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  1. egosnell2002

    Bullock's orioles?

    I'd say Orchards.
  2. egosnell2002


    Ah, found it. Something wasn't clicking with with Rough-legged. Harlan's Red-tailed Hawk.
  3. egosnell2002


    Hmm, seems to be, but according to range maps that's pretty out of range...
  4. egosnell2002

    Northern Bobwhite call? In video game

    Cool! It's actually an Eastern Whippoorwill. Makes more sense with the time and all too.
  5. egosnell2002

    Which Warbler?

    Yeah, I'd agree those are all Orange-crowns now. And yep, I don't bother even trying to separate celata/orestra, I bet half of the eBird pictures are labelled wrong anyways
  6. I'm definitely not an expert- at all. I looked through some google images and looked at some comparison photos, and I'd lean Sulphur-bellied. The auricular is pretty dull, the supercilium contrasts with the throat, and I think that the morning light might be making the breast look brighter then in actuality. The bill is throwing me a bit, although their might be some darkness just at the edge of our vision in the photo, not sure if that ID feature is 100%, I know our Eastern and Western Wood-pewees are supposedly IDable by mandible colouration, but often it's unreliable.
  7. egosnell2002

    Which Warbler?

    Are those the same bird? Personally I'd lean Tennessee on the first one, and Orange-crowned on the second. I don't have experience with the lutescens subspecies, but I have quite a bit of experience with Tennessee's. That first picture is really playing with me, but overall the colour and face seem more Tennessee to me. Good discussion!
  8. 1. Yep! 2. Looks like a White-throated actually 3. Beak says Crow for me
  9. egosnell2002

    Which Warbler?

    Agreed with Tennesee. Orange-crowned don't show as much of a supercilium, and overall are a different colour, especially the head. This bird is a straight olive. It's hard to see the undertail in these photos, but in the few parts I can see it, it looks white to me. Definitely agree with Tennessee.
  10. egosnell2002

    Franklin gull and then what?

    I've never experienced their eye colour first hand, but all the online pictures show a reddish-brown colour
  11. egosnell2002

    Franklin gull and then what?

    You know what, after looking even harder at it, and talking with some friends, I've decided I think it's just a Franklin's missing the eye arcs.
  12. egosnell2002

    Wren confusion

    Oh ok. I guess that sort of is a feature, but on winter there's a lot more white. I tend to go off giss (general impression of size and shape), colour and tail. Winter's are very compact and round, with a tiny tail that's often cocked up, overall winter are much darker as well. Sedge is cleaner above and below, and they have fine streaking running lengthwise down their back. Instead of brown, I find them to be more of a light straw colour, which is pretty uniform across their whole body, except some pretty clean white on the underparts. Sometimes Marsh and Sedge can a be a little tricky to separate, but Sedge is much lighter, and shows different back patterning, and a less bolded supercilium. Once you get the hang of it, wrens aren't so bad. Hope this helped for the future!
  13. With a big bill like that, Black-bellied. Golden are very dainty in appearance, and have a dark cap that really contrasts with their supercilium (eyebrow), so they have a very distinct facial pattern. I usually find their back appears a bit more golden as well. Habitat can actually be a very good indication as well, I've never seen a Golden Plover near big water, always dry fields, although I'm sure it could happen.
  14. egosnell2002

    Wren confusion

    Do you mean the white speckles near the shoulder? Like towards the front of the bird? Those are pin feathers it looks like, which means it's mostly likely done a partial molt, for what reason I don't know!