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  1. im not saying yall are wrong. ya know better than me for sure, but ive listened to a lot of great crested calls/songs and i dont hear anything that sounds similar. do yall have a good comparable you could link?
  2. i just remembered... song sleuth often kept coming up with swainsons thrush as the result of one particular song i heard a lot... i *think* that might be the 144018 recording
  3. oh yeah! the blue grosbeak work well for that. anyone else got an opinion on the fifth bird (pics 7-8). im super fine with cape may, but thatd be a lifer so id like more input before i call it that.
  4. heard these yesterday in central nc first one... 154232 ... eastern towhee? my best guess second one ... 144018... its not easy to hear over all the noise, but its there, especially at about 3 and 6 sec. no clue on this one. 20200912_144018.wav 20200912_154232.wav
  5. seen yesterday in central nc initially i thought this first bird (3 pics) was a turkey vulture, and i still mostly do. but the coloring underneath and the length of the head extending forward lend me pause. just wanna make sure its not an immature bald eagle. also, it was totally acting like turkey vulture, though i have on occasion seen bald eagles so a lot of soaring when the wind provides... and it certainly was yesterday. 2nd bird... indigo bunting? 3rd bird - not-adult eastern towhee? at first i was really confused about this one till a couple things happened. there were two of them hanging out together (which i see towhees do all the time) and one of them (the one NOT in the pic) had some orange/rufous coloring coming in on its flanks. that paired with the long tail and seemingly white parts on outer tail feathers tell me its an eastern towhee, and likely a juvenile or at least not an adult. 4th bird (one pic) has to be a pine warbler... right? the thing is im 90+% certain it was hawking like a flycatcher, which is why i took a bunch of pics... because the dominating yellow didnt match with any flycatching behavior birds i know of. ive got more pics if needed. 5th (3 pics) and then theres this/these guy/guys... in the middle of observing them i eventually realized i had upset some fire ants which were swarming my boots... i quickly left lol . so i didnt get as much time looking at them as i wanted. in this immediate area there were many birds. of them i saw, what i believe to be 2 species: this is one of them (next bird is the other) possible different birds in the pics. maybe another pine warbler? lastly (4 pics) is probably an eastern wood-pewee... because it seems im forbidden to identify any flycatcher-type bird outside of the pewee and great crested. i believe the pics are of the same species, but could be different birds. thanks for the help!
  6. perfect. thats what i 'assumed,' but wanted to verify. many thanks.
  7. seen yesterday central nc. i know there are eastern wood-pewees in this particular area, even heard one that morning. couldnt get a good view of the beak. my only real concern is it seems the outer tail feathers are white on the outside. maybe just the lighting messing with me, but wanted to make sure. thoughts? also, the second bird, i believe is a juv red shouldered? thanks!
  8. seen today in central nc. (juv?)coopers hawk and a ... muscovy? thanks!
  9. this guy has been on my feeders last 2 days. i assume its an escaped parakeet. anyone know what kind? a google search shows a resemblance to a white budgie. thanks
  10. yes! thanks for that. i just had this issue last month here in nc with female, but i managed to also see a male which helped that id. this time i did not have a male nearby to clue me in.
  11. again seen last week in ne michigan at first i thought house finch. but the noise it was making didnt match up to what im familiar with. sounded more like a chipping sparrow... kinda. but doesnt look like what im used to seeing in that regard either. but it acts like a song sparrow sitting up there in the open just going at it. the lack of streaking on belly/breast and the whiteish throat is throwing me. probably some juvi throwing me. ideas? thanks! MVI_2314.MP4
  12. ah. could very well be. it was down the road about a half mile from my dads house and hes seen baltimores around. thanks!
  13. again seen last week in ne michigan saw this guy across the river (so heavy crop). watched him for a long time and got some pics. none of them are very good and all are attached. when i saw him fly from one bush to another it very much *seemed* he had black his head that also covered its face and cheeks... perhaps the throat too? definitely yellow on lower neck/belly. through the binoculars it seemed a lot more brown than black (on its wings). other yellow birds i positively identified in the area are: common yellowthroat, american goldfinch, yellow warbler, american redstart. at the time i very much felt like this bird was NOT any of those. he was behind branches the whole time he was still, of course, and i only got a good look as he flew for a brief second. hoped the pics would turn out something, but alas... any help is appreciated. thanks!
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