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  1. Leftmost bird in the last photo is WRSA with those long wings.
  2. Have about $1500 to spend. Currently shooting with a Canon 70d and a first generation 100-400 lens. Should I upgrade the lens to the second generation 100-400 II or get the newly released R7? Which is the bigger increase in quality? R7 with an my current lens which isn’t phenomenal or the 100-400ii with the 70d?
  3. 1-2. Brown-crested 3. Dusky-capped, I think? Structurally seems right but the image is overexposed 4. Ash-throated
  4. NC is miserable in the summer unless you head up into the mountains or out into the ocean. I pretty much don’t bird for 3 months unless I’m on a pelagic.
  5. https://macaulaylibrary.org/asset/457248621
  6. Haven’t done Cape Romaine but have birded quite a bit at Bear Island/Donnelley. A lot of the southeast specialties are easy at these places-Purple Gallinule, whistling duck, Least Bittern, spoonbill, etc- but the real draw is the shorebird migration, which is completely dependent on water levels in the impoundments. When the levels are low and a lot of mud flats are exposed, it can be quite the spectacle of shorebirds, wading birds, and terns. Unfortunately, it seems that such conditions are becoming increasingly infrequent. Also, at Bear, check the next boxes for Barn Owls!
  7. Textbook White-rumped Sandpiper. Thin breast streaking and orange lower mandible base.
  8. I have some experience on the coast if you head that way and need some tips on targets.
  9. It’s off structurally and totally lacks the splotchy plumage of a Rusty as well as the strong supercilium. Also, it would be rare.
  10. The bird facing the camera on the right side is a White-rumped.
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