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  1. eBird shows Eastern Phoebe just as common or more common than Black Phoebe in southwest Idaho.
  2. Here is a Yellow-headed Blackbird with an orange head. https://macaulaylibrary.org/asset/236095991#_ga=2.10959094.379058098.1591318246-709870112.1583439902
  3. I did some brightening work and cropped it in.
  4. My first thought was an alarm going off. Not sure... Never heard of anything like it before.
  5. I think the second one is an American Redstart. Many people are tricked by them because they sing such a variety of songs.
  6. That is because the feathers are wet and ruffled.
  7. Least Flycatcher Yellow warbler Tennessee Warbler Least Flycatcher
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