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  1. This is a White Ibis, with the pinkish legs and bill, and black wingtips. A Wood Stork has wings with black on the back half, not just the tips, and has a black head and neck as well.
  2. Looks good for a Lesser Goldfinch, with the yellow undertail coverts and black coming in on the crown.
  3. Wow!! You don't forget a thing, do you!!??!! 😄
  4. Looks like a Hermit Thrush with that rufous tail.
  5. Welcome to Whatbird!! The photo that shows is a Dark-eyed Junco. An American Dipper is much larger, solid blue-gray with a shorter tail and would be found by the water.
  6. Welcome to Whatbird!! I agree, this is a male American Goldfinch in its Summer (breeding) plumage.
  7. A few days ago I saw a Calif Scrub Jay fly in and grab a House Finch off our hanging feeder, take it to the ground, peck it to death, then take it to the tree across the road where it has its nest of young'uns. Yesterday I saw it swoop in again to the platform feeder and try to grab another one, but missed it. Then today I saw it light in the Pine tree in our yard, look at the birds feeding there, then swoop in like a Hawk after one. It seems it had picked its target as it followed on of the Finches as they all scattered. It chased it like a Hawk would, matching its every twist and turn. It caught the House Finch its beak, dropped to the road, and holding it down with one foot proceeded to peck it to death. Then it took it in its beak and flew back to its nest like it did with the one the other day. I knew that Scrub Jays would rob other birds nests of eggs and young, but have never seen this behavior before where they actively chased them like a Hawk does. I've had feeders in my yard for about 15 years, and Scrub Jays have nested in the same tree across the road for several of those years. This is the first year I have seen this happen. Just wondered if anyone else has ever seen this behavior from Scrub Jays. I never have time to get a photo, it all happens too fast!!
  8. So, to sum up the original post and all the replies....it has been confirmed that Kevin is an insane Dark-eyed Junco that didn't migrate this year?????
  9. No, this is what getting mooned looks like!! 😵 IMG_0638-001 by Wayne J Smith, on Flickr
  10. This is a light adult Swainson's Hawk. Nice photos!!
  11. Adult Cooper's Hawk IMG_2643 by Wayne J Smith, on Flickr
  12. Nice! I see 3 or 4 that look like they belong on Easter Island!!!
  13. I'm trying to decide between Dark Swainson's and Dark Red-tailed. It looks like there is some white showing on the undertail coverts which would indicate Swainson's. Therefore I believe it is a Dark Swainson's.
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