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  1. Agreed. Looks like a female with the pinkish/reddish throat patch.
  2. As an old codger myself, I'll reiterate what I've said before. Phones were meant to talk on, not to look at!!!!! 😏
  3. A small step for Mankind, but a giant leap for Dovekind.
  4. In the East and the South, Grays are much more common than Fox Squirrels. It seems to be the opposite out here (Sacramento) as I have seen hundreds of Fox Squirrels here and maybe a couple of dozen Grays in the 18 years that I've been here. Also, in the East/South the Fox Squirrels are much larger than the Grays, and here again it's the opposite....the Grays are the larger!! Go figure........😏
  5. He would duck what a Wood Duck would if a Wood Duck would duck wood!!
  6. What could be any better picture of a Wood Duck than a Wood Duck perched on wood!! 😊
  7. Can't help with the IDs, so I'll skip my Tern at inserting a pun.........
  8. OK, I see. Just wondered. Those photos were taken at Yolo Bypass NWR just west of Sacramento. Guess we have lots of the same species here and there. Who knows, we may have seen some of the same birds at one time or another!! 🙂
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