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  1. Thanks, @lonestranger I've got a lot of things going on today so won't be able to pick a new one. If you don't mind I'll defer to @MacMe to pick the next one. Thanks again!
  2. Maybe it thought you looked a bit nutty........😏
  3. Yep, remember it well. In fact, I was already married, my wife had a bun in the oven, and I had completed a hitch in the Army including a tour of Vietnam. Guess that makes me old........
  4. I've never heard that one, but not surprised. I heard in my growing up years that if a bird got into the house or sat on a window sill looking in that someone was going to die there soon. I knew some people that really believed it. Must not be true, though, or I would have been dead a long time ago!!
  5. You mean they actually make sounds????
  6. We always had Guineafowl on the farm. Best "watchdogs" anyone could have around! They would alert and spread the alarm if any strange dog, person, or varmint set foot on the place, or any Hawk, Owl, etc. flew over. I never counted them on my life list since they were domestic.
  7. Baldy was the first to get to test the new "tail stabilizer" so highly touted by race car drivers.
  8. Definitely a Blurriness maximus. I've taken hundreds of shots of this species!
  9. Cool looking spider!! I'd love to see one of those. I'm not afraid of spiders. If it was up to me I'd leave spiders in the house to catch flies and mosquitos. I remove them, at the boss's request (demand!) and place them outside alive and well. Even the Black Widows that occasionally find their way in.
  10. I'm sure you're right. I'm not very good on sea birds. They all look like Gulls to me. 😏
  11. Awesome!! Where did you see it?
  12. Keep going at that rate and you'll catch up with me before long!!
  13. Can't blame it on getting old, can you??? 😏
  14. I noticed the purplish hue, that's why I added (or Purple) above. I think that's likely, as you said. But, like you also said, I'm not confident enough to call it a Purple from this one photo. Good comparison photos you posted!
  15. Possibly Common (or Purple) Gallinules? The white would match. Did you get an idea of the size of them?
  16. Unfortunately, that's probably true!!
  17. "Yeah, yeah...I know I'm a Cattle Egret. But when there's no cattle around, a bird still has to make a living somehow!!"
  18. OK, time to pick. The winner is @Kevin ! All were good, but I got the biggest laugh from Regan's three-legged chicken joke. I hadn't seen that in many, many years! Your turn to pick the next one, Kevin.
  19. Anyone else?? I'll pick a winner tomorrow.
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