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  1. Thanks Tony - much appreciated - settled a small disagreement with my partner
  2. On Feb 07, 2020 - we were at the San Pedro River National Riparian Conservation Area. We parked at the San Pedro House located off AZ-SR90 east of Sierra Vista, AZ. We had walked the trail along the San Pedro River going south and then around the pond then on trail back to the parking lot. We spotted the bird below in Cottonwood. Using my camera to shoot long range (I did not have my zoom lens installed) I tried to snap as many pictures as I could. Below is enlargements of what we saw. At first we thought it was the Northern Beardless-Tyrannulet but the more we looked at resources I
  3. Ok, I get the first waterfowl being domestic - if it chases a human it can't be wild. 🙂 But I've never seen a Mallard with the coloration that the 2nd and 3rd waterfowl have. Is this due to cross breeding or is there just different variants of Mallards? And do the 2nd and 3rd have a specie name? Thanks a bunch to both of the responders for setting me straight.
  4. I am located at Pato Blanco Lakes RV Park in Benson, AZ Date of all pictures is 02/09/2020 There are 3 ponds here with several different species of water fowl but I have 3 that I can't positively identify. They may be domestic water fowl but I'm not completely sure. Thanks for any and all responses. Very much appreciated. I think this is the White-fronted Goose. It rules the pond and is often seen breaking up mating of other water fowl. They also like to chase humans. I think this is most likely a domestic male duck but not sure of his species. He is mating with
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