commons or are all Forster's?


    2.  Forster's vs. Common along wall; immature Black Tern vs. ? in flight?


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