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  1. There are no Cliff Swallows in the Valley this time of year, or really anywhere in the US for that matter.
  2. There appears to be a Dowitcher or two in the foreground.
  3. So it seems that either the 7D or 6D Mark II or the 90D with a 1.4 extender is what I should be looking at? Or mirrorless of course. Between the 6D, 7D, and 90D, which would you pick?
  4. I don’t think the 7D or 6D mark II are mirrorless, correct?
  5. I thought that a bridge camera could be cheaper and simpler, but it just doesn’t look like they compare to DSLR.
  6. I have a 100-400mm Canon lens currently, btw.
  7. Yes, I guess I’ll just update the body. Canon EOS 7D Mark II seems to be a solid choice. Are they still available? If not, what’s the updated version of that?
  8. Thinking of getting a new camera. Is it worth it going for an upper-end point and shoot? I’m willing to spend a couple grand. I need it to have a view finder though. Thoughts?
  9. I finished with 16 lifers which was about what I expected. Two Code 5’s in one day was the highlight.
  10. All photos are up! Including good ones of Kiskadee and Pauraque and poor doc shots of the Social Fly and Bat Falcon.
  11. Bat Falcon and Social Flycatcher.
  12. None of those birds at the exotic duck pond are countable in any real or meaningful sense.
  13. Finally a decent Green Jay shot today! Clay-colored Thrush was the highlight though. https://macaulaylibrary.org/asset/399852401?_gl=1*v6yqpx*_ga*NjIxODcxMjE5LjE2NDA2NzgyMDM.*_ga_QR4NVXZ8BM*MTY0MDczNjU2My4xMC4wLjE2NDA3MzY1NjMuNjA.#_ga=2.223128347.1242883541.1640678203-621871219.1640678203
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