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  1. Yep, I believe the name change was to make it a more desirable choice as national bird, since we don't currently have one. Be ready when the AOS splits them in a few years though, this one's name might be Rocky Mountain (the subspecies of Canada Jay) Jay.
  2. When was this? Lots of rufous so I'd say Hermit.
  3. I'd call the first flycatcher a Least I think, the primary projection looks to be actually fairly short, and it's a fairly bold eyering. You're right on the second with the primary projection being longer. The eyering is fairly bold, but it looks like it disappears at the bottom... I'd call it a Trail's (willow/alder)
  4. I think I also want to say Harry... I think the photos could be misleading though.
  5. Scaup... Kind of in between. I've seen a bunch of Lesser Scaup recently folding their head down while active, and look exactly like Greaters when doing it. Thus, I don't think I really feel confident IDing Scaup from photos anymore.
  6. Welp, I guess so. Just looked super chunky. I prefer to ID birds in the field!
  7. This is definitely not an accipter though, very chunky and compact body and wings in comparison to say a Coopers.
  8. I don't think it's Cordilleran, which are much more yellow overall, and usually have a fairly obvious Crest. I was thinking Hammond's/Dusky or Least feel from it. Although I find empids difficult to judge from pictures...
  9. Pretty sure it's an empidonax flycatcher. Given the location, I think I will leave it at that from this photo.
  10. Definitely a Rock (feral) Pigeon, I would say the colouration is from domesticated genes.
  11. Yep, Baltimore Oriole. Towhees are in the sparrow family, and this have shorter more conical bills. Towhees also aren't this vibrant orange, and the colour is confined to the sides.
  12. Depending on where this was in Ontario, but Hooded have a very limited range in Ontario as well. I think it's Wilson's either way though.
  13. 1, 2. Look good for western. Long, droopy bill. Sometimes the rufous isn't as obvious. I'd call the rest except 5 Semipalmateds, and 5 is another Western, I think the pics just ended up out of order. Some of those birds look very short-billed, but I guess it could just be angle.
  14. Wacky looking thing. Bill, structure, other things wrong for Phoebe, I couldn't see this as anything besides an Eastern Kingbird I think. I find that bills often look a lot stubbier from underneath, so that could have something to do with the stubby appearance. As for hed contrast, I think it could be a lithing thing. White band on the tail eliminates pretty much everything I think as well...
  15. It's actually a she! EDIT: Given range, I think it could be tough to actually narrow it between the two grosbeaks from the picture. Range definitely favours Rose-breasted but it's definitely not impossible to be a Black-headed.
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