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  1. seen today in central nc this was at my neighbors feeder. it never ate from the middle, only the trough. the beak looks like a grosbeak... at the right angle. but it lacks that distinctive supercilium for a rose-breasted. maybe the its not as gros as it seems and its just a house finch /shrug ideas? thanks!
  2. seen today in central nc firstly, i believe this to be an immature orchard oriole. is that right? secondly, if that is right, then why did i see him carrying fecal sacs and feeding young? hes 'immature' right? i thought that meant they werent 'ready to breed.' can someone clear this up for me? thanks!
  3. so as a first year spring, that means it was born last year right?
  4. seen today in central nc id'd as an immature male summer tanager.. the question is, how old(ish) is he? ive read that males become 'adult/breeding' at 1yr. then i read somewhere else that there are some '2nd yr' males still molting out of yellow. i suppose both could be true depending on how one defines those words. thanks
  5. heard a few days ago in central nc firstly, at the 5 and 12 second mark, that's a great-crested flycatcher, right? secondly, i know theres a lot going on in this, but id really like to know what the prevailing higher pitch (and louder) song is from. either theres another bird coming in, or it seems to solidify for a few seconds starting at about the 8 sec mark. theres a cardinal at the end and i think a gnatcatcher at the beginning (and maybe throughout), but thats all ive got in this. thanks! 20210518_112457-2.wav
  6. heard a few days ago in central nc i think this/these is/are common yellowthroat, but birdnet and songsleuth, which usually confirm coye readily, are giving me garbage. hoping for a confirmation, or better yet, a correction. thanks! 20210518_103928-2.wav 20210518_104003-2.wav 20210518_103850-2.wav
  7. heard a few days ago in central nc the loudest thing in this, goes off about 4 times. i feel i should know this, like its a gimme, but i dont know it and birdnet and song sleuth are giving me garbage. i think theres a coye, bggn, and noca (at least) in the background too. the tone is like a tufted titmouse and the cadence is like a carolina wren. thanks! 20210518_103801-2.wav
  8. my first thought was an american redstart until he said its 'white' in the tail. but its worth a look, i reckon. https://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/American_Redstart edit.. i assumed darting was in trees, but as @The Bird Nuts pointed out, if they darting in aerial, barn swallow fits very well
  9. found a recording that matches well, thanks! im not the best birder, by any stretch, in the area, but im the only one the past 1.5 yrs to report a vira in this spot. no one follows up and reports it as well. neither does anyone flag my observation (and i always attach recordings). ive never seen it there (but it was photographed in late 2019) and im getting worried im the idiot mis-id'ing a rare bird. i always pine over the decision, but it always seems like the best choice so hit the submit button and hope for the best.
  10. the immediate area in which this recording was taken has a 'rare history' of virginia rails. when i first heard it, virginia was my first thought and i got super excited. ive heard them a few times, but ive never heard this particular noise before.
  11. heard today in central nc at the end of the recording, after the prothonotary warbler is a repetitive chip-like noise. anyone have any idea what it is? thanks! prwa20210523_104919.wav
  12. heard a week ago in central nc disclaimer... it may not even be a bird, but it does seem like it in the 11am hour i hear this guy in some wetlands right off the trail. cant see anything, of course, even though it was so close it felt like it should be *right* there. i heard one then several minutes later a second one, about 50 ft or so away chimed in. i have 2 recordings. unfortunately, it took me a week to get around to going through them so my memory is not 100%, but im pretty sure both recordings are the same noise/bird. (yes, there is a frog, once, in one of them. and in the ot
  13. yes, they use ebird [https://ebird.org/atlasnc/home]. im not sure of all they are doing on the back end. to my knowledge (inference from webinars, ect) they are NOT only looking at the highest code given. theyve said many times they will be using "all data" and that we should be coding everything we observe even if its a flyover. they are looking at breeding, but equally, diversity and distribution.
  14. they do have one [https://ebird.org/atlasnc/about/understanding-breeding-codes], and its relatively thorough (far more than whats on ebird's site), but far from exhaustive. i always feel i have questions that it doesnt answer. and i always want to make sure im getting it right. id hate to have marked something wrong all season, or all year, only to later learn what was actually right then having to go back and change my ebird logs.
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