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  1. Was working on our garden between storm clouds this morning and this beauty was singing to me. We are in North Bend OR, which is on the southwestern coast. I think it was either a black headed or evening grosbeak but was hoping for help... the video doesn’t give a clear view, but does give a good chirp and right at the end a song A01ED900-4A65-4F28-A788-D191AB1942F7.MOV
  2. Our Southwestern Coastal Oregon neighborhood feeds the local birds... and someone is coming to feed on them... who is this? BA173DF8-9260-483B-85BB-DACAC0E73BEB.MOV
  3. Looks like we have an owl ? working on our mouse ? ? “problem” ...misses it this time, but on the look out in the second vid!!! ? Any way to know what kind of Owl from these videos? We live in Southwestern Coastal Oregon... 26352258-2402-4B4C-8587-05141B81DF01.mp4 5D28E9B1-F336-4840-9ECD-C9602E1A11CA.mp4
  4. Thank you! ...It’s beginning to rain hard again so I am wondering if I need to watch and see if he or she is okay, but I’m not sure there is much I can do...
  5. We’ve had quite a stormy 48hrs with inches of rain and wind on the Southern Oregon Coast... this little one seems to be sheltering in our feeder this evening and by the look of the feathers I’m wondering if it’s a youngster... appreciate your input experts!!!
  6. This beauty flew into our backyard this morning and we were able to catch a few photos and a video... need help identifying it! We are on the Southwestern coast of Oregon. We just love learning all about our new backyard flock members and really appreciate you all helping us identify them!!! https://www.facebook.com/jimlin.eiselein/posts/10222429909154109
  7. Thank you very much... listening to the recorded song is definitely a match for me... and viewing the picture I just wish we could have seen it closer up!!! Appreciate your help ???
  8. We had a bird fly into the top of our pine tree in the backyard and only got a minimal look at it but lots of birdsong... hoping you experts can identify by the sounds in this video... it was just now and we are in Southwestern coastal Oregon ...ooops it won’t let me attach since the file is too big... here’s a link to a Facebook post of the movie file...
  9. I also got a side picture capture and you can see the color lines on the face... so fun and interesting!!!
  10. Perfect... thank you again so very much for your help???
  11. Here’s another video B6F7798B-A583-4ADC-B425-05677C7271AF.MOV
  12. We have recently had a return of these long winged and tailed fliers in southwestern coastal Oregon... they remind me of swallows but I’m not sure what kind... I just captured two quick videos of one trying to get into the venting of the house next door... not sure they are clear enough for a good identification, but thought I’d try!! Thank you??? 1A051089-87DC-42F2-8CDF-465724C960AC.MOV
  13. Thank you for the explanation and great info... moved to Oregon just over a year ago and still learning so much about birding and our local flock, super appreciate the help?
  14. We caught this bird on our motion camera a year ago today... we are on the southwestern coast of Oregon... I thought it was a Bullock’s or Baltimore oriole... but now that I’ve learned a little more about birds... the beak seems wrong and the markings especially around the eye not quite right... I’ll attach a picture here and then add some video I also have on my PC later if needed
  15. We are on the South Coast of Oregon and are getting several new birds at our feeders... sorry these pictures aren’t really clear but I’m hoping you all will still be able to identify this one: thank you for all your expertise and help!???
  16. A few times in recent weeks these tiny birds have flown into our backyard between 2-3 dozen, feed for a little bit and then fly off... we are in Coastal Southern Oregon. 85112B84-049E-4E13-ADC3-23880D7A5154.MOV
  17. We have increased our backyard bird feeding offerings in the last week and have had dozens of small and medium size birds... and then this very large raptor/hawk looking guy just landed in the fence outside my Mom’s craft room, could only snap one quick photo before it flew away... hoping it’s still enough to id!!! We are in North Bend OR, which is on the southwestern coast and we are literally in the midst of Coos Bay and the ocean on a peninsula of land, it’s late afternoon here and overcast. Thank you for your assistance and expertise, we are having so much fun with all these awesome new birds in our backyard flock!!! Kelee???
  18. Thank you, we are excited by how gorgeous he is and that we caught a couple pictures
  19. We are in Southwestern Coastal Oregon and have seen lots of beautiful migrating and local birds, but this one is new and stunning in color and beauty. Who knows what this is? Thank you for your help and expertise! Kelee
  20. Yes I actually saw it both tapping into the feeder to try to get nectar or maybe the small bugs that sometimes end up floating there? ...and also using its wings to flap away a hummingbird that had come to feed, the wing flapping was quite cute and funny to watch, wish I had been able to get video!!!
  21. Wow that’s a new one for us. We are in North Bend on the Southwestern coast of Oregon, these pictures were taken this morning in our backyard
  22. This little guy landed on the hummingbird feeder and was trying to get to the nectar. He is just larger than a hummingbird and I"m thinking might be a juvenile pine siskin as we have dozens at our feeders right now and his wing markings resemble them... but he is very pastel green/yellow on the rest of his feathers so I'm not sure. Please let me know, Kelee Eiselein
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