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  1. I don't think it's a phoebe, i see pheobe's all the time this was seemed bigger and the back was brown not gray
  2. I took some photo's of this bird today @ Gilmore Ponds Preserve Metropark in Butler county Ohio. Close to Hamilton, Ohio. I looked at the bird through binoculars first and it appeared to be buffy on its back and white from its throat, chest, and belly. Later when looking at the poor qaulity photos i took the belly appears to be a lime sherbet color. I'm thinking a swainson's thrush but I saw no spots on chest plus there should be no swainsons hanging around here. I would appreciate any help I.D. this bird. I've slightly edited the photos trying to get the best image I could.
  3. Is it possible this is a Leucistic Red -tailed hawk? When it flew off it was white all the way around, white back and white back of the wings.
  4. I'd like to add that it was 37 degrees when I took this photo and that thru the binoculars and looking at the image, the bird is puffed up appearing larger,(thicker), that it really is.
  5. I spotted this large white bird in a tall tree overlooking a large field on the edge of some woods. It sat in the same spot for close to an hour before it flew back into the woods when it finally spotted me. This is in central Ohio today 12-23-2018 at around 1300 hrs. I took these shots from about 200 to 300 yards away. As it sat it would occasionally look around rotating it's head nearly 180 degrees left to right.
  6. I photographed this bird at McInnish--Elm Fork Nature Preserve on 7/5/2018. This is in Texas, Dallas county. The time was about 1130 hrs, temp was 90 degrees. the bird appeared to be feeding in leafy shrub type plants about five to ten feet from the ground. I've attached three photos that are cropped and brightened.
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