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  1. seen today in central nc this bird stood out among the song and white-throateds. i want you to tell me its a savannah, but im afraid youll say its another white-throated. thanks
  2. Seen yesterday in central nc This is a juv coop right? Thanks!
  3. yeah! i actually learned that this fall and it's been a big help in the field, but this bird was here and gone so fast there was no tail-flicking time.
  4. thanks! palm was my first thought, but since it seemed "a lot bigger in the field," i was hoping for different perspectives from yall.
  5. seen today in central nc first bird, 2 pics, horned lark? second bird 1 pic, pine warbler? third bird, 1 pic, some yellow bird... it *seemed* bigger than a warbler. thats the only pic i have. thanks!
  6. tananger makes a lot of sense... i should have gotten that. and kinglet!... of course... i wasnt ready for them to be back yet lol. they werent in my mind for possibilty yet. thanks!
  7. seen today in central nc as it hopped about the branches foraging i thought it was a warbler, but when i got home and looked at the picture the bill has me second guessing. doesnt seem like a goldfinch with the coloring and eye ring, but the bill doesnt look warblish either... ideas? second bird (pics 4,5) - bay-breasted is my best guess. thanks!
  8. thats where i was leaning too. in the first pic you can see a bit of an eye ring too...[also something i forgot to add was that the eye ring was very evident in the field. wouldnt that push us into the swainson's over gray-cheeked?
  9. seen a couple days ago in central nc not the best pics. had a lot of backlight. had to lighten them up so it looks a bit washed. through the bins, it didnt seem brown enough for a wood thrush. im guessing swainsons. thoughts? thanks!
  10. seen today in central nc first bird im pretty sure is a coopers. that was my definite impression in the field. the second bird, at first i thought it was a solitary sandpiper (based on size and how often i see them there), but after review the photos the wings looks very scaled, rather than spotted. it was to big (body and bill), imo, to be a semi-palm or least; soo.. maybe a western or bairds? hopefully the pictures are good enough to nail down something. i included a one with a killdeer for size comparison. thanks!
  11. yes. on purpose. crappy pictures of a cape may warbler. thought it sounded like a good title. i like to have fun/be creative with my titles. it also helps me differentiate which thread is which when and if i need to go back and look at them again.
  12. seen today in central nc eastern wood-pewee right? thanks!
  13. seen today in central nc first pic: at the time of the picture, this bird was only a few feet off the ground. best guess is canada warbler. this would account for the eyering (which seems more complete than broken) and the yellow that *seems* to be on it breast (between the tree and leaf) and flanks (just left of the tree). but the tail pattern doesnt seem to match that. 😞 2nd and 3rd pic - possibly the same bird as the first pic. all 3 pics were taken w/in 1 minute and in the same immediate area (that said, there were a lot of birds about). if they are the same bird, id change my guess to a parula and dismiss the 'yellow flanks' as a lighting thing. thanks so much for the help, yall. i really appreciate it!
  14. good eye! i didnt even notice that. id like to think that had i, i might have come to a better conclusion 😉
  15. seen today in central nc got several super crappy pictures of what i *think* may be a cape may.... or maybe a bay-breasted... but more maybe cape may. it seems to have faint streaking on underparts and the undertail pattern is about the only thing that is usable. thoughts? (im relatively confident all pics are of the same individual) thanks!
  16. seen today in central nc the second pic is very edited. i dont know what this is, blue-winged warbler is my best guess, but im pretty confident that's wrong. any ideas? and to be fair, im not even sure the 2nd photo is the same bird or even the same species thanks!
  17. i agree that that's not an eagle (and we have bald eagles all over here in central nc). if i saw that here id call it a red-tailed.
  18. seen today in central nc heres one i forgot. blue-winged teals? couple pics with mallards to show size. thanks!
  19. thanks so much @The Bird Nuts and @meghann! i appreciate the responses 🙂
  20. seen today in central nc this first bird is a summer tanager, yes? the second bird im pretty sure is a northern parula, (you can only see the upper parts and the arrow shows the way its facing) i dont care for a definitive id, what im interested in is someone telling me, what other birds have yellow-green back patches like the parula does? if i only saw the bird from the back, what might i confuse it with if any? does that question make sense? thanks!
  21. seen today in central nc this one blew my mind. on a tree in my front yard. never expected a lifer from there, but this certainly seems to be a wilsons warbler... right? i have a couple more worse pics if needed thanks!
  22. seen today in central nc im thinking they are different birds. but i cant land on anything definitively. also, is that a bicolored bill on the most yellow one (first pic i think)? thanks!
  23. seen today in central nc this was pretty far off, hence the high cropping, but i think theres enough to id it as a wood thrush. thoughts? thanks!
  24. seen today in central nc is this a cape may on my suet? itd be a lifer-yard-bird for me. i expected it to be a pine warbler as those are on the suet often, but it seemed off. then i got my binoculars on it and was thrown for a loop. thanks!
  25. Thanks! Question. Why "western?" Ive only seen/heard them labled "palm warbler."
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