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  1. Seen at Ruscom Shores Coservation Area, SW Ontario 10 Jun 2020. I was thinking Great Crested Flycatcher. I think I saw a flash of yellow on the belly but did not get a front view of this bird. https://imgur.com/dSXzegQ
  2. Seen at Ruscom Shores Conservation Area in SW Ontario, 26 May 2020 https://imgur.com/Ta3X4Hn
  3. Seen at Crescent Lake Park - St. Pete FL February of this year. https://imgur.com/RUvdxT1 https://imgur.com/tamO5pW
  4. akandula, I am impressed with your memory. I can barely remember my own name at times and have no recollection of my previous posting. Unless I hear convincing arguments to the contrary I will record this as an Alder. Thank you.
  5. I am thinking Least mainly because of the prominent eye ring but bill is dark. Didn't hear song. Seen at Point Pelee National Park, May 2019 https://imgur.com/Rdty3u9
  6. I have been told these are Western and Semipalmated. Are they the same species or different. They look pretty much the same to me and I think they are Semipalmated due to shorter beak and slimmer build but I am a long way from being an expert. Both seen at Fort De Soto, Florida in April 2017 https://imgur.com/PgLnzZu https://imgur.com/cwDD4xY
  7. Seen 24 Apr 2020 at Comber Big O Conservation area, SW Ontario https://imgur.com/rTDhnAG https://imgur.com/4dHxp49 https://imgur.com/ZBTAMXM
  8. Seen at Hillman Marsh, SW Ontario 2nd April 2010 https://imgur.com/vlpdKf3
  9. Not sure what this is. Seen at Fort DeSoto, FL on 17th Feb this year. https://imgur.com/GzWBgD1
  10. Is this a Palm Warbler. Seen at Fort DeSoto, FL on 6th February. Sorry for the fuzzy picture. https://imgur.com/3mzJ9Ag
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