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  1. I use Sibley for day-to-day birding and keep the National Geographic guide along with Dunne's field guide companion on my nightstand for bedtime reading.
  2. This trip was one of those pre-birding-life excursions that in current times sow so much regret. When I went back and watched video from the trip (including a whale-watching excursion out of Seattle) there were birds flying everywhere, with nary a comment from any of us spectators. I'm sure our thoughts were: "seagull, seagull, seagull..." [sic]. We were too busy raising kids then.
  3. I thought it probably wasn't, but thought I would give you all a shot.
  4. Any ideas @DLecy or is it (for that matter all of them) unidentifiable?
  5. I couldn't convince myself of red on the bill so also considering Glaucous-winged.
  6. I was thinking Heerman's, but I haven't seen that species enough to call it right out.
  7. July 2007 Alaska; Inside Passage 1. 2. Hubbard191_10to12_vidonly - Copy.mp4 3. Hubbard192_130to136 - Copy.mp4
  8. MendenhallGlacier.mp4 02 Aug 2007; Alaska, Mendenhall Glacier & Lake Quality has degraded over the years. I think this is a gull, maybe a Herring?
  9. We will be! That's why we are making the side trip to Hawk Mtn. 🙂 I also found this site that we hope to visit: https://www.audubon.org/important-bird-areas/conejohela-flats
  10. We will be in Goshen NY for a wedding this Fall and plan to rent a car and drive to Hawk Mtn. PA, then spend a day around Bird-in-Hand (love the name) to see Amish country. Is anyone familiar with the Hawk Mtn. site? Suggestions for hiking & birding it?
  11. First time I've ever seen a muskrat. Bristol co., Rhode Island.
  12. Thank you @The Bird Nuts That's a sound I will need to learn & remember. We don't have many chipmunks in our immediate area, as they are mostly in central and north Alabama. I saw my first as a middle-schooler when my family made our first trip to The Smokies.
  13. 18 Jul 2022 Newport co. RI; heavily crowded public beach
  14. 19 July 2022; Atlantic Ocean; seen from ferry in open water somewhere between mouths of Narragansett Bay and Vineyard Sound
  15. 21 July 2022 Dukes co. MA; trail through thin woods in oceanside wildlife refuge
  16. I thought it was, but there was no tail wagging, so went with the peewee. Do phoebes always have the dusky breast? Can I get a walk-through?
  17. 21 Jul 2022 Dukes co. MA; thinly wooded trail in oceanside wildlife refuge
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