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  1. Vesper Sparrow and Mountain Bluebird, two classic grassland species found in the upper Midwest.
  2. I think it’s a Least Sandpiper, although it looks off to me.
  3. I don’t see one feature not perfect for House Finch. It’s far too light for a Fox Sparrow in my opinion. It looks like a pretty textbook House Finch to me.
  4. 4 is a Vesper Sparrow and I definitely like House Finch for five.
  5. The blue in the wing is essentially diagnostic. I saw several in CO a few weeks ago that look identical.
  6. 1. Looks better for Pine Warbler 2-3. These are Red-eyed Vireos. In both shots, particularly 3, you can see the red eye. 4. My initial impression was an out of range Blackburnian, but I think Yellow-throated is right
  7. The vireo is Warbling, 3 is a wood-pewee, and the swallows are Purple Martins. Agree on the other two.
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