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  1. Maybe, but I don't anything about Costa Rican birds, it's definitely a closer fit than a vireo.
  2. Region of CR would help, but this looks more like a flycatcher, tyrannulet or elaenia to me
  3. The breast streaking is pretty weird, and the face is very drab, but it's a Savannah Sparrow
  4. I find that Hooded puts more emphasis on each syllable, making it into the weet-o-weet-o-weet-eo, versus maggie's wee-o-wee-o-weet-oo. Maggies emphasize the last phrase usually.
  5. Close, this one has tricked me many times. I think it's actually a Magnolia.
  6. Yeah, Rondeau is awesome. Just wait 'till May when I go to Point Pelee! Hundreds of warblers and over a hundred species just in the morning!
  7. Everyone getting pumped for spring? I've already had some good birds/birding, and the warblers aren't even here yet! Here's a little list from the weekend: https://ebird.org/view/checklist/S54678344
  8. All Pectorals. Stilt have longer bills, are built more like a tringa, and in early spring they won't have very much streaking on the breast at all, and in their alternate plumage, the breast will be barred.
  9. What the... not sure if I skipped over the House Finch and went straight to the last bushtit or what happened... agreed with above
  10. I'd call the left bird a Semipalmated Plover, Piping is more of a grey than brown, you can reference my profile picture The Black-bellied Plover is (an adult) in basic plumage, it will be molting soon!
  11. 1. Song Sparrow 2. Savannah Sparrow 3. House Finch 4. Song Sparrow 5-6. Bushtit
  12. Yep, hopefully they'll be here soon, and when they arrive the black belly should be most of the way in!
  13. Sanderling. One of the few shorebirds of their size with a longer, straight black bill. Overall, sanderling are very pale, and they have a very noticeable white stripe in the base of the primary and secondaries (when they fly).
  14. Sorry, Cooper's. Streaking on this guy might look a little thicker than some, but it narrows down to fine pencil streaks.
  15. Yep, Horned. Eared would also have a spread out plumes instead of the solid gold patch.
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