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  1. Also got YEWA recently in my small residential yard. House Wren and American Redstart are also recent additions. Somewhere around 105.
  2. No need. You may get one or two more confirmations and then focus will shift to unanswered posts.
  3. Eastern Phoebe. Also, for what it’s worth, a Pewee is a flycatcher.
  4. This appears to be a Painted Bunting, a very rare bird for Maine. Should be reported to eBird asap.
  5. Both appear to be Philly. 2 for sure. Any other photos of 1?
  6. Yellow concentrated in the throat and dark lores.
  7. To my eye, there is no yellowish wash to this bird. YBFL have a lot of concentrated yellow in the throat area, which this bird lacks.
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