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  1. 8 is another Common Loon, big feet and no white wing patches. Keep those hybridy west coast gulls away from me!
  2. Oh boy.... yep. No yellow lore either. This is what exams do to you.
  3. 1. Female Canada Warbler 2. Eastern Wood pewee (a species of flycatcher) 3. Chestnut-sided warbler
  4. 1. Common Tern. Late molter I guess? All the ones here are in full alternate now. 2. Gull billed I think 3. Yep, congrats!
  5. This looks like a 2nd or 3rd generation Brewster's Warbler, a hybrid between Golden and Blue-winged warblers. A first generation Brewsters would have a lot more white than this.
  6. Not really the vibrant colours that I'd expect in a breeding female, I think I'd call this a male.
  7. I think so, but it's a weird angle. In the field a good thing to look for on Palms is tail bobbing.
  8. Not yellowy enough. This is a Least Flycatcher, also note the bold eyering and short primaries.
  9. Guess you can't edit posts anymore... I keep looking at it and it looks less and less Least. Maybe it is a Western. Any other pics?
  10. Least Sandpiper, I think. The bill seems kinda long but I don't think it's a western.
  11. Semipalmated Sandpiper on the right, and... I'm leaning Lesser Yellowlegs? Kinda hard to be sure from this angle.
  12. Not sure, maybe listen to Hermit Thrush again? The way I describe their call to other people is literally "like a wood thrush but without the 'bzzz' at the end"
  13. My impression is Say's Phoebe. Weird angle and weird light though.
  14. Grey Catbird. Hope it gets better, good thing you were there!
  15. This is a Wandering Tattler, you might be thinking of the breeding adult, which has barring on the chest.
  16. Lesser Yellowlegs and... Solitary I guess?
  17. Oh, of course! Yes definitely Lucifer. It's the one I usually forget exists...
  18. I'm kinda divided on the Scaup, but I think I agree with Lesser. As for the shorebird, unless it's a Greenshank (), I'd be pretty confident with one of the Yellowlegs, and I'd lean Greater for sure on it.
  19. I'm actually thinking Black-chinned on this one. Costa's is similar, but the bill wouldn't be quite as long, and the gorget would be more split into prongs.
  20. Sanderling. I didn't realize that they'd moult into their breeding plumage so early! Is it okay? Looks like it's sitting weird
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