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  1. I don’t know what I was thinking. I guess I just looked and the second picture and saw that strong supercilium and long wings, and thought White-rumped. Definitely Baird’s though.
  2. Hmmmm. Looking at this now, I think that maybe these are Baird’s Sandpipers (not the first, which is definitely a Least).
  3. I think that’s a pretty standard amount of gray for Nashville.
  4. I like Nashville here. That’s a lot of yellow for Virginia’s.
  5. First bird looks better for Least. The rest are White-rumped.
  6. Amazing shot of the crown. I’ve rarely seen it that striking.
  7. I agree it doesn’t look great for Ring-billed, but is Mew not quite rare for the location? I was basing my ID more in likelihood than field marks, to be honest.
  8. My thoughts exactly. Generally, they tend to show a little less color there, but there is enough that looks right about this bird to call it a Roseate in my opinion.
  9. I still like Roseate here. That’s a solid bird for SC. I would want more opinions though, as I haven’t seen that species in years.
  10. I agree, this appears to be a goshawk.
  11. Honestly, my first impression was Roseate as well.
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