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  1. blackburnian

    Wren confusion

    I’m struggling with this bird. Why isn’t it a House Wren? I’m torn between House and Winter.
  2. blackburnian

    Falcon challenge

    I’d say Peregrine as well.
  3. Yes, that’s a Western Meadowlark.
  4. Agree with 1. Anything other shots of 2?
  5. blackburnian

    Aplomado Falcon?

    Cool bird.
  6. blackburnian

    Mystery raptor

    Agreed. Also, not to doubt the validity of the sighting, but I have seen people tricked by fake GH Owls before...
  7. blackburnian

    Awful awful pics of a black bird

    This is a Brewer’s Blackbird.
  8. blackburnian

    Gull in GA

  9. I like Scarlet here.
  10. blackburnian

    Denver bird for ID

    Western Wood Pewee.
  11. This is indeed a Muscovy.
  12. blackburnian

    Grebe Confirmation

  13. blackburnian

    Not all Snow Geese

    Third bird from the left in the first photo of the second set looks like Ross’s. Also the third full bird from the left in the last photo.
  14. blackburnian

    Not all Snow Geese

    Short stubby bill, smaller than Snow Geese, I’d call it but then again I’ve seen a lot of Ross’s. I’d want to be sure if it was a lifer.