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  1. blackburnian

    possible winter wren?

    I like House Wren as well.
  2. blackburnian

    WA Trip Report- June 2018

    Birding Trips was one of my favorite forums back before the crash, so I thought I’d help in the effort to make it popular again with a quick recap of my trip to WA state this past June. There were some truly great reports on here back in the day and I hope to see some more in the future. I’m far too lazy (and busy) at the moment to write a full report with photos so I’ll just list the lifers I saw and include a quick comment about them.
  3. blackburnian

    Immature Goldeneye?

    I’m seeing Lesser here.
  4. blackburnian

    Some type of hawk?

    First impression was Peregrine.
  5. blackburnian

    two birds from Catalina

    Yellow-rumped Warbler and Acorn Woodpecker.
  6. blackburnian

    Red bird—tanager?

    This is a good bird this time of year. I would report it.
  7. blackburnian

    Arizona Birds

    Any other shots of the thrush? Honestly, my first impression was Gray-cheeked, but given how unlikely that is, it could very well be a Hermit.
  8. blackburnian

    Swainson's or Hermit Thrush?

    Indeed. A very good bird this time of year in the Carolinas, but they do turn up occasionally.
  9. blackburnian

    Yellowstone birds

    Yes, all finches are Cassin’s and the Sparrow is a White-crowned.
  10. My impression was Spruce.
  11. blackburnian

    Crested grouse

    Yes, Ruffed.
  12. blackburnian

    Wren confusion

    I’m struggling with this bird. Why isn’t it a House Wren? I’m torn between House and Winter.
  13. blackburnian

    Falcon challenge

    I’d say Peregrine as well.
  14. Yes, that’s a Western Meadowlark.
  15. Agree with 1. Anything other shots of 2?
  16. blackburnian

    Aplomado Falcon?

    Cool bird.
  17. blackburnian

    Mystery raptor

    Agreed. Also, not to doubt the validity of the sighting, but I have seen people tricked by fake GH Owls before...
  18. blackburnian

    Awful awful pics of a black bird

    This is a Brewer’s Blackbird.