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  1. Oh, I'm sure you counted it...at least it counted as a couple of extra pounds on you the next day!! 😁
  2. "OK, guys! Watch close. This is the proper way to do the 'Goose Step' !!"
  3. "Help!! I've fallen and I can't get up!!"
  4. That's true. I thought about saying that the winner would post next, but that way some people (like me!!) would never get a chance to post one because we'd never get one right! I think we're all mature enough to do it this way in an orderly fashion. Thanks, @The Bird Nuts for bringing this up.
  5. Obviously not on speaking terms....... "I've fallen, and I can't get up!!"
  6. BUMP No one has replied in a week. @Avery Want to pick a winner?
  7. No photo??? You must have seen the same one(s) I saw when I was a kid and my Daddy took me Snipe hunting!! I stood there for a couple or three hours and held the bag like he told me to until I couldn't stand the mosquitoes any longer, finally walked home and found Daddy sitting there all cozy. Then he had the nerve to ask me why I left my post before the Snipe he was supposed to flush towards me got to me so I could catch them in the bag!!! 😠
  8. Yeah, I saw that thread and immediately opened it. I thought it must be a gallery of my photos since most of my photos are "bombs" in the sense that you defined it!!
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