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  1. Early May/late April is decidedly the best time to do Tortugas. I assume you could charter a boat but the easiest access is via the ferry. Additionally, Key West is a considerable distance from FL City. I have some experience birding down that way. What are you target species?
  2. Thanks to all who voted. If y’all are get bored again, feel free to rate some later photos. I’ve taken some trips out west including MT, AZ, and WA state.
  3. Thought this could be fun if you were bored and wanted to see some random bird photos from here and there. Below is a link to my eBird profile, where you can see all my photos. Y’all can go through and honestly rate however many you want. Please be honest, it won’t hurt my feelings. I want to see which rise toward the top, as I’m thinking about printing some out and making a collage. I’m no photographer, and I mainly only carry a camera for documentation purposes, but I enjoy trying to get decent photos nonetheless. Have fun. The more the merrier. The more you rate the bet
  4. In addition to the collar being wrong and not cleanly contrasting, the bill is far too hefty for Pacific for 4. Agree with Common.
  5. I see nothing pointing to grosbeak. Fine for Oriole.
  6. My long time nemesis King Eider was defeated today, coastal NC.
  7. Uhhh, the second photo is a King Eider.
  8. LeConte’s Sparrow today.
  9. Is this self-found or continuing? Excellent bird for PA.
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