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  1. I agree with American Kestrel, male, for the reasons The Bird Nuts stated.
  2. Yeah, Whip-poor-wills really get around. I've heard them in a movie set in Vietnam, in Australia, and in the Sahara desert!!
  3. Bird Brain

    LOL forum topic

    When a boob job doesn't turn out quite like you expected it to......... 1-Yolo Bypass NWR 03-22-2014 048 by littlebear_elder, on Flickr "You're right! We don't have a belly button!!!" Colusa Wetlands 01-10-16 by littlebear_elder, on Flickr
  4. Bird Brain

    Kingbird or Flycatcher?

    Looks like a Northern Mockingbird to me.
  5. Bird Brain

    Coopers or Sharpie

    Thin breast streaking, blocky head, and uneven tail feathers all point to Cooper's.
  6. Bird Brain

    Red-Shouldered Hawk

    Welcome to Whatbird! Red-shouldered, for sure!! Nice shot!
  7. Bird Brain

    OK, don't laugh :D

    Agreed. You can cross it off your list. Now that you've seen one, you'll probably see thousands of them in the future!!
  8. Bird Brain

    What Thrasher

    I agree with Bendire's. I would expect a longer bill on a Curve-billed.
  9. Bird Brain

    CanadaxDomestic, or leucistic

    Thanks, egosnell. That was my first thought also, as it was swimming with a flock (gaggle?) of Canada Geese. Just that there was so much speckling, and the wings and back being lighter made me wonder. Thanks again!!
  10. I was thinking I posted this earlier this year, just before the site crashed. Don't remember for sure if I did, or if the site crashed before I got any replies......or....... old age catching up with me!!??!! IMG_1420-001 by littlebear_elder, on Flickr IMG_1418-001 by littlebear_elder, on Flickr
  11. Bird Brain

    Sexual dimorphism in birds

    Great idea for a thread topic!! I'll contribute a couple of photos...... Cinnamon Teal 1-Yolo Bypass NWR 12-05-2013 114 by littlebear_elder, on Flickr Northern Shovelers 1-Yolo Bypass NWR 12-14-2013 020 by littlebear_elder, on Flickr
  12. Bird Brain

    Goshawk / Cooper's Hawk

    This is a classic immature Cooper's Hawk. Blocky head "fierce" look, graduated (uneven) tail feathers, thin breast streaking, and tail banding all point to Cooper's.
  13. Welcome to Whatbird!! I agree, Avian Pox, or Avian conjunctivitis. Poor critter!
  14. Bird Brain

    Critter time..

    Grizzly....... Teton National Park, Wyoming VACATION....July 2009 044 by littlebear_elder, on Flickr