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  1. Generally speaking, it think it’s wiser to focus on the actual field marks rather than basing your ID on comments made in the field. I’m not saying those people are wrong, just that it’s better to judge the photos you got on their own merits.
  2. Given the location and aforementioned field marks, I would call this a Shiny.
  3. Range isn’t an issue. Loxahatchee isn’t far from Semi-Chi Rice Mill, where they are reliable. Note the slim bill, pale supercilium, and overall slender structure. A whitish throat isn’t unusual for a Shiny. For reference this was taken at Semi-Chi a few days ago. https://macaulaylibrary.org/asset/527051221
  4. Why not yellowlegs? Particularly the bird on the left. I don’t see any plovers either. I see Black-necked Stilt, coot, Gallinule, and a few ducks (pintail, teal?).
  5. Pine Warbler on a rainy day: Ratings always appreciated. https://macaulaylibrary.org/asset/528750821
  6. A few more things on the potential Kiskadee just to try to put you into the heads of a records committee. It isn’t enough to say the “call was a perfect match.” A detailed description of the call is necessary. Describe the viewing conditions. Distance? Duration of sighting? Do you have any experience with Kiskadees? Did you immediately identify it as such or did you consult an external source? “Brown back, BRIGHT yellow belly/breast, and black and white head.” Most importantly, this description is very much lacking (I don’t know what you actually submitted to the records committee). The first thing that is obvious is the complete lack of analysis of size and shape. Color is often misleading in the field. If I was voting with the given information, I would be worried that no mention of the bill size was made, as a Kiskadee’s honker of a bill is its most prominent feature and should stand out to the viewer.
  7. I can tell you quite confidently, as someone on the my State Records Committee, that it is likely that none of the OP’s example sightings would be accepted if they were submitted to us for scrutiny. Even sightings by experienced birders, with a decent written description, but no photos or audio will often not be accepted. Even the smallest contradictory detail or field mark that isn’t correct can be enough to disqualify. With a species that only has a few records in the state, (like the OP’s Kiskadee), the bar is very high for acceptance. It isn’t personal and just because a bird isn’t accepted by “officials,” it doesn’t mean that they don’t believe you or that you didn’t see the bird. It simply means that the sighting wasn’t well-documented enough to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the identification was accurate.
  8. Also a 150-600. Incredible stuff though, especially with the 2.8
  9. Don’t see these guys as often as I’d like. https://macaulaylibrary.org/asset/527686581 https://macaulaylibrary.org/asset/527686621
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