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  1. Ok. I feel so silly ? ? I guess the SOSP down here in CA look very different than in WA @Trevor L. @IvoryBillHope @Totah Sam
  2. Saw this bird a few days ago north of Morro Bay Ca along the shoreline in a cove. The tail was held erect like a wren. Would most appreciate your help.
  3. Saw this bird near the shore in a flat grassy field.north of Morro Bay Ca Lots of other birds in field but only one of its kind. Help ID please
  4. Saw this bird at rocky beach north of Morro Bay Ca. 1/21/20. Only one of its kind. Was there and gone quickly so did not get to observe for long. Thought it may be a spotted sandpiper but wondering about the decurved beak. Can you please help ID? Thanks!
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