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  1. Thanks to the three of you that posted! Count me as an addict to this site from now on! After replaying my recording and listening to a second (the first didn't confirm it as the bird's call wasn't nearly as loud) recording https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M62WR1gBRUc, it was clearly a Limpkin! I've run through this development for years and NEVER heard this bird, but strangely enough, it appears that it shouldn't be uncommon in this central SE coastal area that has a beautiful network of mostly frshwater lakes. Sooo, my question is why am I hearing this bird for the first time? Perhaps it's not all that common that they make this call (like the one I recorded)? I'd love to know more, and I can't thank you all enough!
  2. I've jogged through a beautiful development in Vero Beach, Florida for years but NEVER heard this bird "call," so I took a video using my phone. The bird is in the virtual center of the screen in a tree which in and of itself is unusal to me as it's clearly a large bird and one I would expect to see on the ground or wading through the myriad of large man-made lakes in Grand Harbor. Though I'm an amateur, I know most of the birds here whether it's winter or summer, but I have never heard this bird. It was obviously very loud as I could hear it from roughly 1/2 to 1/4 of a mile away which made me think of Sandhill Cranes, but as you can probably see it has a curved beak which is more like that of an Ibis, but this appeared to be much larger than any Ibis I've ever seen. I sincerely appreciate the help in confirming this bird. It doesn't relate to this, but Grand Harbor is quite a beautiful development. This is the place that first turned me onto ornithology, and it was the first and only place I've also seen, albeit briefly, two Egyptian Geese. Sincere thanks for any and all help! IMG_0556.MOV
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