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  1. We had a bird fly into the top of our pine tree in the backyard and only got a minimal look at it but lots of birdsong... hoping you experts can identify by the sounds in this video... it was just now and we are in Southwestern coastal Oregon

    ...ooops it won’t let me attach since the file is too big... here’s a link to a Facebook post of the movie file...  


  2. 1 minute ago, Connor Cochrane said:

    These are Tree/Violet Green Swallows. I think they are violent green, but I can't tell for certain from the video. Violet green have bright white faces and white extending onto their back on the rump area. I will attach links for both speceies, and tell me which one you think it is.

    Awesome!! Thank you so much😁💚🔆

  3. 21 minutes ago, Connor Cochrane said:

    Defiantly Black Headed Grosbeak. Not the chunk overall appearance. Black above and below the bill on the face. Orioles are only below the bill. The finch like beak also points to Black-headed Grosbeak. Orioles have a down curved beak, and won't be eating seeds of of a feeder. In fact they're often seen on hummingbird feeders. In Oregon the only orangish oriole is Bullocks, which is still yellow colors, and has a giant white wing patch. In grosbeak, you can usually see the distinction between yellow and orange on their stomach. 

    Thank you for the explanation and great info... moved to Oregon just over a year ago and still learning so much about birding and our local flock, super appreciate the help😁

  4. We caught this bird on our motion camera a year ago today... we are on the southwestern coast of Oregon... I thought it was a Bullock’s or Baltimore oriole... but now that I’ve learned a little more about birds... the beak seems wrong and the markings especially around the eye not quite right... I’ll attach a picture here and then add some video I also have on my PC later if needed


  5. We have increased our backyard bird feeding offerings in the last week and have had dozens of small and medium size birds... and then this very large raptor/hawk looking guy just landed in the fence outside my Mom’s craft room, could only snap one quick photo before it flew away... hoping it’s still enough to id!!!

    We are in North Bend OR, which is on the southwestern coast and we are literally in the midst of Coos Bay and the ocean on a peninsula of land, it’s late afternoon here and overcast.

    Thank you for your assistance and expertise, we are having so much fun with all these awesome new birds in our backyard flock!!! Kelee🦅🐦🕊



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