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  1. I think you must'ave counted a couple of them twice!
  2. Did you get a good count on them? 😏
  3. And all three wishes would be, "I wish I had my finger back!!".
  4. You're not. Don't know if it is just us "old" birders or not. But when I see a post asking for an ID/confirmation of a subspecies of Red-tailed, White-crowned, etc, I don't even click on it anymore.
  5. The "image" in the photo looks like an eye with some light reflecting off of it to me, but I can't figure out what critter it belongs to.
  6. I have a few words for that, which would likely get me banned, though........😏
  7. Hope you're not looking too much like a Squirrel!!!
  8. Looks like it's singing Opera!!! 😃
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