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  1. blackburnian

    Loon, scoter, sparrow oh my

    I think I’m seeing a Wigeon center frame in one. Honestly, that last bird looks like a Hudosnian Godwit.
  2. blackburnian

    Birds of North America

    Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to look, but I don’t believe the bird was seen today.
  3. blackburnian


    Purple Finch.
  4. blackburnian

    Birds of North America

    Saw a Common Ringed Plover in NC today, will have to go back tomorrow to get a picture.
  5. blackburnian

    Window Strike

    Yellow Warbler.
  6. blackburnian

    Ducks flying overhead

    My initial thought was Cormorants.
  7. blackburnian

    Shorebirds at Plum Island MA

    The bird behind the Black-bellied Plover is a Red Knot.
  8. blackburnian

    American Redstarts? Ontario, May

    Yes, 3 is a Baltimore Oriole.
  9. blackburnian

    Swamp versus Lincoln's

    I like Lincoln’s for the second to last bird. I’m genuinely torn on the last one, but I think I like Swamp.
  10. blackburnian

    orange-crowned/tennessee warbler?

    Tennessee Warbler.
  11. blackburnian

    Townsend's Warbler ?

    Black-throated Gray Warbler.