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  1. i swear it looks like there are some yellow feathers coming in on the breast, thats why i thought great crested
  2. congrats! i got my cliff swallow lifer a couple weeks ago when i was in michigan. fun times 🙂
  3. seen in central nc today. FIRSTLY... with regards to Pekin Ducks and Indian Peafowl, both of which ive seen (ducks) and heard (peafowl) around here often, for ebird i assume i categorize the pekins as dom. mallard which this article seems to indicate [https://www.birds.cornell.edu/crows/domducks.htm] and i suppose i cant count the peafowl at all? secondly, the bird in the pic seems to be a great crested flycatcher with adult plumage coming in. is this accurate?
  4. seen in southern wv today. 5-7 small sparrow sized birds in some bushes. 2 or 3 of them were on the ground in a field-type area before they flew to the bush with the others. they all were calling a single note; not really a high frequency cheep, more of a mid freq kind of... churp (not chirp... if you can follow my logic there). unfortunately i couldnt get any good pics. ive already resigned myself to not being able to id this, but if anyone can, thatd be awesome. thanks!
  5. and 1 recording i forgot. heard today southern wv. coincidentally i heard 2 of them going back and forth somewhere in the middle of a very large field. 20200705_155737.wav
  6. heard today in southern wv. first recording is pretty straight forward 2nd recording; whats the bird between the catbird calls 3rd recording; verify wood thrush 4th recording; 2 birds in this i dont know last recording; sometimes i wonder why i even try using sleuth... thanks for any help! 20200705_164303_Normal.m4a 20200705_173600_Normal.m4a woodthrush mb.m4a 20200705_164004.wav 20200705_160934.wav
  7. few more from southern wv, seen today. first one looks like an eastern phoebe, which ive seen around here, but this guy wasnt bobbing his tail... at all. so that gives me pause 2nd bird(s)/2nd & 3rd pic; initially i thought there was more than just barn swallows on the line, but the closer i looked the more i thought the odd ones were perhaps juvenile? 2nd pic of them is of the right most 2 of the pic with more birds. 3rd bird/2pics. i want this to not be an eastern wood-pewee. thinking (and hoping) its an acadian flycatcher 4th bird/3 pics; i want this to be anything else besides a song sparrow last bird; dunno, the darker end of the tail feathers confuses me
  8. Youre absolutely right. While not really "urban," it is residential but surrounded by tons of wooded acres.
  9. that would make a lot of sense. i usually see them as well as hear them, but here in wv at my inlaws its definitely more hear than see.
  10. heard this morning in southern WV. i initially discounted it as a house wren, but it kept doing just this one sound so now im really uncertain. about 3-4 second trill. repeated every 20-30 sec. this went on (and still is) for the better part of 2hr (off and on). the call/song starts at ~3sec thanks! 20200705_082957_Normal.m4a
  11. seen in southern WV this morning. sounded and looks much like a house wren, but possible (though rarer) presence of winter wren. not super familiar with any other wren than carolina so i want to verify. fortunately after half an hour he managed to give me some good (enough) shots 🙂 thanks!!
  12. i went and listened to some yellow-billed cuckoo sounds and i do believe thats what it is. sounds VERY similar.
  13. ugh! thanks. heres the other one. 20200702_093236_Normal.m4a
  14. hear in central nc frequently over the past couple/few weeks. one recording was taken in my back yard the other in a park (you can hear someone walking by) nearby. they kinda sound like the same species. regardless, id love to know what it is. the one with the footsteps should be pretty obvious which bird? heck, i just realized it may not even be a bird. im trying to identify the sound that increases with frequency as it goes on. in the recording w/o footsteps (...093236...) it does not get up to a higher frequency (but it did a few min earlier, i was just unable to get a recording at that time). its also kinda low volume in the background too. any help is appreciated! thanks!! 20200627_105435_Normal.m4a 20200627_105435_Normal.m4a
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