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  1. blackburnian


    Peeps look good for Least. RT for the Hawk.
  2. Appears to be a Willet.
  3. That looks like a Say’s Phoebe to me.
  4. blackburnian

    ross's goose?

    I’m not seeing a Ross’s here.
  5. blackburnian

    Warbler surprise...

  6. blackburnian

    Western Grebe

  7. blackburnian

    possible winter wren?

    I like House Wren as well.
  8. blackburnian

    Immature Goldeneye?

    I’m seeing Lesser here.
  9. blackburnian

    Some type of hawk?

    First impression was Peregrine.
  10. blackburnian

    two birds from Catalina

    Yellow-rumped Warbler and Acorn Woodpecker.