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  1. What points away from a Herring? I think I'd need more photos to really be sure. Considering it's winter on Georgian Bay Herring is more likely, but not definitive at all.
  2. I think those must have been some distant flybys over the ocean or something. You get a super good handle on peeps up there, after you look at many thousands of each! What code is SHCR? Do you mean SACR? Or STGR? And yep, the train still takes passengers. The people in Moosonee need to get back and forth somehow. They did take out the"observation car" a few years ago, which might be what you're thinking of. It was a shame too, best way to see STGR and NHOW flushing in front of the train.
  3. You got it! Bottom bird in the second picture is kind of tough to tell though, but shape and size seems like a Brown-headed to me.
  4. I know exactly where you're taking about, Otter Rapids I think? Or is it Abitibi Canyon, the one South of that. Never actually been, just rode through on the Polar Bear express. Never posted an update about that, but it was amazing being so remote, the scenery was beautiful and the birds were awesome. These are some of my favourite eBird lists from up there: https://ebird.org/canada/checklist/S50620818 https://ebird.org/canada/checklist/S50620757 I might go back this summer, but I'll have to see what else I'm doing first! Saskatchewan breeding bird atlas starts this year, and I was considering applying to some of that.
  5. Agreed, I have seen some pretty amazing head shape transformation in lesser scaup while feeding, they can round their head right out. I'm pretty reluctant to ID greaters from single distant photos now.
  6. I think you got everything in the photo, at least from this distance/angle. I can't say for certain that some of those more obscured birds aren't something else, but looks like mixed HERGs, adult GBBGs and an adult GLGU. I've heard nearby Lake Simcoe also had a recent huge influx of GBBGs, cooling weather likely is something to do with it.
  7. Not to mention the bill is all yellow.
  8. Yes! Pretty good bird down there I think?
  9. Agreed. Nice bird for Ohio! Pale nape, more rounded head and smaller bill, and you can even see a hint of a chin strap in the first pic!
  10. If your interested, the OFO (Ontario Field Ornithologists) has an annual gull "convention" in Niagara. It's a good time to go cause there's so many people looking for gulls, something good usually gets found, and it's a good place to learn because lots of experts lead it! 8 species minimum, and good chances of Kittiwake, and lower chances of Black-headed and Franklin's, and anything else is possible! And I agree with Glaucous 😉
  11. I'd say Great, very dark mantle, unstreaked head. Size is kinda hard to judge in these photos I think.
  12. Both are correct. First is an adult, second is a first cycle.
  13. Song sparrow. Prominent central streaking.
  14. Why is one eastern? Tail barring, yellow malar, spotted/white flanks, all look very good for Western to me. Personally I wouldn't be super comfortable calling the last one though, I've actually never seen Western...
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