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  1. Oh true, really shoulda looked a little closer. Agreed with @akiley about iNat, sometimes people are a little fast to agree with IDs...
  2. I really couldn't see that as anthying else besides Krider's personally...
  3. Yeah looks like a Red-tail to me, I think... To clear up some potential confusion- Harlan's Hawk is (currently) a subspecies of Red-tailed Hawk. This bird would be a Harlan's.
  4. Oh, calurus/alascensis Red-tail has that. Excuse my lack of experience with RT subspecies
  5. Are you sure it's a Red-tail? I've never seen one with barring, but I don't know what subspecies you have. It's confusing me... it might suddenly occur to me what's off to me in a few minutes... Have any other angles (with the face)? The white could be down feathers I guess, but it looks pretty convincing as leucism to me.
  6. Definitely Geese, and they're Canadas. Cackling will have even shorter necks, and I find especially in flight, stumpy bodies and comparatively longer wings.
  7. Yes, I was referring to tedsandyman's photos. Your bird is definitely a Tennessee.
  8. Yes, Herring. Not sure how they got Western Gull, St. Kitt's would be waaaaaaaay out of range.
  9. Is there something you see that points away from Clark's? The bill seems pretty yellow, and the lores pretty clean.
  10. Yes, very nice pics! Ontario is having an irruption of Bohemians currently, which is pretty fun! And back to the OPs photos, we can definitely rule out Bohemian by their appearance. As others have noted, the red under tail coverts would be obvious in this picture, and Bohemians would be much less brightly coloured, despite the setting sun lighting!
  11. Yep, Spruce. These birds look like juveniles, which are usually pretty docile. The adults even are known to be extremely approachable, and have been nicknamed "fool's hen".
  12. At first I thought Mockingbird (structurally), but pattern wise I'm thinking maybe a thrasher? It's mimid...
  13. Yeah the Swallows look like Tree to me, might be a Barn right behind it in the first one, but pretty tough to call from that.
  14. Agreed on Glaucous. Did you see any, darker, sooty headed, asian gulls in Brantford today? If you don't already know (or didn't already see), there's two Slaty-backed Gulls at the Brantford dump currently which I would love to see!
  15. Rock Wren for me, but I suppose Canyon Wren is an option
  16. Ah, found it. Something wasn't clicking with with Rough-legged. Harlan's Red-tailed Hawk.
  17. Hmm, seems to be, but according to range maps that's pretty out of range...
  18. Cool! It's actually an Eastern Whippoorwill. Makes more sense with the time and all too.
  19. Yeah, I'd agree those are all Orange-crowns now. And yep, I don't bother even trying to separate celata/orestra, I bet half of the eBird pictures are labelled wrong anyways
  20. I'm definitely not an expert- at all. I looked through some google images and looked at some comparison photos, and I'd lean Sulphur-bellied. The auricular is pretty dull, the supercilium contrasts with the throat, and I think that the morning light might be making the breast look brighter then in actuality. The bill is throwing me a bit, although their might be some darkness just at the edge of our vision in the photo, not sure if that ID feature is 100%, I know our Eastern and Western Wood-pewees are supposedly IDable by mandible colouration, but often it's unreliable.
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