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  1. Hubby & I have recently been experiencing the joys of COVID. Our isolation period was up yesterday and today I returned to the Land of the Living. The smallest effort is exhausting. BUT, this guy (or gal) has been hanging out in Mobile county, so I had to go. It was tough lifting those bins and camera, but so worth it.
  2. Thank you @SirVive. I will look at that.
  3. We also will be in Seattle most of the day when we fly out, as we are taking a red eye and won't have to be at SEA until 7 PM or thereabouts.
  4. LOL! Just trying to learn! A college physics professor frquently used the adage that "The best way to learn something is to first get it wrong." I learned quite a lot in Phyics.
  5. Hi, All. Hubby and I planning a trip to the San Juan Islands this Fall. We plan to fly into SEA and pick up a rental car and bird our way to Anacortes where we will catch the ferry to Friday Harbor to spend a couple of nights before setting out for the islands with a group kayaking/camping tour. We will kayak and camp among the islands for 5 days before returning to Anacortes. We will take a shuttle back to SEA, so only birding-from-the-bus-window on the way back. I will be watching ebird and have dowloaded a Birding map for the Puget Loop from Washington Audubon website, but hoped someone on this forum may have birded the area and can give suggestions for the most efficient birding spots along our routes. We have the most birding freedom on the drive up since we will have our own transportation and no set schedule. I'm not chasing specific species, just birds in general. ❤️ Although some of those gulls and a Golden-crowned Sparrow would be nice...
  6. You are probably right. Would Common Gallinule even be a consideration? That is what I thought in the field (it was not nearly loud enough for a Clapper), but I sent it to a more experienced birder and he thought Clapper/King, but he did include the disclaimer--without further clarification--"if there was a volume issue" with the recording. I will also ask him about Marsh Wren.
  7. The sound that begins around 16s. In the field it sounded like the Kek series of a rail sp., albeit somewhat muted. I observed for 7 or 8 minutes and there was zero movement in the grassy area from which the sound emanated. Would that be out of character for a wren? In my limited experience, the wren spp. I have first noted by ear were pretty lively and eventually revealed themselves (if only fleetingly).
  8. I don't mind being public. I'm not sure why we are given 3 privacy level choices with the Trip Reports.
  9. 21 June 2022 Baldwin co. AL; emanating from thick grass at water's edge in heavily wooded & very lightly-traveled part of bayside public park. https://macaulaylibrary.org/asset/461407691
  10. Just curious what privacy setting people use for their ebird Trip Reports.
  11. 17 Jun 2022 Baldwin co. AL; deep woods of delta I have heard these many times, but this would be my Lifer photo/sighting, so confirmation or correction is appreciated! He seemed more shy than the other vireo species I've seen.
  12. It was a terrific spot! I can't wait to go back. Maine was beautiful. ❤️
  13. 01 June 2022 Lincoln co. ME; Muscongus Bay; ferry from mainland to Monhegan Island
  14. 01 June 2022 Lincoln co. ME; commercial dock looks too dark for Herring. Anything else to help differentiate?
  15. 31 May 2022 Lincoln co. ME; open waters of bay
  16. 31 May 2022 Lincoln/Knox co. ME; Muscongus Bay; seen from boat
  17. Hi, All-- I recently accepted some shared lists from a group using another portal and would like to change only my list to the general ebird portal, but did not want to do so if it would change the portal for everyone sharing the list. Does anyone know if that is what would happen?
  18. 06 June 2022 Baldwin co. AL; heavily wooded trail in state park
  19. From the bucket list, to boot. ❤️
  20. Yes! A girlfriend and I spent 10 days in Costa Rica in February and we had such a great time, we plan to go back for more next year. I am looking forward to more international birding trips in other destinations.
  21. It's down again this afternoon for me ("Bad Gateway") so I went to your links, @Zoroark, but I had no idea what to do once I got there.
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