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  1. Jealous of the Crissal Thrasher. Missed them in my trip in June. Also missed BC Gnatcatcher at Florida, but was able to pick one up at the small and underbirded Leslie Canyon NWR. Box Canyon is awesome. Very obliging Five-striped Sparrows. Had the Lucifer Hummingbird at Box Canyon left her nest by then?
  2. Agreed, the bird in question is a Snow Goose. GWF Geese in the foreground.
  3. There’s what appears to be a Black Duck in the bottom right corner of photo 5.
  4. Very nice. I’m pretty sure they’re annual to Florida in the winter, but a good bird nonetheless.
  5. At the VERY least, the bird on the far left of the first two photos is a Cackling.
  6. Both birds look good for the Prairie subspecies of Merlin. Beautiful birds.
  7. I agree. I think the lower right bird is standing on lower ground than the Cackler, making it appear smaller.
  8. I like Scott’s here. Straight bill essentially eliminates Hooded.
  9. I know of very few places that robins aren’t.
  10. Additionally, there are no Tennessee Warblers in GA, or really anywhere in the US, post-October.
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