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  1. Followed through with all the above and it is now working like a champ.
  2. 20 Jul 2022 Dukes co. MA; trail behind rural home; thick woods 2022-07-20 07_44 - Copyed3.wav
  3. 20 Jul 2022 Dukes co. MA; trail behind rural home & grounds beside fairly heavy woods The sounds I would like opinions on are the constant chip and the low ?rattle at around 08 secs. I thought the chip might be a Northern Cardinal with a regional variation. Not sure if the rattle-like sound is a woodpecker or even a bird. There is a Catbird calling in the background. Birdnet IDs Ovenbird, but I don't hear either song or call of that species. 2022-07-20 07_33 - Copyed3.wav
  4. Thank you @neilpa! Discovery Park looks amazing!
  5. @Charlie Spencer @DLecy--that is the conclusion I came to also and have been spending today manually entering my lists on my desktop so that I can un- and re-install the mobile app. Thank you both for your help. 🙂
  6. I get the message, "An unknown error has occurred." I have emailed ebird/Cornell. Hopefully they can fix it soon. I can still keep lists on the phone,--so have my distance, time, & birds--I just can't submit from the phone.
  7. A couple more that show even less of the bird. I think his legs are too long for Forster's also?
  8. Agree with woodpecker! 😄 In the field, hubby & I felt it was without a doubt a Hairy. He also foraged more like a Hairy-i.e. on the main trunk and larger limbs. I made the mistake of looking at the pics.
  9. Hi, @Charlie Spencer. I can't even get to '...' --there is a vertically-oriented ellipsis, but it won't do anything when I tap it. Here is a screenshot: I can get to my Cornell account via the three lines in the upper left-hand corner>username>View Cornell Lab Account, and it will allow me to change email and/or password but I get no "Validating Credentials" box, only a message that the changes are saved.
  10. How does one log out of ebird Mobile? I've changed my password on my desktop and when I went to change on my phone, I could not find how to log out, so went through Cornell account, but still cannot access. Help.
  11. @AveryA few more pics. In the field, we both thought it was a Hairy.
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