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  1. Poor quality photo taken at extreme range. Coopers or Sharp-Shinned? Taken 15 April at Ruscom Shores, SW Ontario. https://imgur.com/K9y0DLO
  2. Seen 14th January at Sawgrass Lake Park, St. Pete https://imgur.com/r8VF6LS
  3. Can I get some help identifying these birds. Seen in and around Terrace, BC in the last few days. Sorry about the quality.
  4. Seen at Ojibway Nature Centre, SW Ontario 10 Nov 2020 https://imgur.com/XzS4bOA
  5. Seen on River Itchen, Southampton 1 Nov 2020 https://imgur.com/1d384GU https://imgur.com/4MrnQOW https://imgur.com/8n8IScG https://imgur.com/nPnA3eT
  6. Seen at Terrace, BC 29/10/2020. https://imgur.com/SPCQwHu
  7. Thank you everyone for the help and the hints.
  8. Seen at Point Pelee national Park, SW Ontario 6/10/2020 https://imgur.com/66dfIYT
  9. Saw this at Point Pelee National Park, SW Ontario 20 Aug 2020 https://imgur.com/fxb6JYP
  10. Seen at Ruscom Shores Coservation Area, SW Ontario 10 Jun 2020. I was thinking Great Crested Flycatcher. I think I saw a flash of yellow on the belly but did not get a front view of this bird. https://imgur.com/dSXzegQ
  11. Seen at Ruscom Shores Conservation Area in SW Ontario, 26 May 2020 https://imgur.com/Ta3X4Hn
  12. Seen at Crescent Lake Park - St. Pete FL February of this year. https://imgur.com/RUvdxT1 https://imgur.com/tamO5pW
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