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  1. Looks good for a young Swainson's with the white on its face and chin, and the light undertail coverts. I'd say a young dark morph. Nice shots!!
  2. Welcome to Whatbird!! I agree, female or immature American Redstart. Nice photos!!
  3. These are American White Pelicans. The black on the trailing edge of the wings along with the stubby tail and short legs are good ID marks for them.
  4. Agree with Lesser Goldfinch. This one looks pretty scruffy, probably molting.
  5. Congrats!! Horned Lark was my nemesis bird for several years. Since I saw the first one a few years back I have seen probably hundreds of them! Where did you see them?
  6. Some variety of Domestic Rock Pigeon but I'm not familiar with them. Maybe @Pigeon will see this post. He can tell you what they are.
  7. I'd go with young Red-shouldered for this one. Tail looks long for a Red-tailed, you can see the checkered wing pattern in the translucent part of its wings which look like the crescents good for a Red-shouldered also.
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