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  1. @akiley @AlexHenry Not to highjack the post but had excellent looks at Thick-billed Murre (4) and Dovekie at Macmillan this evening.
  2. @AlexHenry Thanks. I’ll probably check most of those areas out. Have been to Race Point again, and will certainly go back in the coming days. Very few lifers are possible but am hoping for King Eider, Dovekie, Thick-billed Murre, along with the more common Tree Sparrow and Northern Shrike. Will be spending the next couple days looking for the rare geese/Tufted Duck before moving to the coast.
  3. I ask because I’ll be spending a week around MA starting tomorrow, so it may be relevant.
  4. I don’t have much experience with winter murres, and am wondering why Common over Thick-billed? Seems to have a very compact structure/neck? Is it the facial pattern? Not doubting, just curious.
  5. The bill seems a bit thin for Fulmar, but that may be due to elements of the photo. I like Fulmar as well.
  6. Jealous of the Crissal Thrasher. Missed them in my trip in June. Also missed BC Gnatcatcher at Florida, but was able to pick one up at the small and underbirded Leslie Canyon NWR. Box Canyon is awesome. Very obliging Five-striped Sparrows. Had the Lucifer Hummingbird at Box Canyon left her nest by then?
  7. Agreed, the bird in question is a Snow Goose. GWF Geese in the foreground.
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