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  1. I'd go with Cooper's too, due to the slope of the forehead lining up with the angle of the beak, and the "fierce" look it has.
  2. Bird Brain

    Bird ID

    Agree with Yellow-rumped, for the same reasons meghann stated.
  3. Bird Brain

    Hawk ID

    Agree with Red-shouldered Hawk. Nice shot!!
  4. Welcome to Whatbird!! I agree, Yellow-rumped Warbler.
  5. Agree with House Finch. I get some with this color variation at my feeders almost every year.
  6. Bird Brain

    Please help identify

    Welcome to Whatbird, Vicki!! I agree, this is an adult Bald Eagle. Nice find!
  7. Bird Brain

    LOL forum topic

    I would think maybe Moronus maximus!
  8. Welcome to Whatbird!! I agree with male Anna's. We have them here (Sacramento) year round and only have Black-chinned in the summer. A Black-chinned should have a longer, slightly curved bill, and the gorget is better for an Anna's as well.
  9. Bird Brain

    Another Red Shouldered Hawk

    Nice shots!!
  10. Bird Brain

    Share Your Best Photo of the Day

    Congrats on the lifer!! Nice shot.
  11. Bird Brain

    ID this ball?

    I agree with American Pipit, especially after seeing the other photos. I was shooting from the hip with Yellow-rumped as my 1st impression.
  12. Bird Brain

    ID this ball?

    First impression is Yellow-rumped Warbler, Myrtle variety. The white throat and streaking look right.
  13. Bird Brain

    American Pipit?

    Yes, American Pipit.
  14. Bird Brain

    Accipiter ID?

    Blocky head, uneven tail feathers, sloped forehead....Cooper's for me too.
  15. Bird Brain

    Fall Migration 2018

    Very true. When I lived in N Alabama as a kid, Robins were a sign of Spring. After we moved to Fla they were a Winter bird, being there in large flocks till Spring. I think now they tend to winter farther north, as many species are doing.