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  1. Looks like it's singing Opera!!! 😃
  2. Thanks, @Snake Fingers I've got a lot going on right now and don't really have anything to post at the moment. I'll pass it on to @Tanager 101 if that's OK. I thought that one was very funny too!!
  3. Happy Birthday, @Charlie Spencer Hope you enjoy you're day! Remember, this is as young as you'll ever be again!!!
  4. Thank you. I think it would be better to post it here for everyone to see.
  5. That's kinda what I thought, too. I remember when I posted it for ID I was hoping for a Chipping, which would have been a lifer for me. And in my Sibley's, it looks so much like a Chipping, as well as an immature White-crowned. I don't remember who or how many chimed in on the ID, but the overall consensus was Chipping, so I took the ID I wanted and ran with it. That's why I asked in my post above for correction if needed. Thank you for your input. Anyone else???
  6. Only one I have seen to my knowledge. Taken here in Calif. in 2015 and IDed as a Chipping Sparrow on the ID forum on Whatbird. Please correct me if this was a wrong ID. I'm not familiar enough with them to know for sure by my own ID.
  7. @Kevin, I am proud of you for being who you are. I agree with your assessment of todays society 100%. There seems to be a very depressing lack of respect for other people by way too many people nowadays! I use 'Sir' and 'Ma'am' every day to people who are younger than me (which most people are!). I wish more people, especially the younger generations, would follow your example. I think we would have a much better society if there was more mutual respect. Keep up the good work!!!
  8. Looks good for a Sharp-shinned with the jutting beak, bug-eyed look, thin legs, and even tail feathers.
  9. I came out as a Dodo Bird....should be extinct by now! Actually, I scored as a Wrentit, but some of the questions didn't offer the answers I would have preferred.
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