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  1. Seen today in central NC Tennessee warbler? Thanks!
  2. i think i hear a white-throated sparrow in there. bit early for them (least by your county's bar charts), and im no expert, but thats what at least one other bird in that recording sounds like to me. i hear it at the 6-7 sec mark and maybe again around 14.
  3. seen today in central nc not a great pic, but i think this is a swainson's. kept popping out when i used the swainson's thrush playback (but not other similar looking bird's playback). any reason to believe it's not? thanks!
  4. I certainly see that demarcation. Ty for the tip. None of the stuff I read mentioned that... At least directly.
  5. if so, then whats the difference between the bird in this thread and the bird i saw last week here:
  6. seen today in central nc cant see this as anything else besides olive-sided... but the chances i see 2 in a few days time in different parts of the state and of course itd be a rare... i need some verification. thanks!
  7. Seen today in coastal NC. Pewee is more likely, but my best guess is still an olive-sided flycatcher. Cell phone through scope pic 😞 forgot my camera on my weekend getaway :facepalm: Thoughts? Thanks!
  8. ok. thanks! thats what the scope told me (which is a way better look than these pics! LOL) but id hate to lose a lifer or some odd vagrant by not doing my due diligence, so i come here 😄 i appreciate yall's help and input!
  9. seen today in central nc in a flock of about 30 semipalmated sandpipers there were 2 that seemed a bit different, but the pics i got of those are garbage 😞 that said, while going through my pics i did find this one. again, through the scope they all looked like sempalms, cept maybe the aforementioned 2, but i dont remember seeing this different one. seems like 2 semipalm on the right... and what then would be on the left? seems significantly bigger and darker. thoughts? thanks!
  10. That was my thought too after I got back and looked at the pictures. But the past couple times I've posted birds that I thought were greaters (due to the upturned bill) up here the consensus ended up being lessers and I just don't see them enough.
  11. seen today in central nc lesser yellowlegs? all pics are of same individual thanks!
  12. seen today in central nc both semipalmated plovers?
  13. So are we saying greater @Avery (lesser @Tanager 101) for all pics? I might not have been clear in the op, but the last pic is a different individual than the other pics.
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