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  1. Myiarchus looks good for Ash-throated to me. Duck is a Mexican Mallard.
  2. I'm seeing mostly Common and Elegant for sure.
  3. Pretty sure it's eared, but tough to tell from these.
  4. Mallard. Pintail have slimmer bills, and generally slimmer bodied than Mallards. They also don't have a white tail.
  5. Gadwall, same bird as the other I think? Something I never really thought of as an ID point, but Gadwall have yellow legs, and pintails have greyish legs.
  6. All are house sparrows. The first three are all of a male, and the last is of a male on the right and a female on the left.
  7. Yeah I guess so. I feel like I've seen birds here this yellow, but maybe not. I'm looking through my old Florida photos, and I'd agree with yellow. Woops.
  8. A little tough, but I think Tennessee Warbler. Facial pattern/contrast isn't right for a vireo. I did seriously consider Orange-crowned though.
  9. Could be, maybe also a lighting thing, birds seem weirdly lit in this photo (rising/setting sun?)
  10. Green-winged Teal. Gadwall usually show a white wing patch, and a lighter face. GWTE also show a tan streak by the tail.
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