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  1. Hi, All. Feb. 13, 2020. Mobile co., AL. Public park/lake. Is this a Mallard hybrid? If so Mallard X What?? A teal? Thanks in advance. 🙂
  2. No pic. Two (amateur) observers. Just got a quick glimpse in passing: low flying raptor, roadside field, coastal Alabama 01/19/2018. Looked like a Buteo. Conspicuous, rather wide, white bands on dorsal side of wings toward tips. Kriders (confirmed) have been spotted by others in county Oct-Dec 2109.
  3. Hi, All-- Dauphin Island, AL April 16 2019. Ring Billed Gull? Juvenile or First Winter or in transition between the two? The beak is two-toned like a FW, but there is no grey on the back.
  4. Lake Martin, Tallapoosa co., AL. Nov 17 2019. Only had my phone. There were 2. They would go under water and stay down a good while.
  5. Oct 5, 2019. Bon Secour NWR Baldwin co. AL Doesn't look brown, but lighting bad. I thought the only thing it could be based on location and date.
  6. I thought about that. I saw so many of those on our trip. 😕 I can see them at home.
  7. Thank you Melierax. The quail vs. dove/pigeon was seen in extremely remote back country only accessible by hiking. Could that help rule out Eurasion Collard Dove & Rock Pigeon or are these species also seen outside an urban setting?
  8. Hi, All. I have a few bird pics that I would like to get opinions on. Thanks in advance! 1. & 2. I was hoping this was a Southwestern Willow Flycatcher, but in the 2nd pic, it appears to have an eye stripe. Paranagat NWR, near visitor's center, Lincoln Co. NV 3. Gambrel's Quail? Joshua Tree National Park. Backcountry (off-trail). San Bernadino County, CA
  9. Hi, All-- Is this a Brown-headed Cowbird or is it some type of sparrow? May 2017 Desert Botanical Gardens, Phoenix AZ
  10. Wow. LS is obvious now. 😕 There were several jay-like birds flitting among the brush a good distance away. I shot what I thought was one of them. 😕 I had no bins, and no telephoto (except the digital zoom on the camera). Trial by Fire Birding. The jay-like birds we saw were more of a vibrant or cobalt blue than the Blue Jays I know. They were in groups of 2 to 5.
  11. Hi, All. Any help in ID is appreciated. All pics taken within the last 5 days. Location stated with pic. Since we were backpacking, we were limited to point-and-shoots, so quality is lacking. 1. ? White Crowned Sparrow? Pahranagat NWR. Alamo, NV. 2. ?Yellow-Rumped Warbler? White Pine County, NV (lower elevation) 3. ?Red-Naped Sapsucker? White Pine County, NV (lower elevation). I could not see the red on the nape, but YBS does not occur in the area. 4. ?Red-Tailed Hawk? Great Basin National Park, White Pine County, NV 5. ?White Crowned Sparrow? White Pine County, NV (lower elevation) 6. ?Black Throated Sparrow? NP Visitor Center, Joshua Tree, San Bernadino, California 7 & 8. ?California Scrub Jay? Joshua Tree National Park, San Bernadino., CA. Backcountry hiking. The white wing patch is throwing me off.
  12. Obvious typo--the beak is 1" long not a foot.
  13. Hi, All-- This is not my pic. It was posted on our local "All About..." FB page. According to post: The bird was found on the ground--'5” long with a beak that is about 1'. He was sitting with his beak touching the ground with his eyes open.' It was taken to a local wildlife rescue organization. Coastal Alabama. Last night (Sept. 27 2019).
  14. I did not see this bird in person, my husband took the pic. May 2017.
  15. Hi-- I have 2 pics of hummingbirds for ID. I have included the info I used to ID & would very much appreciate feedback & steps you go through to get to ID. Thanks! #1 ?Ruby Throat-- was taken in coastal Alabama in March 2018. Although you can't see the red, I ID'd it as a Ruby Throat, due to location (other hummer species are only rarely seen here) & wings not extending past tail #2 ?Black Chinned--Phoenix, AZ May 2017; long bill, wings tips same length as tail. Both birds seem to have the white spot behind the eye.
  16. April 24, 2017. Small seasonal freshwater pond/Grady pond. Coastal Alabama.
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