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  1. It just seems to me that in the overwhelming majority of your posts, you are correct in your ID. Be more confident in your own instincts.
  2. I don’t mean at all to be rude, but do you really need others to confirm a bird like this? It’s pretty clear you know what it is and you have a good photo showing all marks of one of the most distinct birds in the US.
  3. The bird is lemony underneath and shows streaking on the flanks. Neither fit bluebird but are good for young waxwing. Additionally, the OP said it sounded like a waxwing. see photo for reference
  4. I had first Clapper Rail for Orange Co. NC (middle of the state) First FL record of Siberian Common Tern (longipennis) and one of the few records for the lower 48. First photographed Oregon Junco in NC (in my yard).
  5. I agree with this. It never struck me as GC/Bicknell’s. The problem is the lighting is a huge mess in these photos. Buffy eye ring is overexposed.
  6. Definitely Gray-cheeked. Why isn’t 3 a Blue-headed Vireo?
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