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  1. Spoil sports.. lol. Ah well.. I probably should have done a proper search before embarassing myself.. Doesn't look like a red-bellied woodpecker either, but clearly I'm blind lol.
  2. This pic is 3 years old.. I ONLY JUST NOTICED THE BABY!!! Waah... I wish I saw it back then 😞 but I can't complain.. at least I got something, even if by accident. It's so cute..
  3. Not my pic, but friend was asking around for help identifying it. Taken today I believe. Rather blurry, but it's definitely a predator. (Prey on ground)
  4. I would like to go birding in Japan, specifically in the Hokkaido area to catch red crowned cranes.. I was wondering when would be the best time to do it (would like to capture other birds too, but cranes are priority), and also wondering if there's any good groups to join for that (prefer to go solo, but prob easier to go with a group).
  5. Ah... so weird! Never heard any make that sound before and we have blue jays in my city... o-o Thanks 🙂
  6. Not really going to bother uploading the pics I got because they're too shoddy ~.~ at least I know the bird had a white belly.... It was the funniest sounding thing I've ever heard Southern Ontario, late summer?
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