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  1. Jerry, yes my guide is by Tekiela. Second bird in a month that's not in his guide. Need to find a guide that is more complete
  2. Thank you Alex. I started watching birds in Colorado 2 years ago and the Downy was very common. I moved to NM a year ago, and this was the first one I've seen here. The Mountain Downy is not in my NM field guide so had not known about it before Tony's post. Love it when I see and learn about new birds. This has been a very educational day.
  3. Tony, I think that is very appropriate for what I saw. Unfortunately, I didn't get a photo, but for the lack of spotting on its wings, it was a Downy in every other identity. Since, the article was written about Colorado birds 10 years ago, they most likely have spread into NM as well. Thanks for the posting. It was a very interesting read.
  4. New woodpecker showed up this morning. Originally thought it was a Downy. It was right size, right head markings, including break in red band, but after closer observation, I noticed that there were no markings on his wings.... solid black, and his tail was brownish. I've had Downys, Ladderbacks and Harrys but this is first solid black wing I've seen. Might this be an odd Downy or something different? Located just outside Albuquerque NM.
  5. Thanks Bird Nut. Looking it up, that sure is it. I don't know how many time I paged through my book and missed it. Thanks again.
  6. a flock (10 to 15) of these visit my bird feeder every day and I'm trying to figure out what they are. Using my Birds of New Mexico book it appears to be a Gnatcatcher. They're the right size, about 3.5" to 4" (not much bigger than a humming bird,} has the ring around his eye, coloring close but not quite (maybe winter coloring) and his song sounds right for my untrained ears. They're not shy as I have been within 1 foot of them loading my feeder, and they seem pestered that i am there, but just squak peep at me. The book shows they only spend summers here but these guys have been here for several weeks of winter now; also that they feed on live insects, but they appear to feed on my woodpecker cylinders. Does anyone recognize this. (Picture taken in Los Lunas NM (just outside Albuquerque)
  7. By George, I think that just might be it. I grabbed this picture from the link you provided, and it looks like a match Thanks
  8. At first glance, I thought I was seeing an American Robin but it did not have the rings around his eyes. Further observation showed a blue edge along the wings and a blue tail. Viewed at my bird bath in Los Lunas NM today, November 10. Was the size of the Robin with same Robin coloring on head and chest. It did not have the tale tale eye rings and along the edges of wing and full tail was cobalt blue. Closest bird I found was female Mountain Bluebird, but pictures I saw wasn't quite on, mainly, there was no blue coloring on head. Anyone have any ideas?
  9. This bird was curious about our RV campsite. Landed just a few feet from us and wandered comfortably around campsite for several minutes. Wondering what kind of bird is it?
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