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  1. You are all absolutely correct! I looked at a picture of the kestrel and that is what we saw slam into, yes, a house sparrow. I know we have hundreds of those little sparrows around but it was a shock to see that happen so violently during their morning feeding. My wife and I both saw the kestrel slide across our driveway with the sparrow in his talons. Then he started pecking at it like he was going to tear it apart right in front of us. That’s when I knocked on the window and he flew off with the sparrow in his talons. Thank you all so much for the identification. What an interesting experience.
  2. Hi, First of all let me apologize for not snapping a picture of this amazing bird. My wife and I feed birds on the side of our driveway, in front of our house to provide bird and squirrel watching entertainment for us and our three indoor cats. This morning we were watching groups of sparrows feeding on seed and bread crumbs when all of a sudden a small hawk slammed into a small sparrow and slid across our driveway with it in its talons. The hawk was about the size of a pigeon and seemed small for a hawk looking bird. It could have been an adolescent. The colors of this hawk were very striking, bright brown on its wings, blue on its head and other accent areas, and its neck had wide white with smaller black vertical stripes around it. We have iBird pro on our iPads but could not find a bird resembling it. It was shocking to witness a bird killing another bird. When we knocked on the window in an attempt to have it release the sparrow, it few off with the sparrow in its talons. I wish I had gotten its picture to help in identifying it. Thank you.
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