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  1. Smaller bird looks like a White-rumpled Sandpiper to me.
  2. Really happy with Lucifer Hummingbird and my third ABA code 3 of the trip, Black-capped Gnatcatcher today.
  3. Great Horned Owl. Saw one today in AZ myself.
  4. Five-striped Sparrow, Zone-tailed Hawk, and Sulphur-bellied Flycatcher were today’s highlights.
  5. Amazing looks at the elusive Elegant Trogon and Elf Owl today.
  6. Rose-throated Becard and Green Kingfisher were the best today.
  7. 17 lifers today including Montezuma Quail, Red-faced and Olive Warblers, Rivoli’s Hummingbird, and my ABA #500 Lesser Nighthawk.
  8. Any other shots of the last bird? I think I agree with Prairie, but another shot couldn’t hurt.
  9. Different birds. For starters, look at tail length.
  10. First day of a two week trip to AZ, NM, and CO. 13 lifers in a warm-up round type of day, as this is my first time in this part of the country. Gambel’s Quail Greater Roadrunner Costa’s Hummingbird Gila Woodpecker Rosy-faced Lovebird Vermilion Flycatcher Tropical Kingbird Verdin Cactus Wren Curve-billed Thrasher Abert’s Towhee Great-tailed Grackle Lucy’s Warbler
  11. 1. European Starling 2. Common Grackle
  12. Correct, Yellow-bellied Sapsucker.
  13. I do remember the entrance to Moose Bog being a small, unflashy, roadside trailhead. Again, bring bug spray or a bug proof hat. I didn’t have Boreal Chickadee there, but didn’t really look that hard for them. You could consider Scarborough Marsh in Maine for a lot of your Marsh birds, as I believe that’s a location the Little Egret is seen.
  14. Thank you. That’s incredibly helpful.
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