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  1. This cute little guy watching a dragonfly and a heron, I think taken summer 2019 near Quabbin in Massachusetts at my marsh while sitting on a log...
  2. I thought a three toed....this has no red occipital patch of the hairy...no?
  3. These woodpeckers taken summer 2019 near my marsh Quabbin area Massachusetts. Thank you so much.
  4. Must have been a whole family😀
  5. This bird also, Quabbin area Massachusetts at a marsh. Taken at 5pm during blustery wind, ice storm. Thank you.... I see a lot out here, enjoying finding out what they are
  6. This is a bird i saw yesterday in the Quabbin area of Massachusetts. I was in a marsh that is completely frozen with on some days water or mud on the shore line. It was quite blustery and near dusk. About 5 pm.
  7. I have more photos of different types also flying about last night...will post later on tonight.Going back out there , better weather conditions, hopefully get better photos
  8. I saw several types of large birds today, about 5 pm. many were perched atop a large pine. it was quite blustery and then they all started flying about. this is one of them. I was near The Quabbin Massachusetts area in a Marsh today. The marsh is currently mostly frozen with edges wet or muddy. There are several beaver huts on it, quite an active little oasis.
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