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  1. Not to mention the bill is all yellow.
  2. Yes! Pretty good bird down there I think?
  3. Agreed. Nice bird for Ohio! Pale nape, more rounded head and smaller bill, and you can even see a hint of a chin strap in the first pic!
  4. If your interested, the OFO (Ontario Field Ornithologists) has an annual gull "convention" in Niagara. It's a good time to go cause there's so many people looking for gulls, something good usually gets found, and it's a good place to learn because lots of experts lead it! 8 species minimum, and good chances of Kittiwake, and lower chances of Black-headed and Franklin's, and anything else is possible! And I agree with Glaucous 😉
  5. I'd say Great, very dark mantle, unstreaked head. Size is kinda hard to judge in these photos I think.
  6. Both are correct. First is an adult, second is a first cycle.
  7. Song sparrow. Prominent central streaking.
  8. Why is one eastern? Tail barring, yellow malar, spotted/white flanks, all look very good for Western to me. Personally I wouldn't be super comfortable calling the last one though, I've actually never seen Western...
  9. I thought western referred to calurus/alascensis? Or are those two the same? Not really sure how that whole western complex works.
  10. Haven't posted on this section of the forum in a while, but here I am! I felt inspired to share my own poor photo from today 😉 Bonus points if you can ID it without looking at the list it's from: https://ebird.org/checklist/S60947130 Not everyday you find two first and one second county records (Tern and Sabine's Gull, and Pacific Loon)! The tern is also a sixth provincial record, so extremely good! It had been seen the previous day one county over, and we coincidentally refound it while lakewatching! Talk about luck! Somewhat unrelated, but the results of the eBird October big day were compiled, and eBird mentioned me and my mom because we got first for Canada! Seems I've hit a little birding hot streak! Keep an eye out in the coming days/week as tropical storm Olga comes through the eastern states up to Ontario, it's going to bring some good birds!
  11. 1. I have no experience with this species, but it strikes me as Swainson's. Odd looking though (might be a weird angle BLPW). 2. Tennessee 3. Yep 4. Hooded as well.
  12. All are Least Sandpipers. Yellow legs, warm brown back, sparse streaking.
  13. Western Red-tailed Hawk. Not exactly sure on what subspecies...
  14. Agreed with Laughing. I actually flew to Nova Scotia for the weekend Dorian hit just to bird the hurricane, over 3 days I ended up eBirding exactly 1001 Laughers. Pretty amazing and terrible birding at the same time, watched a Bridled Tern fall out of the eye of the storm, and drown right in front of me...
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