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  1. so are yall thinking *all* the birds are pine siskins? im not super familiar with them, but one thing i look for in identifying them are their notched tails, which i see here, but amgo also has a bit of a notch too.
  2. seen yesterday in central nc as i was on the front porch birding, a flock of about 20 small birds flew into a near(ish)by tree. i assume they are all the same species... perhaps not. they were small and far away so the pics are highly cropped. im thinking its just a bunch of american goldfinches. anyone confirm or deny this? **edit - some seem to have some streaking on the flanks... hofi? thanks!
  3. seen today in central nc (just north of charlotte, cabarrus county) firstly, unfortunately i was unable to get a pic or even get my binoculars on it. a 'large' brown raptor-like bird took off from near/behind me and flew in front of me and away. i only saw its topside and did not get a good look at its head. given where i was birding i immediately thought red-shouldered (given the size and overall brownness), but then i noted a very distinct (and relatively large, i thought) white rump... just like youd see on a northern flicker as it flew away from you. after about 50 yard it angled up
  4. seen today in central nc swamp sparrow? that was my first reaction, but managed a photo to double check when i got home. then i began to second guess myself. best guess is a mallard. it was posted up with some other mallards, but the coloring did not match up with its neighbors. hoping yall can point me in the right direction. also included a pic with its neighbor. much thanks!
  5. seen today in central nc this guy flew in by himself. i *believe* i saw blue on the top of its wings as it landed. he was pretty far away and the sun was setting so its highly cropped and poorly lit. my best guess is american black duck (which is probably wrong), but thats kind of uncommon for this spot (per ebird). id write it off as a mallard (cause thats my luck) except the head coloring has me thinking it might not be a mallard. thanks!
  6. firstly, sorry @Aveschapines i thought i was in the 'questions for mod' thread. this was not supposed to be a new topic. secondly @MichaelLong and @The Bird Nuts see attached pic
  7. so when we hit our upload limit is that it then? we have to use 3rd party sites and link? since we cant edit our posts we cant go back and delete them and doubt the mod would do it even if that would work.
  8. heres the only other pic i have... pretty useless, but it *might* help with the undertail area, though i think the lighting is just as bad as the first
  9. i was thinking yellow warbler as well for a while... i discarded it as unlikely due to: it was hawking (or at the very least not flitting around the branches as yewa are want to do); its getting out of season for them; ebird doesnt even have them showing as id'd at this location before... which is a little odd, but has gotta say SOMEthing, right?; and lastly it definitely seemed too big to be a yewa (but perception in the field is often skewed... i know). all that said... i dont have a good guess... hence why i posted the pic 🙂 im just playing devil's advocate so maybe we can figure some
  10. if it were a yellowthroat shouldnt the yellow start to wash out as it reaches the coverts? and given how brightly yellow the yellow is, id expect it to be a male and the head had no black on it. the face was mostly yellow. also it has some light streaking on the flanks which i dont think a COYE has? ive seen several yellowthroats this summer and they usually hang out near the ground.. or at least like below 10ft... typically... this guy was waay up in the trees and definitely not acting like the coye's ive seen.
  11. it does fit! its been a while (and two states) since ive seen/heard one so it was off my radar. thanks!
  12. certainly more likely and what i was expecting before i pulled up my bins... but the neck just seemed... long... /shurg . yall are prolly right
  13. youre right... the pic posted in a different order than i uploaded them.... hm. must be new with the site update? my first guess was black vulture, we have them in abundance around here. i jsut didnt know if thats something i should expect from them... to be in an osprey nest.
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