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  1. Actually, this is a juvenile Eastern Towhee! Cowbird bills are more conical, and the white outer tail feathers is a Towhee thing.
  2. I think I'd lean Scarlet with this bill, but it's tough since I haven't seen summer for nearly a year, and scarlet for about half a year...
  3. Yeah, I think the head size is being affected by the angle. Bald for me.
  4. How come? The yellow extends high up on the breast, and the grey extending down is quite light, whereas on Cassin's it should be darker.
  5. Yeah, I don't think Brewer's would ever show this much rust, especially on the undertail coverts.
  6. Maybe, but I don't anything about Costa Rican birds, it's definitely a closer fit than a vireo.
  7. Yep, birds can look big, especially by themselves!
  8. Region of CR would help, but this looks more like a flycatcher, tyrannulet or elaenia to me
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