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  1. You may be right. At first glance, it looked bug-eyed, but now I’d agree with Cooper’s. Have always hated this ID.
  2. Looks like the same individual to me. Either way, both photos show Savannah Sparrow.
  3. Still looks like a Mourning to me. It's far from unprecedented to see both Mourning and CT in the same location in similar time frames. They're both skulkers and like similar habitat.
  4. That makes sense. Don' know wh that escaped me.
  5. Do we agree that the bird in this checklist is White-rumped? Looked a bit off to me. Not mine btw. https://ebird.org/view/checklist/S60568197
  6. Definitely Philly. Great color on that bird.
  7. Bronzed are out of range. I don't think these shots are conclusive enough to call them Bronzed. I would lean Brown-headed.
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