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  1. I was asking because I had already seen lovebirds in June in Phoenix. Was wondering if it was the same spot.
  2. It's a Dickcissel. Fall plumaged birds don't show the striking yellow of breeding birds.
  3. I'd agree, although I'd like another angle to rule out Yellow-bellied. Awful lot of color.
  4. Most fall Bay-breasted look like the OP's bird. I saw probably 50 this past weekend. Here's a similar bird from google:
  5. This bird doesn't look like a Least to me. In my eyes, that eyeing is enough to lean Acadian.
  6. I will say the color in the photo seems not totally true to reality. I can see this as a Veery upon looking at it again.
  7. Very nice bird. Should be reported if it hasn't. I've seen the Dry Tortugas colony. I'd be shocked if the OP got this close to those birds.
  8. Then again, akiley is right, the structure seems wrong for Acadian. I suppose it could be a pewee. That eye ring is throwing me off.
  9. Hmmmm... I think it's green enough for Acadian. And the eye ring is rather prominent. I think I'm gonna go Acadian here.
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