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  1. The Phalarope is Red-necked by the way, along with a Black Turnstone.
  2. Swainson’s Warblers are fairly localized breeders, but within appropriate stretches of habitat, they can be abundant. I’ve had 6-8 in less than a mile of habitat in western NC.
  3. No Purple here. Two Common Gallinule and a WF Ibis.
  4. I see no reason to call this a hybrid from these photos. Pure Euros can show that green patch.
  5. I’ve had three-toed at Mueller without too much problem. Williamson’s Sapsuckers are also pretty thick in that area.
  6. Does anybody have any photos showing a VG with a full white rump like this? Doesn’t really strike me as VG structurally either.
  7. 1. Vesper Sparrow 2. Savannah Sparrow 3. Eared Grebe
  8. I’m having an incredibly hard time seeing #1 as a Razorbill with that thin bill.
  9. 1. You know, you may be right about that bird being a murre. The bill appears longer and thinner than a Razorbill 2-3. I can’t tell from these photos 4. Arctic Tern 5. Common Tern, I think
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