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  1. Just saw it on the news. Hope you weren't too shook up by it!!!
  2. So true!! One day I saw an American Crow that was the size of a Golden Eagle! I could tell it was a Crow, but it looked so huge that I had to take a photo to convince myself. It was just the perspective of the view, but, DAMN, that thing looked big!!!
  3. Great job of focusing through the trees!!! 👍👍
  4. Fartin' Frank couldn't figure out why none of of the other Geese would hang out with him........ IMG_3216-001 by Wayne J Smith, on Flickr
  5. That's what I'm thinking too................
  6. Don't think those are leaves, there's no leaves anywhere else showing on the tree. It appears to be a well formed tail. I agree, the facial pattern, as best as we can see it, looks good for Bobwhite, but I'm not sure just how we are seeing its head. If it's looking straight at us, what is the dark spot on its throat? And, as @Birding Boy pointed out, the speckled pattern on its body doesn't look right for a Bobwhite to me, either.
  7. Bobwhites have a short stubby tail. I don't know what it is, but I've never seen a Bobwhite with a long tail like this bird has and I've seen thousands of them.
  8. My first thought was the Great Speckled Bird!! The tail looks too long for a Bobwhite to me.
  9. Here's a photo of me when I was 1 year old. Taken in 1947. Is this old enough???? 😁 Wayne J Smith at one year old_edited by Wayne J Smith, on Flickr
  10. I live in Sacramento, and I've seen lots of Orange-crowned Warblers. I've never seen one that even approaches that amount of bright yellow! I know I haven't seen all the OCWA in Calif, but.....just saying....... If it was my photo I wouldn't list it as such.
  11. I agree with Tree Swallow AND amazing photo!!!
  12. Agree with Hermit Thrush. You can see the rufous tail in the 2nd photo.
  13. Awesome list! I'm envious!!
  14. Agree, European Starling. Surprised you haven't seen one there before. I thought they were everywhere!!
  15. Maybe a young Nutmeg Mannikin molting into adult plumage?
  16. Agree with Bushtit nest. We have a pair that nests nearby every year. It's amazing that such tiny birds can construct such an elaborate nest!! As far as I know they don't reuse them.
  17. Lesser Goldfinch perched on thin air Goldfinches..B. Phoebe...02-21-2014 by Wayne J Smith, on Flickr
  18. This is an American Dipper. Cool bird to watch! They dive underwater and "swim", foraging for insects and nymphs.
  19. I've been hearing Sandhill Cranes flying over this week, 2 or 3 times. Nothing changing at my feeders so far, though.
  20. Nice shot, even with the Junco photo-bomber!!! 😊
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