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  1. @Kerri You were picked as the winner. You get to post the next photo to be captioned. 🙂
  2. Welcome to Whatbird!! Rock Pigeons come in many colors, and I've seen lots of them that were solid white. Technically, they're not native, but tame ones that established breeding populations in the wild. They occur all across the U.S., and other most countries in the world as well.
  3. "Now for my next trick, I'm going to make you disappear!!"
  4. That's cool. Actually, I almost picked @lonestranger anyhow. It was a toss-up between his and yours.
  5. OK, time to pick a winner. Y'all had me laughing, every caption was funny! I have to pick only one, though, so.... @Kevin you're the winner!!
  6. I think it depends on the individual as to what they want to count on their life list. I don't count domestic chickens, although they are descended from wild Jungle Fowl. Same with Guinea Fowl, domestic Ducks, imported game birds that have escaped (unless they have established reproducing populations in the wild), etc. I do have Rock Pigeon on my life list, though. So as I stated above, it's really up to each individual as to what they count on their life list.
  7. Any more?? I'll be picking a winner about 6:00 or so this evening.
  8. OK, how about a caption for this one!!
  9. Thank you, @Jefferson Shank Let me see what I can dig up. 🙂
  10. Tundra Swan and White-fronted Geese.
  11. Two turtles taking advantage of this Spring-like day, 70 deg and wall-to-wall sunshine! Not to rub it in, of course...........😏
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