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  1. Northern Mockingbird. I'm in Sacramento, and we have a resident Mockingbird that lives in our yard. I love hearing it sing!
  2. Interesting! Not a Bushtit nest, theirs is more the shape of a tube sock. It appears to be hanging, and I don't know of a bird that builds a round hanging nest the size of a basketball. Squirrels don't build a hanging nest either, so I don't know what kind of critter built it!!
  3. Welcome to Whatbird!! These are domestic Geese, look like Graylags.
  4. Welcome to Whatbird!! I agree, Hooded Oriole. They've been known to drink from Hummer feeders from time to time.
  5. Good idea, putting feeders and food sources out near her 👍👍. That should make it easier for her to find food for herself and family when they hatch. Hopefully the wind chime won't blow too much in the wind. If she managed to build her nest and lay eggs there she can probably handle it OK!!
  6. Welcome to Whatbird!! That is awesome! The only place I have ever seen a Hummer nest was in a tree. We have several of them around here (Sacramento CA), Anna's and Black-chinned, but I've never had one nest on the porch! Where are you located? And please keep us posted on the progress of your new "family"!! 😃
  7. Looks better for a light Swainson's with the mostly white underneath the wings and amount of white on its head. Notice that the patigal is white, not dark as it would be in a Red-tailed.
  8. Dark-eyed Junco, Oregon variety. The dark head, neck, and breast, light stomach and pale beak are good ID marks. The photo is overexposed making it look somewhat different. The size relative to the sprinkler and water hose is a good indicator also.
  9. I think that it is because it has its crown raised that gives the different appearance. It has all its feathers fluffed, but the raised crown changes the "direction" of the stripes.
  10. This is true, but according to my Sibley's CO is out of range for Lessers except for a few rare sightings. I couldn't ID from the photos alone which species. I should have said most likely Common based on range.
  11. Common Nighthawk is correct. The stripes are distinctive ID marks for them.
  12. WHEW!! Guess I was just lucky that I didn't get caught doing that!! 😀
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