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  1. ok. thanks. yesterday a baird's, white-rumped, and western were reported in this puddle. im going through my pics trying to differentiate the several shorebirds that were there. could this one, with the rufous, be a western then? (first pic) i also have another candidate for baird's. in the 2 pics with 2 birds, itd be the one in the back.
  2. seen today in central nc first pic baird's ? second add 3rd pic - western in back, least in front? 4th pic - white-rumped? thanks!
  3. ahh! yes. i had it in my head this was taken at a different location. i DID see a least today, this must be the first pic i took where i thought i missed getting him in frame. looks like he DID manage to be in frame. thanks! 🙂
  4. first bird 2 pics - seen late feb in eastern/coastal NC my best guess is palm warbler 2nd bird 1 pic - seen today in central nc eastern wood-pewee? 3rd bird 1 pic - seen today in central nc another flycatcher... the eye ring is throwing me. i saw a bird fly across the trail with white outer rectrices, id been hearing towhees so i thought it was that, but the structure seemed wrong so did the very brief glance i got at overall coloration. this is the bird that was in the same area at the one that flew across. i *believe* its the same... but it looks like an empid, and i dont know of one with white outer rectrices. this pic also does not show/support the white outers well either. maybe just another pewee thanks for the help!
  5. seen yesterday in central NC, been at the feeder for about a month now initially we figured it was a rufous since those are far more common here (though they are still considered rare), but after i got a pic of its tail, im thinking maybe not. what are your thoughts? thanks!
  6. first bird seen sept 10 2022 in central nc, the rest were seen over the past couple weeks also in central nc cape may warbler? coopers? lesser scaup? thanks!
  7. Seen today in central NC Tennessee warbler? Thanks!
  8. i think i hear a white-throated sparrow in there. bit early for them (least by your county's bar charts), and im no expert, but thats what at least one other bird in that recording sounds like to me. i hear it at the 6-7 sec mark and maybe again around 14.
  9. seen today in central nc not a great pic, but i think this is a swainson's. kept popping out when i used the swainson's thrush playback (but not other similar looking bird's playback). any reason to believe it's not? thanks!
  10. I certainly see that demarcation. Ty for the tip. None of the stuff I read mentioned that... At least directly.
  11. if so, then whats the difference between the bird in this thread and the bird i saw last week here:
  12. seen today in central nc cant see this as anything else besides olive-sided... but the chances i see 2 in a few days time in different parts of the state and of course itd be a rare... i need some verification. thanks!
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