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  1. thanks! i was thinking black and white, as they started arriving a week or so ago.
  2. heard this morning in central nc not a song im used to hearing in my yard. can any of yall identify it? thanks!! 20210408_081159.wav
  3. only that song sleuth keeps coming up with bhvi (and not wevi) in the top 3 of all the recordings, like i said in the op. additionally, im terrible with warbler sounds so i depend heavily on yall here and song sleuth. and anyone who's used song sleuth knows its.... 'faulty' .... often. but its the best ive got in the field /shrug
  4. seen today in central nc hoping to get an id on these 2 birds. the first one (labled wevi) i believe is a white-eyed vireo. i have an almost identical recording from the same place a couple days ago labled as a wevi, and while i dont remember making the recording i usually dont label them with an id unless i actually saw it making that sound. the second one (labeled bhvi) im guessing is a blue-headed vireo. a couple days ago and today in the exact same spot this bird made this noise and song sleuth comes up with bhvi in the top 3 for multiple recordings. unfortunately i didnt get a
  5. seen today in central nc i cant figure this one out. maybe its the lighting or maybe its molting... i suppose its a lifer and i just dont know the bird. im trying to use the eyering and the yellowish face to id it... and am failing. any help is appreciated. thanks!
  6. seen today in central nc first bird - i was hoping for something more...exotic, but after reviewing the photo i think its a field sparrow. second bird - thought it was a northern rough-winged swallow, but after it landed its stature had me second guessing myself. the last one i saw had a very horizontal look when perched, but this one is much more upright. thanks!
  7. heard today in central nc my buddy sent this to me today. he heard it at his lake house, which is on the lake, but he think it came from the woods, not the water. in the middle of the recording his wife mimics the noise. he says he *might* have seen it. "a blur in the trees" ... "big and black maybe" my best guess would be fish crow, but even so it sounds a bit weird. any help would be much appreciated. thanks! danielsbird.wav
  8. seen this morning in central nc looks like a house wren, right? all pic of same individual. thanks!
  9. anything is possible, especially when trying to follow swallows at a distance over water. and it might well have been lighting, but i want to make sure im not missing something else. only 1 swallow-bird at that location. a few miles away at a different location i saw several rough-winged and got some very good pictures too so im 100% on those.
  10. seen yesterday in central nc i saw what i was pretty confident was a rough-winged swallow doing its thing over a pond; pale underneath, light brown on top, square tail. but for a few seconds as i watched it it *really* seemed to have white outer tail feathers. i looked even harder after i noted this because i dont recall them having this and i still really think it did. is there another swallow-like flying bird that this could have been or was i just seeing things? thanks!
  11. seen today in central nc looks like an immature bald eagle. not sure what else itd be around here.
  12. seen today in central nc first pic - savannah sparrow? 2nd/3rd pics - palm warbler? thanks!
  13. anyone have additional input given the other photos ive included?
  14. additional photos. the group of females are all the same, including the in the OP.
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