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  1. You guys nailed it, it is the call of the Sandhill Crane. Aewsome job guys.Thank you so very much. They are fairly new to Maine and have been spotted before in the area the audio was recorded.
  2. I see a lot of people have listened to the file and have no clue. Does anyone know where else I could submit the file to to try and get an answer?
  3. Hello All, I watch a live video feed of a deer feeding station up in middle Maine and heard a bird that I had never heard previously. I tried a few of the bird sound ID apps but they could not ID what bird it was. I was hoping you kind folks here could help me. I included the audio file below for listening. Thank you in advance for any help. BTW, the live feed in on youtube and can be found by searching Brownville food Pantry for Deer. 2020-02-01 13.06.23.ogg 2020-02-01 13.06.23.ogg 2020-02-01 13.06.23.ogg
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