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  1. Looks better for a Sharp-shinned to me, with the small head that doesn't project far past the wings, and the streaking looks too thick and messy for a Cooper's.
  2. Don't feel bad. Several years ago I got some good photos of a lone Duck on a small pond and put it on here asking the same question....Lesser or Greater Scaup? It was immediately IDed as a Ring-necked Duck, which was a lifer for me!! 😀
  3. Here's one I got way back in '09. I don't see many light morphs either, and fortunately this one was very cooperative. Swainson's Hawk 05-26-09 018_edited by Wayne J Smith, on Flickr
  4. Welcome to Whatbird! I agree, this is an immature Cooper's Hawk. I've seen them try to catch squirrels several times, before they learn they're no match for a squirrel! I watched one in a tree in my yard one day, trying its best to catch a Western Fox Squirrel. The squirrel would sit on a limb, fussing and shaking its tail, and when the young Cooper's would try to catch it the squirrel would duck under the limb and come up behind the Hawk and fuss and shake its tail even more. The Cooper's would try again with the same result every time! I swear, I think the squirrel was enjoying it!! After several tries, the Hawk gave up and flew off, and the squirrel went on about its business. It was quite a show to watch.
  5. I haven't seen any new birds migrating down to here (Sacramento) yet, but our male Black-chinned Hummingbirds left about a week ago, heading for Central/South America, wherever they spend the winter. The females and hatch year Black-chinned are still hanging around, but I'm sure they'll be leaving soon. I'm already looking forward to seeing them return next year! One male BC always flies up to my patio door and looks in when he returns, been doing that for about 3 years now. He will hover there, bobbing his tail, til I walk up to the door, like he's saying, "I'm baa-aaack"!!! 🙂
  6. Congrats on the lifer!! Nice shots!
  7. 1 is a Peregrine and 2 is a Red-shouldered.
  8. Mobbing??? A mob of one ?? Just kidding....I know what you mean. 😁 I agree.
  9. Short bill and posture look good for Anna's for both.
  10. Agree with Red-shouldered. The translucent area near the wing tips is a good ID mark, as well as the streaked breast (for an immature) and thin tail bands. Congrats on the lifer!!
  11. I've seen lots of Coyotes in several states.....Wyo, Ala, Ga, Fla, and Calif., as well as a few while passing through other Western states. There is a very wide range of variety among them in all these different places, as well as variety within the same state. Back in the early 80's I was driving through southern Ga and saw what I thought must be a Red Wolf. It was very similar to the photo RobinHood posted above except it was more reddish. I decided later it was a Coyote after doing some research. Below is a link to an interesting article about the Red Wolf that I just found. https://www.southernenvironment.org/news-and-press/news-feed/agency-hides-red-wolf-information-while-leaving-species-to-dwindle-in-wild
  12. Very true. I got my lifer Black-bellied Whistling Duck at a retention pond at a strip mall in Lake City, Fla. a couple of years ago.
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