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  1. blackburnian

    Denver bird for ID

    Western Wood Pewee.
  2. This is indeed a Muscovy.
  3. blackburnian

    Not all Snow Geese

    Third bird from the left in the first photo of the second set looks like Ross’s. Also the third full bird from the left in the last photo.
  4. blackburnian

    Not all Snow Geese

    Short stubby bill, smaller than Snow Geese, I’d call it but then again I’ve seen a lot of Ross’s. I’d want to be sure if it was a lifer.
  5. blackburnian

    Not all Snow Geese

    Yes, several White-fronted are mixed in. Maybe a Ross’s in bottom right?
  6. blackburnian

    Bufflehead? or ???

    Great bird, always love seeing them. Have yet to see one though in a freshwater environment, despite time searching in Montana.
  7. One is a Red-breasted Nuthatch. Notice facial pattern. Ring-billed for the Gull?
  8. blackburnian

    song or swamp sparrow?

    Song Sparrow.
  9. blackburnian

    Vesper Sparrow

    Vesper confirmed.
  10. blackburnian

    somekind of a duck?

    Black Scoter.
  11. blackburnian

    Bird ID

    If you want a breeding plumaged male, upstate SC and especially NC get them regularly in May.
  12. blackburnian

    Bird ID

  13. blackburnian

    Bird ID

    This bird is relatively late, but not rare on Hilton Head in the fall. Coastal Carolina gets a ton of them each October.
  14. blackburnian

    Chicago Flycatcher ID

    I like Least here as well.
  15. blackburnian


    Looks good.
  16. The Tennessee Warbler is an excellent find. I would get the word out.
  17. blackburnian

    two more from Henderson Nevada

    I like Cinnamon Teal for 2 as well.
  18. I agree with gnatcatcher.
  19. blackburnian

    Couple of shorebirds

    1 looks like a Lesser Yellowlegs. Agree with Dunlin.
  20. Why isn’t 3 a worn Nashville Warbler. I’m not saying I disagree with OC, it’s just my initial impression was Nashville.
  21. blackburnian

    Small bird?

    This appears to be a Hutton’s Vireo.
  22. Ladder-backed Woodpecker.