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  1. Finally got a half-decent Osprey shot: https://macaulaylibrary.org/asset/547980821
  2. It’s spring! https://macaulaylibrary.org/asset/547662451
  3. Was quite happy with how this junco turned out. https://macaulaylibrary.org/asset/545158951
  4. https://macaulaylibrary.org/asset/543260631
  5. Yup. Showed for a couple hours, probably over a 100 people got eyes on it.
  6. Unreal. https://macaulaylibrary.org/asset/541520061
  7. Red-footed Booby in central NC today!! Insane stuff!
  8. If there was still any doubt, it’s definitely a Red-breasted Merganser.
  9. @DaBirb not to be rude, but it seems that you think that species who share any similar physical characteristics at all should be lumped. As many have pointed out, decisions to lump/split species are rooted in biological differences. The aim is scientific accuracy, not to make bird identification “easier” for birders
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