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  1. I'll be leaving tomorrow (early!!) going to Alabama to spend a few days with my brother. He's battling cancer and I want to spend some time with him while I have a chance. My wife has Alzheimer's and her daughter is able to come down from Oregon to stay with her while I'm gone. Next weekend I'm going from there to N Fla to spend a few days with my sons. I'll be getting home on Fri the 22nd if all goes well. It is not a birding trip by any means, but I will have my camera just in case!! I probably won't be on here while I'm gone, but will check in if I get half a chance. If I do get any photos I will post them when I get home. I'll miss y'all!! Bird Brain
  2. First of season White-crowned Sparrow!! Always glad to see them show up.
  3. I'm older than you, Charlie, and I could plainly see without my glasses that the chicken was much smaller that the Vulture setting by it on the rock!!!
  4. I was thinking it should be more like 3 days!! 😏 BTW, I agree with Green Heron for the ID.
  5. About 1/2 a shutter speed too late!!
  6. Yeah, could result in lots of broken cameras, too!!
  7. AHEM!!!!!! I resemble that remark!!
  8. Nice shot! I haven't seen any yet this Fall so far, but I always have some that spend the Winter in my yard. I'm looking forward to seeing them this year.
  9. I dunno, I've been wrong several times without being sniped!! 😟
  10. Looks more like @Charlie Spencer up a tree to me!!!
  11. "I think that last fish gave me a bit of indigestion!!" "BURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRP!!!"
  12. I would've said I was shooting the Dragonfly and a raptor just happened to be flying by behind it! 😏
  13. Read the first line "A Maggie in the yard today", then looked at the photo and thought, That's the damndest looking Magpie I ever saw!!! 😄 Nice shot!
  14. Looks like the town was well named! Nice shot!!
  15. "I told you to stay away from those "medicinal" bird seeds!!"
  16. I have lots to choose from, so I'll keep it short. First, a group shot Next, an unusual one with a yellow cap. And last, a leucistic one.
  17. Good question!! I wonder if it is some sort of intergrade?
  18. Down South that's what's known as Redneck Engineering!! I've done quite a bit of it myself. 🙂
  19. I think they chose to be that small so that they don't have to do all the heavy work!! 😏
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